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Mobile ">Marketing

Mobile Internet ">Marketing: 50% of all internet searches are now being performed on mobile devices By 2014 more internet searches will be performed on mobile devices than desktop PCs. Mobile internet search increase by 200% year over year What can you do to get your business found in mobile searches?

Do You Know Your 10 Most Important Words?

A Basic Look at SEO 101 for ">marketing on the web. Plus two cool tools to use today.

Answering Today’s 3 Biggest Content ">Marketing Challenges

Especially for online marketers. Here are two easy to use & creative ways to stretch your content ">marketing budget. These will also help you drive Social Media activity.

5 Tips for Writing a Successful Press Release for Your Association

Press releases can be an effective way to get media attention for your membership organization. If you are consistently writing a newsletter for your association, you already have a great start on topics for your press releases – awards, board changes and events. With a bit of formatting and editing, you can turn your newsletter articles into successful press releases.

Four Strategies to Jump Start Your Business Using Speaking

If you are working to transition from one business to another, then you need a way to jump start your business and get things off the ground quickly. Many of my clients are looking for how to use their time efficiently, so they can launch their new idea, while they still have money coming in from the original business.

Internet ">Marketing Services – Getting the Most From the World Wide Web

Internet ">Marketing Services come in all shapes and sizes. These days, the internet is taking over and a countless number of people are making money from the World Wide Web.

The Top Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

For many business owners it can be difficult to find the time and energy to set up and maintain an active business blog and all too often our best blogging intentions can fall by the wayside. The following is a brief discussion of the top three ways a blog will benefit your business and the reasons your business blog should be considered a priority.

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