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There's so many methods out there to Make money online but in today's video I Want to show you my copy and paste hack That you can use to make over 150 Dollars in a single day pretty much Starting from complete zero I was Testing out this method and once again Because I already posted it on this Channel like a year ago and I was able To make over 190 dollars in affiliate Commissions just for my super simple 15 Minute setup now in today's video I'm Going to show you step by step exactly How to do this method but more Importantly I'm going to show you also The exact app to go for and the exact Hidden traffic source that most people Actually don't even know about because It's kind of uncomfortable to use it if You never used it before but if you're Going to use it according to this video Tutorial you can tap into this massive Traffic source and start reaping the Rewards that other people are simply Scared to get because they don't have Access to this video but before that if You're new to the channel welcome on This channel I post daily video showing You how to make money online completely For free and also without sharing your Beautiful face online line so if that's Something that you like don't forget to Smash like on this video and let's try And get to 1 000 likes on this video

That would be really awesome to spread The message with other people as well And also don't forget to subscribe and Hit notification Bell so I can notify Whenever I upload a brand new mind Making video and also comment down below A joke so I can have a laugh when I'm Going through the comments that's really Awesome just comment down below your Favorite joke and also let's see how Funny this comment section is going to Be and also if you're watching this Video like a few days later then go Through the comments and check out all The jokes from other people okay guys Now in today's video I'm going to show You exactly how I was able to make this Amount of money now this is a method That I've been actually showing you on This YouTube channel before I was like That was a really awesome method I might As well repost it and see if it's still Actually working so I'm going to repost It but before that I was like I might as Well test it out because maybe it's not Working anymore you can see right here I Was testing it out and on day one I Actually made money right away I was Like okay that's enough for a video I'm Going to turn it off that's more than Enough then I stopped the method and Somehow I was able to make additional 160 dollars in a single day and I think This was from a follow-up of the

Affiliate author so when you are Promoting it for that offers not only You will make money from you sending Traffic to the offer you will also get Money if the offer is doing like Remarketing the vendor is doing like Remarketing just sending out the Remarking campaigns over over and Getting you even more sales by running Like Facebook ads Google ads YouTube ads With your affiliate link okay now I'm Not going to show you the exact offer That I use because I might still make Even more money after this but I'm going To show you exactly the one to go for Which is very easy and very very cheap To get started with now maybe you are Going to be end up making a lot more Money than me but also comment down Below and tell me if this this amount of Money is actually like enough for you to Make I would really like to know that Because a lot of people are like they Want to be making thousands of dollars Per day but some people out there like I Just want to make five to ten dollars Per day so tell me which one of the Persons which one of the people are you Actually now go to the marketplace again And you want to search for and you want To search for forward head posture okay And it's going to show you this product Right here that's going to be paying you On average like 13 but it's very high

Converting product especially with the Method I'm going to show you pretty much Every product is going to be high Converting with the method I'm going to Show you so if you are actually one of The advanced marketers out there you can Use these traffic Source yourself with Other offers and pocket thousands of Dollars yourself if you are a beginner Hundreds of dollars are definitely Possible very very easily now you're Going to see that this is going to be Your product what you want to do is Click on the sales page so click on the Name of the offer and we are going to be Taking to the sales page of the product You can see this is actually a really High quality offer that has a lot of Images a lot of Graphics that we can Actually use for ourselves okay so this Is the reason why we are using that if You are not going to find a product like This you can use any other and just do Exactly what I'm going to show you right Now by the way the price of this one is Like only nine dollars so expect to make Sales like right away because you are Going to be making sales with this one Very fast actually so you can see this Is the product okay so this is the one That we have now what you want to do is You want to open up a notepad and then Copy and paste the sales page URL right Here so this is the sales page URL I'm

