3 Ways To Make Money With ChatGPT No One is Talking About!

Everyone is talking about charge GPT and How to make money with but there are Three unique methods I didn't find Anyone talking about these methods are Proven methods I tested and I make more Than three thousand dollars per month With and you can do it let's start with Number one let charging PT create an API For you and sell it for a monthly Recurring membership and what's nice About this method we can start with the Zero dollars no investment required let Me show you how to do this in one minute But before let's see what's an API it's Simply something that developers use to Access data or perform operations Through their code a simple example if You want now to publish a post on Facebook you need simply to go and open Your mobile phone or your web browser Open Facebook and publish using the Browser or the Facebook interface what If you are a developer and you you want To access Facebook within your Application with your own code you will Need to use the Facebook API so simply API is like a broker it's a middle man Between you the developer and a certain Service like Facebook or anything else Now you know what's an API let's create One in seconds with chart GPT go open Charge GPT and let's test creating an API to generate codes so anyone can use It in their own applications so here is

The code let's copy it just open Visual Studio create a controller paste the Code and here we are let's run it and The API is up and running in less than One minute now you need to publish this API let's go to charging PT and ask it Where we can publish this for free and Here we are we have multiple options to Start with okay now where to sell it Again let's ask chargpt and here we are We have a lot of marketplace cases when We can publish our API and sell it like Rapid API and much more you can even Tell charging PT to rewrite the code in Any programming language you want like Node.js or python anything you want and Will do it in seconds awesome okay it Looks simple it is but the main problem Is with the API idea from where to get An idea that people will buy or Developers will buy don't worry I will Help I will give you some ideas on how To find the best API ideas in seconds Stay tuned but now let's move on to Method number two instead of an API we Are going to tell judgpt to create Something more interesting let's create A tool a free tool that we can monetize With more than 10 ways like what like 8 Super tools as your analyzer fast Domainer and a lot of other free tools Over the Internet we have a lot of Examples so it's time to create yours Let's go to charge EPT again and create

A simple word counter here we are open Visual Studio code create three files JavaScript CSS and HTML simply paste the Code we have a tools website let's tell Charging PT to make the interface more Interesting more professional again copy The code paste it and here we are we Have this awesome tools website I played Jackie PT and created more than five Tools in less than one hour try it but The big question now how to start the Competition we have a lot of tools Website so how to compete simply follow These four rules number one create a Unique Interfacept and play with it to Let's Create the best user interface number Two combine multiple Tools in one Website like I did with age super tools Number three talk about your tool on Medium Reddit on social media and Twitter and number four the most Important try to find the competition Tool ideas how I will tell you again in A little bit but let's now move on to Method number three the easiest one we Are going to sell many JS files for Example do you see these floating Sharing buttons on my website it's super Tools this is a script I bought from Code Canyon so someone developed and I Paid for this script a simple Javascript File and you can do the same also I know A lot of people making thousands of

Dollars every single month selling JavaScript files on code Canyon we have A lot of ideas of simple scripts so why Not you Go and create one it's totally free Publish it and sell it wait a minute What I explained today doesn't mean you Have to be lazy and rely only on AI if You do this you'll be killing your Creativity and your brain use Ai and Charge GPT as an assistant otherwise it Will overtake you your skills your job Everything and it already did with a lot Of businesses even my business was Affected this is why to protect yourself And your children and your job and your Skills and your future you have to focus On these two things number one invest in Yourself learn learn and learn every day Number two you have to watch this video What I explain my polygon formula on how To fit in this AI era if you learned Something new today I appreciate Smashing the like button

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