Corey Poirier Interview: How To Land A TEDx Talk As An Author

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What Problem Do You Solve for People?

If you’re in business, there’s some problem you help people solve. But do they know it? Do they know you?

Killer Press Kits: How To Impress Journalists At Your Trade Show Display (And After You Go Home)

If you’re looking to impress journalists at your trade show display, make sure to create a killer press kit. Doing this will ensure that they remember you well after they’re back in the newsroom.

Has ">Marketing Changed Since 1990?

The simple fact is that the world has changed since the “glory days” of the 1990s. Doing business is more complex and demanding than ever before. Customers are more informed, have greater access to more information, and your ">marketing message is subject to more scrutiny. So, to help you navigate this ever-changing playing field, here are my top five tips.

Target ">Marketing 101

If you are a business owner wondering how to make your ">marketing dollars work harder, then target ">marketing is your answer. If your ">marketing campaigns are targeted to segments of the community who are a perfect fit for your product, then they are much more likely to purchase from your business. If target ">marketing sounds like a plan of attach for your ">marketing budget, then here are some practical tips on how to go about doing that.

The Value of a Highly Processed Lead Nurturing Program

A highly processed lead nurturing program has the ability to reduce initial follow-up costs and improve the volume of information collected about each lead opportunity. This in turn will result in more, better quality sales leads.

3 Ways Independent BRIC Market Analysis Can Earn You Thousands of Euros

BRIC market analysis is a must-have tool for companies looking to enter into emerging BRIC markets. The past 5 years have seen European and American countries entering Brazilian, Eastern European, Indian and Chinese markets in a big way. Why Opt for BRIC Market Analysis?

">Marketing 101 With A Twist – Making It Effective

Effective ">marketing is spending the least amount of money to convert the greatest amount of sustainable revenue in the shortest amount of time. 6 benchmarks every Marketer & Every Company Must Achieve to Make Their ">Marketing Efforts Effective.

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