Going to sales page URL and also add Your affiliate link okay so click on Promote get your affiliate link and just Copy that you don't have to shorten it Actually for this one so affiliate link Like this okay so you have the sales Page URL and you have your affiliate Link URL now the next thing what you Want to do you want to go to canva.com And click on create a design and we are Looking for a custom size and we want to Go for 500 times 500 and click on create New design now you can go with like 600 Times 600 700 times 700 just one to one Okay make sure both of them are same two Two three three four four four five five You know the drill okay so this is Something you want to create then come Back to the sales page of the product And we are really looking for some image Okay some good image to go for and I'm Gonna go with this one so I'm just going To copy this and paste it right here and I'm going to resize it accordingly okay Just like this so this is going to be Our first image make sure that the main Part is in the center then you want to Search for elements and search for red Arrow and you want to get a free red Arrow and just grab someone that's not Someone but some that's going to be a Really like high quality okay like this One okay you want to make sure that it's Big one so it's going to grab a lot of

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Attention and then just move it so it's Going to be pointing to the neck okay Just like this so it's pointing to the Neck and then click on text and you just Want to grab any of these let's go with Like add a heading and you want to write Here fix this an exclamation mark make Sure it's going to be bold and also Let's change it to like Klein font and And then click on effects right here and Make sure you're going to add a Background okay just like this and then You want to move it somewhere right here Okay so fix this and this is the image We are already going for so it's showing Up the problem and then saying fix this Okay and this is actually something that I'm using in my thumbnails as well with The red arrow I'm always pointing Somewhere where I want you to look and This is exactly the exact psychological Trick you want to pretty much show People you want to point where they Should look so something like this okay And you pretty much click on share and You just want to download this image and Wait for it to load up so it's going to Load up and then click on the download Okay so just like this then once again You want to go for another image now in This case it needs to be resolution 1200 Times 300 so 4 to 3 okay so 1200 times 300 in this case it should be actually Exactly like this so 1200 to 300 okay

Just do this you're going to be safe This way and for this one we need like a Landscaping okay so go back to the sales Page and you want to go for the Landscape image I think that's a good One at the beginning get this one so I'm Just going to screenshot this entire Image and just like this and without the Text and copy this and put it right There as well Paste it and make sure to resize it Accordingly resize it properly just like This okay and again you want to go to Elements get the red arrow not like this You want to get the red arrow I'm going To get another one so let's go with like This one and I'm going to Uh pointed right here and then click on Uh where is it text and again add like Fix this okay now it's super simple but If somebody is actually going to see This image only thing they can like read Is like okay three people and fix this Like if they have the forward next Posture forward head posture they're Going to see this then you can click on Share click on download and you want to Download this image just like this and I Want to actually show you the huge Traffic Source you can actually use Right now I'm going to show you how to Use it because if you are using it for The first time it's confusing and that's Why 99 of the people never use this

Traffic Source even though it's a huge Gold mine so I'm going to show you Exactly how to use it and then I want You to go ahead and try it out yourself Because you are going to be getting so Much traffic from this you are going to Be kind of like why I never used it Before myself and the only reason is Because you have been uncomfortable with Using it but I'm going to show you Exactly how to do that so what you want To do is you want to go to Google ads Okay okay just go to Google search for Google ads and just sign up for a free Account and then you pretty much want to Click on create a new campaign and Create a new campaign and then you want To go with create a campaign without a Goals guidance and you want to select a Display campaign and this is something That most people don't know how to use And I'm going to show you how to do that And it's actually super simple and this Is what made me the money this is how I Was actually able to make 190 dollars From like a 20 ad spend like it's so Crazy good okay like even just the first Sale and I would be in profit so just go To Google ads then right here the web Page is actually going to be the sales Page URL so put it right there and then Campaign name let's call it like forward Head and I actually need to Back away because I would have to have a

Forward head posture fixed and then Click on location options and you want To go with sorry internet location just Put their top tier countries so Australia Canada New Zealand United Kingdom and United States now make sure That the location options are people in The countries okay in the countries not With the interest okay and exclude uh Okay so just Target okay just this one Right here people in or regular in your Target locations then click on next then Select the budget just go with like ten Dollars that's more than enough then What you want to focus on high quality Traffic just go with this one and click On next and now this is the problem Where most people are like what am I Supposed to do here's how to do this It's going to say targeting and there's Like no targeting options you need to Click on ADD targeting and there are all These settings like oh audience segments Demographics keyword stuff what is what Am I supposed to do it's super simple Okay just go to keywords and you just Want to write there how to fix forward Neck posture okay something like this Just put a keyword and click on done Then also click on ADD targeting you Want to select placements and then you Can see you can actually Target websites YouTube videos channels blah blah blah Blah blah what do you want to Target are

