Doing Ecom & Business Research

Foreign Yo Oh I am very full Shout out to everybody watching the live Stream After the fact this is live right now But I'm sure there will be people that Watch the live stream after the fact Oh oops Yo what up Arthur What's up what's up Welcome everybody Foreign Welcome to the Stream We're chilling About to do some research here Here pretty soon Wow 8.5 million views right here Crazy Twitter is low-key Just an amazing source Yeah Chat GPT I can't type I'll pull it up over here actually I'm Already logged in perfect Yeah I have I've been using it a lot Um Not really to help me with any Drop Shipping Stars right now I'm just Focused on a chemi Shameless plug I'll pull it up creative Agency you guys can get in touch if you

Want to work with us or if you know Anybody that wants to work with us Send them our way but chat gbt is pretty Cool you can use it for a lot of Different things So for example we can say Um help me Write a Twitter thread Explaining the five reasons why E-commerce Will grow in 2023 We'll see what it types But In the meantime We'll just keep Um Keep browsing Twitter while we wait for More people to get in here Shout out to all the people watching the Channel Um do a kickflip I'll do a mental kickflip All right watch your vids every day keep It up thanks man really appreciate that We got a lot of Clips coming A lot of videos I'm actually going to be Turning the net sphere YouTube channel Into Eclipse Channel because now that we're Doing streams I got like endless content you know what I mean like that's kind of I never realized I did realize but I've Never seen it in my own Journey just how

Powerful streaming can be for stacking Clips so that's definitely something I'm Gonna be hiring for in the very near Future so if any of you guys are out There editing videos Make some clips with my content I just Posted something on tick tock it was Literally a clip from a video that I Made from our stream from yesterday it's Just a clip from the stream it's like Two minutes long and I posted it on tick Tock and we'll see how it does I've been seeing that a lot on Tick Tock People just posting normal format Content and it doing quite well So That's pretty cool oh yeah I want to Watch this video with you guys because It it's about 50 or sorry um Different products under fifty dollars I Think it could give you guys some good Product ideas maybe for those of you out There that are looking to start E-commerce businesses Perhaps it'll be helpful Uh let's see what chat GPT said for a Twitter thread On the five reasons why e-commerce will Grow in 2023 Increase online shopping habits Okay improved user experience true Expanded product offerings growth and Mobile Commerce true increased use of Social media for shopping social media

Platforms are becoming increasingly Integrated with e-commerce making it Easy for consumers to discover and Purchase products directly through Platforms like Instagram and Facebook Wow that's actually pretty dope Um I really want to learn how to put up the Chat on the screen so we can see it Maybe there's a way to do that uh Uh I actually Think there is a way to do that pretty Easily Oh there it is that kind of works We'll just pull it up right here for now Maybe right here So Yeah I wanted to do some live research so This is kind of my process for doing Some research sometimes I just do this Um a lot of it involves Twitter as well So Twitter is a great place to do Research Um Tick Tock is a great place to do Research But this is usually how I find Shopify Stores really quickly it's just a Shopify store database That I've found it's kind of ugly I'm I'm trying to work on a better Shopify Database but this one's not bad And yeah you can find a lot of

Interesting stores here so for example Here's a couple ones that I've been Doing some reviews on I don't know what This is right here so maybe we'll review This Real quick Harfington Interesting Shopify store so this looks Kind of like a Home Depot type of brand They sell a lot of different stuff so Like basically the everything store Right Looks quite nice And then if we just go oh Come on Okay then if we go to the next page we Can see what's up By the way I'm curious do you guys Prefer it if I stream in the morning or If I stream at night I mean nighttime it kind of sucks Because it's not as clear out like I Don't know my camera's not as good and All that but at the same time A lot of you are off work maybe you're Chilling right now just surviving So I don't know HG home life wow this is these are kind Of cool products I'm not gonna lie for Christmas These look real good What is my client strategy with the Cami Do you do cold Outreach I've been Leaning into the Strategic partnership

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Method recently No I have not been doing Outreach at all Really to be honest with you I just Uh I just get a lot of leads through YouTube So That's it for now but now I'm I'm hiring So we're expanding for sure and now I'm Gonna expand and get some people that Can help me with some Outreach but It's still not going to be the main Focus I my main focus is always just Providing the best service you know like The customer is always first so I'm Thinking of ways to make the customer Happier Um I actually just recently thought of a New product that we're going to be Offering soon for beginners which is Going to be good home decor Niche is a Good one yeah so Both of these are kind of in the Home Improvement home decor niche Oh morning so you guys prefer mornings For for streams interesting yeah you Know I'm I'm trying to master streaming That's why I'm doing it a lot because I've realized just how much content you Can get from it and it's like the best Kind of content in my opinion for me at Least like It's easy to make it's fun to make and It's very authentic I feel like things are very organic

