ChatGPT Content Creation For SEO Checklist – 8 Steps To Improve SEO Content Writing With ChatGPT

What's up everyone welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel today I'm Going to be going over my chat GPT Content creation checklist for SEO so I'm going to be using chat GPT Throughout this video and I'm going to Be going over eight different things you Should keep in mind as you are creating Content as you're writing blog posts so That you can rank higher in search Engines so this video assumes that you Already have come up with content ideas You've already done your keyword Research so we're going to get started With step one to identify your target Keyword so in my case I identified my Target keyword and it's Google ads Specialist what I've been doing is with My own blog Surfside PPC I'm going back And updating old old content and I'm Also using Google search console to try To find keywords that are generating Impressions for my website but really Aren't getting many clicks at all so I'm Basically just looking at the last 28 Days the search term contains Google ads And then I have the click any Click-through rate that is beneath 0.5 Percent so you can see I have a lot of Different keywords here that I I can Easily start to optimize for but I have Google ads specialist here so what I did Is I can click on this page over the Last 28 days this individual search this

One search term here so Google ads Specialist has driven 4.88 000 Impressions but no clicks so Obviously there's some opportunity there And if we come over here to pages and Look at my actual pages that are being Shown in Google for this individual Search query you can see it's one blog Article Google ads specialist and you Can see that blog post here so this is a Blog post I really didn't spend a lot of Time on I wrote some content on this Page and I probably wrote this blog post Five or six years ago I updated it in December basically just put complete Guide for 2023 I just changed the title Tag it's the only thing I change and I Change this date and I updated my Publish date so if we scroll down here a Lot of this content is very very old This page was getting literally no Clicks or impressions in the search Results until several months ago so I Can see this is clearly an opportunity For my website so coming back over here The first thing is you need to identify Your target keyword one of the things I'll do to take it a step further with My target keyword is if we come over to The Google Keyword Planner I will enter My keyword into the Google Keyword Planner just to see some of the Different keywords that come up here so Sometimes you can find long tail

Keywords that are related to the main Keyword that we're targeting to kind of Give us an idea of okay this is what People are looking for when they enter This search term something like Google Ads Specialists could actually have two Different meanings where there's one Person who's interested in becoming a Google ad specialist and there's another Person who is interested in hiring a Google ad specialist so for my blog post I'm going to take it from the route of I Want to show people how to become a Google ad specialist because if we're Looking at some of these different Keywords here for the most part that's What people are actually researching so The other thing that we can do is if we Come over here identifying search intent For our keyword so that means going Directly to the Google search results For the keyword that we are targeting so If we come over here to Google what You're going to see for the search term That we are targeting the keyword that We're targeting Google ads specialist if We scroll down here the very first thing Is schedule a call with an ad specialist So basically contact Google ads the next One is Google ad certifications next one Is how to become a Google ad specialist Next one is skill shop and then we have Different Google ads experts For Hire Through indeed finding an

Actual Google ad specialist job how to Become a Google ad specialist in three Steps so more job listings here how to Become a specialist again so for the Most part the results that we're getting The search intent is going to be here Are some different Google ad specialist Jobs if you're looking to improve as a Google ad specialist before you get Hired here is how to become a Google ad Specialist so this is going to be how I'm going to take the search intent and How I'm going to solve for search intent I'm also going to link to some of these Different job websites as well because If somebody's visiting my website I want To give them every resource possible to Make sure that they are going to be Basically I'm going to solve the problem That they're having now the other thing That we can do is go to a website like if you've never been On this website they have a ton of free SEO tools that you can use I would Highly recommend checking out I have no association With this website but they do have some Really good tools so for this one the Keyword density Checker 2.0 if you do a Search based so instead of URL input or Text input we're just searching the Keyword so we're going to search our Targeted keyword here enter the language Click I'm not a robot and I've already

Done this with the keyword Google ads Specialist what it will tell us is the Average word count of some of these Different results on the first page so For for the blog posts that are probably Going to be similar to mine is around 2000 words so around three thousand Words around three Thousand words simply learn how to Become a Google ad specialist two Thousand words then right here how to Become a Google ads specialist is 785 Words the rest of these are not Necessarily going to be my competitors Because I'm probably not going to Outrank Google and these are just Basically resources for people so Showing people how to become a Google ad Specialist I'm looking at probably Writing at least 2 000 words so it is a Good idea to kind of get the search Intent for your targeted keyword and Understand the current pages that rank So I'm not going to go through this in This video just because it gets boring Going through the keyword that I'm Targeting but what I will generally do Is I will open up The actual some of these actual pages That are ranking so I found this result what on Earth is a Google Ad specialist if we scroll down here I Can look through their entire blog

