Copy & Paste Short Videos And Earn $36,000 a month (Make Money Online)

On this video today I want to show you The easiest affiliate marketing strategy That you have ever seen if you follow The steps on this video I'm going to Show you how you can make anything from A few hundred dollars every single day All the way up to tens of thousands of Dollars in affiliate marketing Commissions now the strategy is quite Simple all you need to do is come over Here and copy this link once you've Copied that link all you need to do is Come over to this page and paste that Link in there and download this file Once you've downloaded that file I'm Going to show you where you need to Import it and you can get anything from Hundreds of thousands of views literally Millions of views these views obviously Going to get you a lot of followers and On this video I'm going to walk you Through and show you step by step how You can copy this simple strategy Starting today without ever creating Your own content using your own voice You don't even need to have a camera and You don't even need to have a following To start to make money with this Affiliate marketing strategy so if you Want to make your first dollar online The easiest possible strategy make sure You watch this entire video do not skip Ahead because you don't want to miss Anything crucial let's get into it so

The strategy that I'm going to show you Today involves creating an Instagram Profile just like this and copying Exactly what this profile has done Because as you can see they've got over 24.4 million folds and you're probably Thinking Alan I can't get 24 and a half Million followers well I'm telling you That you can because this account over Here does not create any of their Content themselves all these videos are Someone else's and I'm going to show you Exactly how they're doing this without Creating any of the content without Actually using their own camera showing Their face or using their own voice all This content over here is someone else's And they're absolutely crushing it I'm Going to show you how to get a link Inside here with a product that you can Very easily convert now before we get Into this video all I ask that you do is Smash that like button in appreciation And don't forget to go down the bottom And sign up for more giveaway now all I Want for you to do for me is to go down The bottom and comment let me know do You use Instagram reels or do you use YouTube shorter do you use tick tock to Make money at the moment let me know Down the bottom how many followers you Have and have you made any money and if You haven't make sure you watch this Entire video because if you follow

Everything that I'll show you on this Video you can definitely turn this into Hundreds if not thousands of dollars Every single week so how did this Account get to this many follows that's Exactly what I want to show you you can See here that their latest videos this One's got 246 000 views 2.2 million 1.3 Million 1.4 million why are they getting So many views well at the moment have a Lot of followers but how do they get to The stage I mean look at these five Million all this was going to lead People over to their link once they Click onto it they can purchase product And make money with affiliate marketing If we click onto any one of these Different types of videos okay I'm just Gonna pause that sound over there you Can see that they've got music they've Got text overlay they've got sound in The background Etc now if I pause this None of these videos are there so I'm Going to show you exactly where you're Going to get these different types of Videos and as you can see they've got a Range of different types of videos Whether it be motivational inspirational Quotes Etc there's a few other accounts That are actually also trying to do this On Instagram that have only recently Started and they're starting to get a Lot of traction and even if though they Have you know 20 100 times less

Followers you can see that they're also Getting tens of thousands of views and All these views are being taken up and People are clicking onto different types Of links or they're doing different Types of promotions and they're making a Lot of money with affiliate marketing And their social media accounts here is Another one over here with 8479 Followers and you can see here that they Also have thousands of views tens of Thousands of views some of their videos Are getting hundreds of thousands of Views if not millions of views and this Is super simple and I'm going to show You how you can do it so the first thing That you want to do is you want to come Over to Instagram and you want to create An account for yourself once you create An account for yourself in this Niche What you want to do before you create Your bio or input any sort of link I Want to show you how you can get these Videos and download them what you want To do quite simply is come over to tick Tock tick tock is going to be your best Friend with this we're going to take Videos from Tick Tock we're going to Upload them onto Instagram just like These other accounts are doing none of Them have been removed for copyright or They're not getting into any issues and They're absolutely crushing it so once You're on Tick Tock you can see you've

Got a search account and videos over Here tab what you want to do there is You want to type in something like Motivational videos or you want to type In something like inspirational quotes Etc once you do that on Tick Tock what's Going to happen is you're going to see All these different accounts and you can Open up all these different accounts you Can literally search for accounts over Here you can search for videos or you Can even search for top videos top Videos and ones that get a lot of views Which is what I recommend that you start With so you want to open up all these Different accounts and what you're going To find is different types of accounts That are doing this on Tick Tock and We're going to take a lot of these Videos and I want to show you how easy It is for you to do this if you're Following following me up until this Point just go down the bottom and let me Know Alan I'm following you up until This point if you need to rewatch it Just go back rewind and re-watch the Section so what you want to do when you Find these different types of accounts Where you can get these videos from what You then want to do is you want to click Onto any one of these videos you can see That there's different types of videos Some are going to have you know words Over people driving it's going to be

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Scenery shots some of them are going to Be motivational videos or famous people Talking you can use a variety of Different ones a lot of them going to be Different types of scenery shots so once You find the types of videos that you Want to use all you need to do is quite Simply click onto them once you click Onto a video that you want to use all You want to do is come up to the top to This URL copy this link then what you Want to do is come over to this platform Over here called Triple S then What you want to do is Right Mouse click In this section and click on to paste Once you click onto paste you want to Download this video this is going to Download the video without the watermark As you can see here you can download it Without the watermark we're going to Pause that you can see here if I click Onto these three little dots and I'll Click on to download this video has now Downloaded on to my computer and now I Can come over to my Instagram profile to Start uploading these different types of Videos so quite simply all you'd want to Do is come straight over to your Instagram profile on your mobile phone On your computer and you can upload These and you want to make sure that You're uploading these as reals again You highly recommend that when you first Start off with these to get a lot of

