4 Business Ideas for Women for the 2023 Recession

In this video I'm going to show you guys The best business ideas for women in 2023 and I'm telling you guys number Four is going to blow you away I'm Giving you guys a whole business that You can start today this is your year of Greatness It's the Go year and like my Husband says it's really God over all Things so you guys ready let's go okay So the first one is YouTube and I'm Gonna touch on this one really quickly Because I know this is not for everyone But I did want to touch on this a little Bit because I want to say that even if You are the type of person who says I'm Not good at speaking or being from the Camera let me tell you guys this is not Me at all I write out all my scripts out So word for word I'm reading it from a Teleprompter because Lord knows what I'd Be saying if I didn't plan this stuff All out So I started my YouTube channel after Talking to Nate O'Brien three years ago He's a YouTuber and when he told me that He made thirty thousand dollars just Last month from YouTube ads I said okay Y'all where's let me get my camera Because I'm not gonna let my fears Overcome me making extra money I only Spend about five hours a week on YouTube And I make four to five thousand dollars A month and I I think that I have a Small following still

So I made twenty five hundred dollars Last month in ads and I make the other Bulk of my money from affiliate programs That I promote my videos this year I'm Really Gonna focus on growing my channel So if you're not subscribed make sure You guys subscribe hit that Bell for Notifications because I've got some Really great content for you guys coming Your way and if you do want me to do a Video on how I make money on YouTube Even with a small following let me know In the comment section and if there's Enough people that want to see that I'll Do a video on it alright number two is Becoming a bookkeeper So many of you know that becoming an Entrepreneur is the thing everyone wants To have their own business but everyone Is not proficient in the area of knowing Their numbers and what they mean like me You know I have a very successful Business that might talk about in a Minute but I don't get in the details of My numbers like I should that's why it's Good to have a bookkeeper so bookkeepers Are responsible for maintaining and Recording the financial transactions of A business so once a month a bookkeeper Records Financial transactions for their Clients they analyze the data and report To their clients it's a little more to It but the best part about becoming a Bookkeeper is that the work is so

Minimal depending on your client for Example I know my bookkeeping probably Only takes 30 minutes tops and my Accountant they charge a thousand Dollars a month most people probably Charge around 350 to 500 depending on Your client but that's really good only Working one hour a month I interviewed a Mom of nine she has nine kids and she Makes really good money as a bookkeeper Because of the type of work that this is So that's why this is such a great Business idea for women now she had no Experience when she first got started But she took a course to learn Everything about becoming a bookkeeper And I actually interviewed the guy who Created the course she took and I'm Gonna link that up right here and in the Description below because it's a really Good one showing you how to become a Bookkeeper the next one is what I do and It's blogging so I sometimes say that I Work for Google because I find out what Questions people are searching for on Google and then I answer their questions Through my blog articles I often say Where is the one or the most common Place that people go when they have a Question it's Google right well I figure Out what questions people are searching For on Google that I can answer and then I answer them through my blog articles And because everyone is searching for

Things on Google all day and every day I'm constantly getting attracted to my Website because I have so many of my Articles showing up in the search Results and this is all free traffic Guys and I'm going to show you an Example of how this works check this out Okay so I found out that people were Searching for money earning apps so I Wrote an article about it so if you Google money earning apps You're gonna find my article at the very Top right here top 10 money earning apps In 2023. this is my website tried and True mob jobs so if we click on it right Here So the way this works is that you do Need to know actually how to write your Article to rank on Google but once you Know that it's just rinse and repeat you Do the same thing every single time and That's how I'm always getting my Articles to ring on Google because of my System now I wrote this article over Four years ago that's the beauty of Writing for Google because once you get Your articles to rank they can rank for Years and years to come So the main two ways that I make money Is from ads and affiliate marketing so By simply just looking at this article You can see if you pass an ad I make Money from that that's known as an ad Impression so when people are just

