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Working Online: Speed Bump No. 1 – You

Initiating and successfully developing an online career has its unique challenges. This first in a series of three articles exhorts you, the potential cyberworker, to start with yourself as a potential speed bump you’re sure to encounter if you fail to know who you are as a person. First know yourself; then you’ll be positioned to put into place several simple, effective strategies to assure your online career success.

Getting In On The Business Of User Interface Design

User interface is the part of a program that enables the user to interact with the system. The easier the interaction, the more likely users will be to return, which means better response for the owner of the system, whether it’s a business or a manufacturer or anything in between. A well-designed user interface, then, can be the key to making a site or a product function optimally and improve the user experience

The Online Worker Next Door

Indeed, it could be your neighbor, your best friend’s mom, your retired uncle, your ex-boss. Everyone’s doing it! Working online is proving to be the new career frontier. And with good reason. Millennials and Boomers alike have discovered the financial, practical, personal and professional advantages of working at home and online. Take a look at the bios of three successful cyber workers who earn their living fulltime working online and decide whether and when you, too, can do what you love and love what you do via online employment.

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