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Article and get an idea of okay this Page is ranking fairly High For This Keyword it's not on the first page but I Can see here are some of the different Things that we they covered in their Blog article I need to make sure that I Cover some similar things I need to make Sure I give more details I need to make Sure I am better with giving resources To people and giving solutions to people To solve for search intent if you're not Doing all of these different steps Before you start to generate an outline For your blog post it's hard to know What type of angle you're going to Create what type of problem you're going To be solving for people So once you do those first three things You have an idea of okay this is the Angle I'm going to take with this blog Post for the keyword Google ads Specialist I am going to be creating a Guide that is going to give people every Single piece of information to become The best Google ad specialist to either Try to become a freelancer and hire Their own clients or to try to work for A company and try to just work in-house Either at an agency or for a large Company that is looking for Google ads Help so that's kind of where I'm going To take this blog post now once we have That it's time to generate an outline For our blog post now let's come over to

Chatgpt obviously the first few things I Didn't really use chat GPT that much but I do have a few prompts that you can use So if you're having trouble coming up With different topics to write about if You take the main topic you're writing About so I'm putting I'm writing blog Posts about different topics related to Google ads for example I've written and Published articles about some of these Different subtopics such as keyword Match types bid strategies remarketing And audience targeting generally 30 of The most popular subtopics related to Google ads that will be useful for my Readers so basically give a little bit Of context to chat GPT and say can you Give me some ideas now I wouldn't Necessarily use chat GPT as a keyword Research tool to build your exhaustive Keyword list but when you are looking For Content ideas when you are looking For some keyword ideas these are pretty Useful so to understand what types of Topics I should write about I can Basically just go through this list and Create blog posts for each and every one Of these different topics make sure it's A very in-depth blog post and I'm going To start ranking higher I'm going to Start driving more clicks to my website So you can come up with topics this way If you don't have a topic or a keyword To write about the other thing you can

Do is I'm writing a Blog article Targeting this keyword what are some Long tail keywords you can also give Some recommendation some recommended Keywords that they can basically go off Of but 10 long tail keywords for this Short tail keyword it helps hopes a lot Of times to say what are some long tail Keywords related to this question so That will also help you come up with Some keywords as well but you can see They gave me 10 different long tail Keywords not all of them perfect this is Why you shouldn't solely do keyword Research with chat GPT okay so keep Coming down here I have I'm writing a Blog article targeting this keyword what Are some of the long tail keywords I'm Targeting are this and this what is a Search intent for my keyword here's the Problem with this one is it's basically Giving me both search intents we talked About so you can see People may be interested in learning About duties and responsibilities of a Google ad specialist user may be looking Into information on how to become a Google ad specialist but also up here The search intent for this keyword is Likely to be related to somebody who is Searching for information about a Professional who specializes in managing And optimizing Google ads campaigns so Search intent is likely to be

Informational and transactional so it Wasn't overly helpful for this keyword So it would probably be much better to Use a keyword like how to become a Google ads specialist but I figure if I Write a really good blog post about Google ads Specialists I could probably Rank high and hopefully get that top Spot in the search results at least the Top spot below Google So we'll keep coming down here and we're Ready to generate our blog post outlines I generally will come up with multiple Outlines so you can just basically give A basic prompt and say create a blog Post outline for my blog post with this Title If you do that they are going to give You a detailed blog post outline for This one I put my blog post titled how To become a Google ad specialist and Then I said where I tell people about What it is how to become one Certifications average salaries and why Someone should consider being a Google Ad specialist so they gave me an outline Here so not a bad outline but basically Just took all the information I gave Them and generated an outline Now over here I generated a second Outline we can look at the prompt up at The Top This is actually a built-in Prompt through aiprm which is a Chrome Extension I will show you the prompt at

