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Why Online Reviews Can Hurt Your Sales and How to Deal With It

Online reviews and websites are not a new trend, but business owners are still not totally convinced they should take the time to worry about them. As the world moves into a more digitally connected era, businesses need to understand that websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Plus Local and even Facebook are the new word of mouth – and they are not going away any time soon.

When Making A Profit Can Be DEADLY To Your Business

Even when your goal is to make a profit, a good ">marketing strategy can help you do that in unexpected ways. Sometimes ways that initially forego profit in favor of something even better.

Lead Generation Software – The Perfect Solution For Restaurant Leads

Many small businesses have no idea of how to generate business leads. They go for newspaper and magazine ads and just hope that their target audience was reached and convinced by the ads, and will come visit their business place. However, lead generation is not that easy and a true marketer understands what it feels like when you spend hundreds of dollars and not get the right amount of business you hoped the ads would get.

Number 1 Benefit of Events and 7 Tips

I’ve organized and executed lots of events for different reasons over the years. Events are both exciting and exhausting. But why do them?

The Importance of Customer Relations

There are many things that a business needs to take into consideration. Of all, trust is perhaps the single most important factor. A great business should be trusted. More importantly, trust is the foundation of customer relations. Awesome customer relations allows you to grow your business and build trust.

The Great Sales Secrets in Network ">Marketing That Your Up-Line Will Never Teach You

Selling skills and techniques that all budding entrepreneur’s should learn. The art of selling revealed to help you build your network ">marketing business.

The Secret to Accomplishing Anything You Want

Many battles are lost before they ever get started because the fighters involved feel they will lose before they ever step out on the battle field! We as Entrepreneurs have pretty much an upward battle to fight. We have great ideas, but we also are barraged with negative thoughts about our own abilities,

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