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Three Easy Tips On Marketing For Lawyers

These days, there are more people entering the legal profession. While there might have been a time when lawyers only need to open an office and clients will pour in, finding clients have become a lot more challenging these days especially to new lawyers.

How To Get More Clients Now

A lot of people say they want to get more clients. But more often than not, they are not focusing on the critical components that would give them the fastest path to cash. The hard truth is, all the “leveraged” and “passive income” talk sounds good on paper but unless you have a clear message and a loyal following (which you get by having a clear message, know where to find your people, and spend the time to build relationship), selling five slots in a $200 program is not going to do a whole lot.

What Is Integrated Marketing and Why Should I Care?

An integrated marketing agency has a tough job. They can help you improve your reach and impact by integrating your message and vision across all marketing channels.

How to Get Started With Custom Lead Generation

Custom lead generation is important for any modern business. Don’t fail to get all of the leads you can. Create a custom plan to generate quality leads for your sales and marketing team.

Data Driven Creative: Crazy Talk or New Reality?

There was a time when agency creative folks and researchers never spoke. Didn’t even shake hands. Words and visuals just didn’t get along with numbers. But today we’re working with some great ROI-driven agencies who welcome research, seeing it as a way to drive insights around everything they do.

White Paper Writing for the Busy Company

White papers have long been a firm fixture in the toolkit of many marketers. It enables a company to show expertise to an information hungry group of potential consumers. But are they still effective in an environment where social media information comes in bite size chunks?

The ABC’s of Marketing for Small Businesses

This article provides small business owners with a simple marketing “cheat sheet” to help you develop a solid marketing plan for your small business – allowing you to stay first and foremost in your customers minds in a consistent and controllable way. Developing a simple, but effective marketing plan will allow you to control how your customers see you and your business, resulting in increased profits for you, and happy satisfied customers!

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