The end of this video but you can also Basically just copy and paste this Prompt as well any of the prompts I use In this video will be in a Word document That you can download at the very end of The video so or at the beginning of the Video so you can use these prompts Yourself but you can see with this one They generate a really long outline but There's a lot of things here like Creating a Google ads campaign my goal Isn't to educate people on Google ads It's basically to educate people on how To become a Google ads specialist so It's not my job in the blog post to say Here are all the steps I created Google Ads campaign but that is an idea for Something I can say here is my detailed Guide on Google ads if you are Interested in becoming a specialist this Will help you gain some knowledge in Google ads rather than going through all These individual steps and tips this is Really more meant for a Google ads blog Post so what I did with this one is I Pulled out things that I actually want To cover which doesn't include Optimization techniques no Advanced Strategies but things like challenges And solutions I could do case studies And success stories this would actually Probably be something that would get me To the top of the search results but it Also takes a long time to put together

Case studies so real world examples Lesson learned tools and resources job Opportunities interview with a Google ad Specialist and then we have a conclusion And some FAQs at the very end so I Generally try to generate my own FAQs as Well so if we come back over here I also Did underneath my outline generate 10 Frequently asked questions related to How to become a Google ad specialist and You can see here are 10 different FAQs So these are all pretty useful questions That I can answer in my blog post what I Ended up doing is coming up with an Outline of simply just questions so I'll Do this sometimes if I can come up with A good outline line with just basically Kind of bullet points but I have what is A Google ad specialist why become one Why are they important for businesses Responsibilities how do I become a Google ad specialist certifications Skills Where can they work what are some job Opportunities how can I stand out what Are average salaries how do I manage Google ads clients what tools can I use What resources can I use how can I stay Up to date how can I be successful some Of these questions are kind of similar So I can always go back to the content And make sure that I update my blog post And make sure I'm not answering the same Question twice but I thought this was a

Good blog article outline for this Specific topic because it's really going To be more question based and people are Going to have specific questions and Specific things that they're looking for So there may be somebody who already has Some knowledge about Google ads maybe From a past job maybe they're doing some Freelancing work but what they want to Do is get a they want to work with a Large company and they want to get In-house and start working as a Google Ad specialist so maybe they come to my Website and they say I'm really Interested in what certifications I Should get I'm really interested in Standing out from other candidates when I'm applying for that position now Otherwise there may be people saying I Want to more effectively manage Google Ads clients so what are some of the Tools I can use to make myself more Effective and efficient because I am Currently a freelancer and I want to Grow my freelancing business or maybe You have your own Google ads agency Whatever it may be so my goal is to Answer any question that somebody may Have so if we come back over here using These different outlines using these Frequently asked questions so the other Outline that I generated it all helps me Get started with writing my blog post so The first four steps it takes some time

To really come up with a strategy for Your blog post and a lot of times this Part is something that people just skip They just start writing a blog post and You don't have every single part of the Problem that needs to be solved for People who are searching your keywords So what we're going to do next is write Our blog post now I'm not going to be Writing in this video and I did just Generate this with chat GPT I'm probably Not going to use chat gpt's content I May use it for certain questions but I Went through each of the questions with Chatgpt so we keep scrolling down here And I put you're an expert copywriter You speak fluent English you write in an Active voice you can pass artificial Intelligence detection tests you use Transition words you do not plagiarize And you write in the second person Please answer each of the questions Below with detail keep each question as A header so I put all of the different Questions here and I figured it was Going to get cut off eventually so I'm Not using the plus version I'm not using Chat gpt4 I I'm not a premium member I'm Still using the free version of chat GPT So header what is a Google ad specialist So basically we have all of these Different questions and answers for Every single question eventually I got Cut off so I just basically did the same

Exact thing and started with a question Where I got cut off and we got the rest Of our content down here so you can see We have everything besides how can I be Successful as a Google ad specialist so We finish off with that question which Will probably end up just being the Conclusion of the blog article So coming over here if you want to come Up with blog post content the best thing To do is generate your own outline and Basically put together the blog posts Before you have chat GPT write it Because if you're going to chat GPT and You're saying I need a blog post for This keyword then basically you're going To get the same blog post that anybody Else who is asking for that specific Keyword based blog post is going to get Even if it's Unique even if it's written Differently you're going to get Basically similar Concepts so what You're trying to do is identify your Target keyword search intent and then You're trying to put together an outline That solves for search intent so that When you write your blog post it's much Easier to do that truthfully myself I Would rather take the list of questions That I generated so all these questions Here answer them myself and then what You want to do is add images and videos Throughout your blog post you want to Add internal and external links