Traction You want to start uploading two to four Videos every single day you can even Schedule them but make sure that you're Uploading minimum two and as Max as four To five videos schedule them out Throughout the day so you're getting Maximum Traction with your Instagram Profile now what we need to do is we Need to create a buyer for ourselves so You can see the different types of Buyers that people are creating you can Put something very simple but what's Important in these bios is that you've Got a link inside this bio and you also Have a product that you can promote so Let's go find a product first so I can Show you exactly what you should be Promoting in order to promote something You want to come over to an affiliate Platform like digital24 Any independent product that you want And quite simply what you want to do is Log on or create an account for yourself Once you do that it's going to bring you Over to their Marketplace you want to Come up to the top you want to make sure That you click onto Marketplace on the Left hand side you're going to see all These different categories now it's Going to be up to you what product you Want to promote what I recommend is that A lot of people that are looking at These different types of videos they're

Going to be potentially interested in Business and investing they're going to Be interested in E-Business and E-marketing if you scroll down here a Lot of them will potentially be Interested in different types of Spirituality different types of Manifestation Etc what I recommend that You do you can also go to self-help over Here and there's a whole heap of other Things depending on the type of content That you're promoting you can even do Things like relationship type of Products Etc but what I recommend that You do is that you come up to the top And you go to E-Business and e-marketing Once you do that what you want to do is You want to scroll down and you want to Look for a product that you can promote A product something like this that can Pay you as much as a hundred dollars for Every single time someone signs up or Something that has a rebuilt to it as Well you can see that there's products Over here that can pay you as much as a Hundred and eighty two dollars I mean These are a lot this is average Conversions per customer so you want to Test out different types of products There's also products that'll pay you as Much as 400 and fifty dollars on average Per customer account people are looking To make money on online all the time Okay so test out different products

Let's say that we wanted to promote this Product it's as simple as coming over Clicking on to promote and generating This hop link once you copy this hop Link what you now want to do is you want To shorten this link there's two Platforms that you can go to shorten This link number one is you can come Over to bitly you don't even need to Create an account for yourself you can Even use an account like this one over Here called tinyurl where you can Shorten this link as well and create Your own own Alias which means you're Going to customize the back end of this Link or what you can also do another Really good link shortening service that You can use is this one over here called Link TR dot double e this is where you Can go to promote multiple products with The one link if you scroll down you can See you can promote multiple links what This looks like if I come over to my Link tree account as you can see I've Got one two three four five six products That I'm promoting on on my link treat Profile but if you just want to promote One product all you need to do is come Over to a platform like bitly paste your Link in there and just click on to Shorten and as you can see this is going To shorten that link now what you can do Is you can copy this and you can put This in the bio of your Instagram

Profile so when you come over to Instagram you can very easily paste that Inside there and I recommend that you Just continuously keep uploading these Different types of videos and this is Going to get you a lot of traction a lot Of views and you're going to get a lot Of clicks onto this and you're going to Make a lot of money with affiliate Marketing so this is how you do it if You want to quite simply just this is The easiest way to do it is just to get Videos on Tick Tock and put them over to Instagram if you wanted to create some Of these videos yourself it's as simple As coming over to a platform like that is absolutely free for You to come over here and sign up and Create an account for yourself once you Do that what you want to do is quite Simply come over here and click on to Videos once you click onto videos you Want to scroll down and click onto Mobile video you can see that the Dimensions for this is 1080 by 1920 Which is what you need for an Instagram Reel or a tick tock video or a YouTube Short so when you click onto that once You click onto that it's going to bring You over to this template this is where You're going to create these videos now You can see here that we're on templates If you scroll down you can see that These are all the recent templates that

I've been looking at you can come up to The top guys you can type in something Like scenery as an example hit enter and You're going to see all these different Types of scenery videos If you close This you're going to find a whole range Of different types of templates that you Can use let's say you wanted to use Something like this you would very Easily click onto this and as you can See it's going to bring it over now this Is you can see that there's waves there Etc in the background now if you wanted To create your very own inspirational Quote I'm just going to delete all this Or you can quite simply do is come Straight over to platforms like Pinterest you can type in motivational Quotes for success and you can find a Whole heap of different types of quotes That you can quite simply just take like This one over here if we click onto this Let your past make make you better not Better okay so all you need to do is Quite simply copy this exact same quote Come straight back over to canva where You're creating this scroll down over Here on the left hand side and click on To text once you click onto text all You'll need to do is type that exact Same quote in here once you have typed That quote in here all you need to do is Scroll up to the top click on to share And download this video and start

Uploading this on to Instagram this is How simple this strategy is it's quick It's easy it's not going to cost you Anything to start this but the payoff is Massive you can make a lot of money with Affiliate marketing all you need to do From here is go straight over to Instagram right now when you finish Watching this video video don't hesitate Don't think about it create a profile For yourself and start uploading these Videos and come back to me in the next 30 to 60 days once you've stuck to this For this entire time and let me know Number one how many followers how many Followers you've got let me know what Product you are promoting and then let Me know how much money you have made and I want you to make sure that you're Uploading like I said anything from two To four videos if you stick to this I Guarantee you that you in no time you Will be making daily commissions now if You enjoyed this video guys like I said Don't forget to smash that like button In appreciation but don't go anywhere if You haven't signed up to my giveaway Make sure you go down the bottom and Sign up right now and also if you Haven't watched this video from the Other day this is another super simple Strategy that can make you a lot of Money online highly recommend that you Click onto this video right now I'll see

You on this video until next time take Care of yourselves and goodbye

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