8 MUST-HAVE Tools For Digital Product Creators // My Favourite Apps and Tools

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What to Do When Things Go Wrong!

How could this happen to me? Ever have one of those moments when it feels like, no matter how prepared you are, things just go wrong. They do. It happens to all of us.

Mobile ">Marketing With SMS and Short Codes

Since around the year 2000, mobile ">marketing through a mobile phone has become increasingly popular. Short message service popularly known as SMS has made a remarkable impact in the way Businesses market to a targeted audience. Initially a lot of unsolicited SMS Mobile ">Marketing left a bad taste in the mouths of many as with any new thing, you will always have a few that abuse a good system. Obviously a huge amount of Companies and Service providers sold off lists of mobile numbers to the wrong people and this caused a large problem.

Authors, Speakers and Networkers Are Making a Deadly Mistake on Facebook

I’m going to share with what I’ve learned from experience and from my mentors Gary Vaynerchuk and David Wood about ">marketing on Facebook. But it was really crystallized from David Wood. Thanks David. I hope they don’t ban me for sharing this with you because it will cost them a lot of money if you use it. As some of us know Mark Zuggenberg, the founder of FB, is the youngest billionaire in American history. He did with just FB. One idea!

Inbound ">Marketing Follow-Up Plan

Inbound ">Marketing, the strategy and practice of persuading prospective clients to contact a business by offering information on, for example, a website or social media platform that piques a prospect’s interest and leads that individual to contact the business, stands in opposition to Outbound ">Marketing, which encompasses traditional ">marketing practices such as advertising, participation in trade shows, sending out press releases and making cold calls as a strategy to appeal to prospective customers. Either method can be effective and one is advised to implement both to a greater or lesser degree depending on one’s clientele. Time is the enemy of Inbound ">marketing. Unless your product or service can be purchased online, fast follow-up to Inbound ">Marketing inquiries is absolutely essential.

Promotional Products Strategies – How To Use Branded Gifts For Fun And Profits

Promotional products and gifts can be very effective in getting the word out about your business. Here’s a fun strategy to make use of promotional items at community events and trade shows.

Experiential ">Marketing Trends Expected To Dominate In The Coming Days

The primary purpose that experiential ">marketing serves is to connect the brands with their customers by creating relevant personal memories through live experiences. What was considered to be an afterthought in traditional type ">marketing has now become a key component in a growing number of advertising campaigns and is predicted that this number will continue to push up in the coming days.

Tips To Get It Right With Voucher Printing

Small businesses are always looking for ways through which they can improve their sales. ">Marketing is very important and there are different strategies which can be applied to make it all happen for the business in question. Vouchers are some of the best tools you can use to increase your business sales. People love gifts and vouchers are definitely appreciated across the board, regardless of what kind of business you are running. They also create a great avenue for your business to reach out to new audiences. You however must ensure that the vouchers are printed in the best way to fetch the desired value for your business.

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