Basically any possible resources that's Going to be useful for somebody who is Visiting this blog post but what you Could do is use chat GPT to answer some Of these questions and then go through And read this content basically make any Changes you want to make change any Words you want to change for the most Part chat GPT writes really well Especially if you're using some of these Prompts that I'm using I've found that That helps as you are trying to come up With a blog post we have a sectioned off Basically with different sections Different paragraphs already ready to go With our blog post so we could probably Copy and paste a lot of this content Publish it and then go back and edit it So coming back over here Writing your blog post the other thing You can do is add frequently asked Questions since my outline was basically Just a list of questions what I'm Probably going to end up doing is going Through change a lot of these different Headers from questions into actual Headers and then come up with a Different list of frequently asked Questions related to Google ad Specialists where I can give a one or Two sentence answer the other thing if We come back over here is statistics so Blog posts that are shared more Generally have a lot of statistics on

Them and they generally link out to Resources where people can say okay What's the average salary for a Google Ad specialist how many different Advertisers are there how many different Types of Google ads roles are there for People who are interested in having that Type of position at a company so if You're trying to come up with Statistics There is a pretty cool tool I just found Now one thing you're going to see here Is what are average salaries for Google Ads Specialists obviously what I would Want to do is go to Glassdoor figure out The average salary put it here and then Link directly back to Glassdoor so That's just another thing you need to do To make sure you're optimizing your blog Posts now there is a cool tool I found Ask it's completely free Right now who knows if they're going to Add a paid option in the future but you Can see I create an account we can try It free statistics generator what you Can do is describe the topic that will Provide 20 stats and facts to include in Your content so if I come here and I Just type in Google ads click on Generate and we scroll down you can see These are a bunch of different Statistics related to Google ads so if You find different ones that are going To be useful for this individual blog Article I could also put Google ads

Specialists here but just looking at Google ads some of these different Statistics can be very useful now one Thing you're going to have to do is Actually find the source for each of These statistics so I would recommend Doing that even if you see one of these Statistics like Google ads has over 3.5 Million advertisers so I can use that to Say this is why so many specialists are Needed because Specialists can only Manage so many accounts at once link to The source and that is another way to Basically say okay this blog article is A very good resource for this specific Keyword it's targeting so coming back Over here Writing your blog posts adding Frequently asked questions and Statistics is going to help your blog Stand out from other blog posts it's Going to allow you to get into that People also asked section in the Google Search results so we're really just Trying to find any way to drive more Traffic to our blog post Insert helpful videos and images and you Can get ideas from chat GPT so coming Back over to chatgpt again we go past Our blog article here My prompt I'm looking for visual media Recommendations for my blog posts I Pasted the entire blog post below please Recommend some images and videos that I

Should create and where I can add them Throughout my blog post so we scroll Down to the output here You can see it's going to say Infographics to showcase the role of a Google ads specialist and their Responsibilities so a long infographic On this topic will always be helpful for Any topic they just take a long time to Make screencast video shows how to Create and manage a Google ads campaign I already have those on my YouTube Channel stock images I generally don't Use stock images throughout my blog post I'd rather put media that is going to be Helpful not just somebody working on a Computer how-to videos similar to the Screencast animated videos that explains Benefits of having a specialist social Media images to promote on various Platforms quotes from my blog post Statistics or other data that supports My claims now I just took this and said Please recommend more visual media be Helpful for people who are interested in Becoming Google ads Specialists so it Recommends linking to the Google ads YouTube channel maybe showing some of Their videos showing some courses from Udemy Linking to the Google ads help center This is definitely one that I will do Google ads editor tutorials I actually Already have one on my channel so I can

Link to that and Google ads webinars so Basically a lot of these is just saying Link to different videos that are going To be helpful for people which I already Have on my channel and then visual media I'm probably going to end up putting Together some different Graphics that Will show people maybe different Salaries of Google ads Specialists and Some of the different positions Available and maybe something along the Lines of here are some steps you can Take to become a Google ad specialist so Two different Graphics like that I think Will be really helpful for people who Are not only interested in finding a job And salaries but also how to become a Good Google ad specialist so that is how To come up with some different visual Media ideas Now the next thing is going to be on Page SEO with this I don't really use Chat GPT for on-page SEO I'll show you How to audit your final blog post with Chat GPT on page SEO I have used the Same checklist for a while I used to I Created my own checklist years ago but I've been using this checklist from Wordstream so if we come over to their Blog post they have the complete visual Guide to on-page SEO in 2023 with Templates so if we scroll down here this Graphic right here I wish it I wish it Was bigger so you could see it better in

