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Why a “Special Report” Is the Most Effective Tool for Lead Generation

The special report (a.k.a. white paper) is catching on like wildfire as one of the most powerful tools for attracting qualified leads to your business. “As a ">marketing tool, these (white) papers use selected facts and logical arguments to build a case favorable to the company sponsoring the document.” – Wikipedia.

New Summary of Fascinate

In Fascinate, world-renowned brand consultant Sally Hogshead introduces readers to the seven universal fascination triggers: lust, mystique, alarm, prestige, power, vice, and trust. Exploring research from behavioral and social studies, historical precedents, neurobiology, evolutionary anthropology, and feedback from thousands of consumers, Hogshead explains what fascinates people and why and shows marketers how to apply this valuable knowledge to their own brand campaigns. By knowing how to use the right fascination triggers in the right ways, companies can more effectively achieve their desired results.

How Viral ">Marketing Is Changing How Companies Communicate With Broad Mass Markets

The best way to communicate with broad mass markets is to tune into the realm of internet. This is one of the best media to seek new opportunities and to communicate messages related to a brand, company, promotion or to simply increase brand retention.

The Effectiveness and Affordability of Mobile ">Marketing – Make It a Promotion Solution of the Day

If you have started a new venture and you are looking for ways to promote and create product awareness, then mobile ">marketing is the best tool you can use to do so. This is the method of ">marketing the product or service using mobile devices. The method is effective when used in the right way as it can help in perking up the profits. The popularity of this method has grown wide because mobile phone users have increased continuously in world. For example 90 percent of U.S mobile phone owners use text or SMS to advertise their products and services. 95 percent of these short messages are actually read the moment they are sent. Therefore this means that if the person sends out an SMS promoting the product or services, there are 100 percent chances of being read.

You Are Already ">Marketing Your Business Online: 3 Free Ways to Do It Even Better

Let’s just take a moment to think about how you would really answer this question: aren’t you already ">marketing online? If, as I do, you subscribe to the idea that everything you do is ">marketing, then chances are that you are already ">marketing online. If you think about it, just about any business owner this using the Internet for some sort of ">marketing whether it’s a formal campaign, a business listing site, or public interaction with consumers on a forum or review site.

Sometimes to Make It You Gotta Fake It

Paying it forward by sharing some savvy advice for people who have started a new business or might be thinking of doing so. Even if you don’t necessarily follow the advice it might make you stop and think.

Simple Online ">Marketing for Offline Businesses

When was the last time you looked in the yellow pages? The fact is that there is no separation between offline and online anymore. So it’s surprising to think that many business owners still question why they need a website.

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