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The Magnitude of E-mail Attitude Is Greater Than You Think!

One of the primary ways we sell ourselves is through our communication. With an online business we communicate mostly via e-mail, which means at the mere click of a button, we are able to transmit a message to someone anywhere in the world. Yet, many people misuse this medium or at the very least, do not use it correctly or take advantage of its importance. You can discover what’s missing in your e-mail messages and have a greater impact on your potential clients and customers.

How to Choose Stress Relievers

There are a number of things you need to consider when choosing stress relievers. These include color, shape and the target market.

When Limiting Beliefs Get in the Way of Your Success

Has this ever happened to you? Things are finally starting to fall into place. The phone rings, new clients show up and you start meeting joint venture partners to help grow your business. Yay! Things are looking up and then, it all suddenly falls apart. Clients don’t show up and meetings with potential partners are cancelled. What happened?

Email Marketing Ideas for 2013

It’s the year 2013, and marketers are already touting social media as the new channel to explore. However, email marketing ideas are still important as the medium still trumps any channels for advertising and marketing. It makes sense, actually: every single Internet user who owns a social media account has an email account as well, on the reasoning that you need an email address to register for any online account.

Difference Between Event Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communication

Event marketing spreads awareness of a product at social events. There is constant competition to catch the attention of a product using the print and visual media.

Help Your Small Business Marketing by Improving Customer Relations

Successful small business marketing depends a great deal on having good relationships with your business customers. Happy customers are likely to return to your business again and again, and recommend your business to others in their field or industry. Without repeat business from your current customers, and their help in promoting your business to new customers, you could find yourself pouring endless time and resources into your marketing while not actually growing your business or sales over the long term.

Content Marketing: Do You Have A Journalist On Your Side?

Content marketing is a huge buzz word in SEO circles, but finding the right development team and creating a steady stream of meaningful content for consumers is no easy task. Good internet marketing firms, those that specialize in both local and organic SEO, have partnered with seasoned journalists to produce content that is compelling and informative – giving customers and interested parties a chance to not only gain insight into products and brands, but also interact with the companies they support. In the past, journalists were taught to be completely unbiased in the information they gave to readers…

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