The video here is the link to the Graphic but basically keyword research Keyword placement your title tag Headings meta description images links Technical content quality URL and Freshness and there's different things That you can go through in this Checklist as you are writing your blog Post and honestly if you go through here And make sure you are checking all these Boxes with your blog post you're going To be much more likely to rank high so I Can give you all the different on-page SEO factors I went over making sure you Have a good title a good description Making sure you have an SEO friendly URL You're using image alt tags you have Internal external links making sure You're using header tags making sure Basically you have the structure of a Really good blog article that there's Not going to be any issues with Google Accessing your website people accessing Your website your content's easy to read Easy to follow all of that is very Important if you want to rank high so in Addition to writing really good content It also needs to be really user friendly In terms of the overall user experience Now last but not least number eight Audit your final blog post so we have Basically our blog post written we've Added our frequently asked questions We've added our statistics we have our

Videos we have our images we have Everything ready to go now we want to do Is audit our final blog post and then You need to continuously make Improvements even if you just go through One time per year at the beginning of The year and say okay let's make sure we Update all of our most important blog Posts make sure every all of our links Are working make sure all this content Is up to date make sure they haven't Changed name from Bing ads to Microsoft Advertising we need to go back and Change all of our content so as you are Going through to continuously making Improvements one of the most important Parts of ranking High auditing your Final blog posts I use a built-in aiprm Prompt now again aiprm is completely Free to use and get their prompts if you Install aiprm and we search audit it's This one here audit page content for SEO You can also use some of these other Ones as well so some of these can be Useful too and there's also going to be More prompts that are built in with chat Gpt4 that will probably be even more Useful because they'll be able to read Your content but I basically went Through and we did our quality audit Here if I scroll to the top you can Actually see the prompt but it's a Pretty long prompt so saying I want you To act as an English quality Raider

Training auditing content for Quality Relevance truthfulness I copied and Pasted my current content so I went Actually through to my blog post I Copied all of this and pasted this there I didn't do the new content yet but if We come over here we scroll down they Give you a they give me a page quality Rating so overall good source of Information what I really like here is Suggestions for improving the content so Obviously I need to do all of this this Is why I'm rewriting this entire blog Post match search intent and user Expectations use more visuals provide More examples add more information on The industry so these are all really Good points for me to improve my blog Articles and and what I have found is Just some of these different suggestions At the bottom of this audit can be Really really helpful because I've had Different ones where it says include a Case study make sure that you are Linking out to relevant statistics make Sure you're including a video of how to Do this so there's a lot of different Ways to actually make sure that you are Giving people the solution to their Problems and that's the ultimate goal That's why I created the content Creation checklist for SEO because we Need to understand that we are targeting A keyword which represents a topic and

Basically with that topic we need to Provide a solution now what you're Really trying to do is provide all of The different solutions for the search Intent for that keyword so whether Somebody is looking for a Google ad Specialist job somebody's looking for Average salaries or somebody is looking For certifications I can make sure I Have them covered in my blog post and Then what I can also do is make sure I Create a video for here is how to become A Google ad specialist here are some Different steps you can take to make Sure that that you understand Google ads In full and some of the different Opportunities that you can take Advantage of now what I can do after That is get people going to my video and Watching it get people going to my blog Post and reading it and I can monetize That traffic and that's the ultimate Goal with content creation so if you Have any questions about my content Creation checklist for SEO obviously There are other things you can add to This checklist but this is basically the Bare minimum you should do if you want To rank high in Google and keep in mind You need to keep making improvements on Your blog post because you may get into That top 15 position and you will need To keep making improvements keep adding Any helpful videos and images any

Statistics any questions any little Thing to your blog post to outrank your Competitors and then hopefully over time We can all drive more traffic to our Website so thank you for watching my Video today and make sure you subscribe To the Surfside PPC YouTube channel

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