Reading my articles I'm making money and The more people that you get to read Your articles the more money you make You can see right here that I make Around four to five thousand dollars a Month from ads alone and I make even More from affiliate marketing so I have A whole video on how you can actually Build a six figure blog from scratch so I want to leave that video in the Description below so you can watch it After this one okay now the last one is To create a social media agency Don't worry guys you do not have to know How to write or anything let me show you Guys how you could actually do this and Turn it into a stick figure business so I don't know if you guys have heard but Chat GPT has changed the game for all of Us so it's a free AI tool that does Whatever you tell it to you can have it Create code for you write a book give You keywords write blog posts and even Do social media posts let me show you so Just you guys know that it's free to Sign up and I'm Gonna Leave the link in The description below so you can just go Ahead and click on it and get it started So when you're thinking of what Companies you can help think of like Local Mom Pop shops these businesses Typically don't have a strong social Media presence so what I would do if You're just starting out one approach is

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To find someone that you know who Already has a business or you can find Someone that has a local business that You can check to see if they even have a Social media presence if they don't That's a good shoe and for you just to Have a case study so this is what I Would do I would go to them and let them Know that I want to help them grow their Social media presence in exchange for a Case study for how I 10x their social Media accounts so you can do this a Couple of ways but I recommend doing the Work ahead of time for the person that You are trying to approach you want to Review their social media and then use Chat GPT to come up with all the ideas For you and let them write it for you Let me show you so say for example you Are going to do a company for or Approach a company for a dog grooming Company and you want to use chat gbt to Come up with 20 tweets Facebook Instagram posts you know you want them To do everything for you let me show you An example how you can just use this Really quickly so you can tell chat GPT Write five Facebook Vlog Facebook Posts for a dog grooming company That's good and funny Like you can literally tell it whatever And it would just come up with stuff for

You and that will help you come up with Ideas too so you don't have to do any of The work you let them do it for you and Then you can put you know you can tweak It however you want but this is how you Can approach your clients showing them Things ideas that you have for them and You just use chat gbt for all of it so Look at what they're saying who's ready For a freshly new doggy look come on Down to and then you put the insert the Company name like this is so good For a possum grooming experience like That's so cute and then you can ask the Groomer for some pictures of their work And then add that picture for some Social media posts and then they have Don't let your pups bad hair day get Them down like it's cute little things Like that that you could say to the dog Groomer here are some really good ideas That I think you can Implement and I do It for free for you in exchange for a Case study on how I grew your social Media accounts so this is something that You're doing for free first so you can Get the paid work you know you need a Case study to say look I was able to do This for all this for this company and I Can do the exact same thing for yours Following my same framework that I Created you know just something like That or if a company uses Instagram you Could say come up with a Instagram

Hosts for a dog grooming Company And then it will come up with an Instagram post and it will even give you Hashtags like this thing is just crazy And the best part about it is that you Don't have to do any of the work so it Says furry friends deserve the Royal Treatment too let the whoever the dog Company is give your pup a spa day and Look it gives you hashtags so you can Use Instagram all the social media Platforms it's already done for you and When they accept you can use tools like Repurpose dot IO to schedule you all Your posts so you're getting this all Done on autopilot from the very Beginning and all you have to do is Oversee it now here is a price list for A typical social media package you can Make a thousand dollars or more doing Something that saves you guys 10 minutes To do for one client so just get the Results that we are one client first Like I said to get the paid work so if You're thinking well that Mom and Pop They could just do this I'm sure they May not know the first thing about chat GPT and if they did they still want Someone to manage it so that's where you Come in now if you guys want more info About becoming a social media manager Use YouTube University go to YouTube the Information is out there guys you just

Have to pursue it so what do you guys Think which one do you think is the best Business idea for you let me know in the Comment section below and I want you Guys to make sure that you are Subscribed to my email list because I am Working on something big for moms who Want to make money from home with their Kids so if you're not my mailing list You make sure that you sign up today so You'll get notified when I do make that Announcement And if you like this video you guys are Going to love my video I did on Different side hustles because in that Video I show you how you can make Thousands of dollars doing Amazon Product review videos and I'm doing it Now and it's something you definitely Want to check out because it's one of The easiest ways to make money online All right I'll put that video here and As always thanks for watching guys have A great day Thank you

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