People who are currently looking for a Solution for their problem and this is Exactly how we can actually get the high Quality traffic so to Simply do this Just go to YouTube search for how to fix A forward head posture and then copy and Paste the first five to ten videos so Right click click on copy link address Go back to Google ads then click on Let's say just enter and you can enter It right here and gonna add one Placement okay so if people are going to Watch this video it's going to follow Them across the internet and who would Watch this video like who would actually Watch this video only people that are Trying to fix the problem of their their Forward head posture so I'm going to add Three videos okay but let's add one more So copy the link put it right there and Click on ADD placement so if the person A random person from the entire planet Is going to search for this video click On it then it's going to trigger the Targeting and now they are our Target And the display campaigns are going to Be following him through the entire Internet okay like we are just targeting The people that are watching this video But once they watch it the display Campaigns are going to be following him Through the internet as well because if If he's searching for this video that's How we target him and then the display

Campaign is going to be following him Along in the Gmail in other videos in Other websites pretty much on Facebook No Facebook not because that's not where Google AdSense is but any other websites Where there is Google AdSense then you Want to click on next right here and now Comes the biggest problem ever how do I Create a display campaign Eric I don't Know how to do that there are so many Resolutions so so many settings blah Blah blah it's super simple because you Really just need two designs that we Have created on canvas right here this One which is pretty much landscape and This one which is pretty much a square So go back to the display campaign now Business name let's call it Forward head Posture fix now you want to add the Images now don't add the ones from the URL because they are good but they are Not the one where you want to do so Click on hide these images and you want To add images right here and upload from Your computer and add the images and It's already going to select the ratio Just make sure that it's correct so if I'm going to click on this one I'm going To see like okay I want the square don't Not this one because it doesn't go so One to one and then this one should not Be a image this should be a logo okay so Make sure you're going to save this one As an image and then the second one

Second one is going to be the logo so I'm going to select this one and select The ratio and I don't want one to one or Maybe one to one will be good for this One but for the four to one I want the Entire one so click on select ratios and Click on sale okay so now you have your Ads created and you really just need to Add couple of simple headlines but the Headlines can be Auto generated because The images do all the talking and it's Pretty much very simple like fix your Forward head just click here and that's It so I'm just going to add the Suggested ones and also go say for the Headline it really just needs to make Sense okay so description used to Instantly improve your posture that's Cool trouble sleeping okay lower back Pain okay so okay that's it that's Pretty much it nothing more complicated Then you want to click on ADD URL Options and the tracking template is Actually going to be your affiliate link And also make sure that you're going to Edit only here because otherwise your Ads are going to get disapproved and Then bam this is how your advertisement Is actually going to look like so let me Just resize it and you can see it right Here okay so this is just one then this Is another one you can see fix this so It obviously makes sense over the head Posture lower back pain lifestyle audit

And yeah that's it so people actually Know what is the problem even like this One which is cropped out it's going to Point the arrow and like fix so you can Make sure that this is pretty much it Makes sense okay just the image and the Arrow and the fix this makes all the Sense and then you just want to click Right here and click on next and that's It just run your campaign and that's all You have to do and pretty much just make Sure you're going to use this targeting The keyword targeting and then the video Targeting from YouTube and this is going To make sure that you are only going to Be targeting the people that are pretty Much currently trying to fix their Problem that means the advertisement is Going to be cheap it's going to be Targeted and you can get sales very very Fast and this is exactly how I was able To make over 190 dollars in affiliate Commissions just with a very simple Advertisement just go ahead take action On this just create the two simple Images change to resolution add your Affiliate link make sure to target the People that are currently looking for The solution and you are going to end up Making a lot of money even if you are Going to be starting from complete zero And that's it hope you enjoyed this Video now if you'd like to see another Video of making money online if you

Didn't like this one for some reason Then let me know why you didn't like This one in the comment section below And then click right here to see another One other than that have a fantastic Rest of your day and bye for now

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