Whenever you're watching like stream Clips and stuff like that Hello irisherson do you know if PP ads Have some sort of delay when it comes to Showing metrics on competitors ads I don't know I don't know I have no idea I've never used PP ads Personally Um But yeah so these are a couple stores I'm trying to do like a store review Video maybe live so then I don't have to Record one But I don't know I think maybe the Quality would suffer a lot but at the Same time not really because Information's still the same so I don't Know wow this is like a general store Right here A lot of General stores are in the top Trending Shopify stores right now it's Interesting So this is literally just The sense theme on Shopify Kind of a clean landing page though I'm Not gonna lie this isn't bad at all for The sense theme Foreign This store is really interesting they Have so many items And they're just popping off in traffic It's kind of like a general store too Let me see if they're running Facebook

Ads Okay I can't see it right now What's it called again harpington Yeah I don't think so oh actually yeah They're not So interesting I feel like this is doing A lot of Google ads and that's why they Have such a wide product catalog Excited for my Katana store I got some Fun content ideas hot girls plus katanas Yeah katanas are a good idea for sure You guys already know about mini Katana Oops Mini Katana is such a dope brand Handmade swords and they're popping off Two million monthly visitors in September that's crazy Tick Tock band in the US is that Possible uh no it's not so we actually I Have a video coming out soon talking About that because yesterday on stream We actually uncovered the truth behind Those news It's a whole lot of Click bait my man What's really going on with that is that Tick Tock will be banned on government Officials devices so Any federal employee they're not going To be allowed to have tick tock on their Phones which makes sense you know like I Feel like that's not that big of a deal I feel like that even That makes sense to me because I could See that being a national security

Threat So I'm fine with that but it's not going To get banned as a whole So yeah this is kind this is basically How I do research but What we're doing at a chemi is we're Putting all that together In a nice and concise way like form and We're launching A product Called The Academy research lab so I'll Actually put this in the description so You guys can sign up to the wait list Because it's going to be pretty cool And I would love to have some of you Guys signed up for that Before we launch Um Sorry let me just make sure that Everything is working It's so nice having two monitors How are you guys doing though are you Having a good Saturday night or what are Your plans for Saturday night Foreign Okay What is a chemo research So achemy research is basically a Product that we're working on where We're gonna be putting all of our Research together in a really concise Way dropping new reports daily on like On trends like overall Trends overall Consumer trends uh e-commerce stores

Design Trends product Trends and AD Trends all in one place and it's going To be pretty cool and it'll just be a Really nice service especially for Anybody Not only for people building a business But also for people that have a business Because a lot of those people are going To be looking for new businesses to Start and that's great Plans for tonight exercise and try to Find products nice bro that's sounds Like great plans my plans for tonight Are just actually I've been watching The Batman Trilogy that's I'm on the last one With my girlfriend we've been watching That the past few nights so we're gonna Finish that tonight it's gonna be lit I Love those movies The Dark Knight is Like my favorite movie of all time Is there any way to pay for a Consultation call with you I need some Questions answered I mean yes you can I think if you go to this site right Here Um You can find it I'll make it easier Maybe I'll I'll make in a chemi tab or Something for Consulting if you really Want it but I'm not yeah I don't know Bro I'm just saying I'm not cheap I'm

Not big on selling my time I really Don't like that but I will do it because It is very valuable and I do like Helping people that way it's fun every Time I have done Consulting calls it's Always a good time and it's always very Valuable but You know it's just one of those things Like I don't want to get into the habit Of selling my time all the time so I Make it Not super affordable But ultimately I'm Here right now so if you have any Questions you want to ask me you can ask Me right here And I'll be glad to answer for free Just use my Shopify link just kidding Um That actually reminds me I should Probably Do this Am I Jewish yeah I am actually I am Most of my family descend or my Descendants are from Eastern Europe Ukraine So shout out all the people out there in Ukraine You guys are awesome Which apps do you use for different Languages plus currency checkouts so Shopify actually has so this is how you Do Native checkouts You actually can do this pretty easily

So Um Native checkout International So if you go over here you can actually Go to set up international shipping Localize your website You can set up your Shopify store so That it automatically Creates different or converts the Currency to whoever's on your store Their native language their native Currency and this obviously increases Your conversion rates internationally Okay this is not the right article but You can find it on your own It's pretty cool it's pretty cool what You can do with Shopify I'm a big Shopify bull I love Shopify And we're still continuing to invest in Shopify Yo what's good guys Oh yeah I do want to while I'm on stream I do want to make a video talking about Andrew Tate just for the because it's Obviously a trending video and I'm Trying to reach new audiences but I am Very curious because he just released a New Product and I think he made like a Million or two in like 24 hours so I Want to talk about that in a bit but I Won't talk about it just yet because I Want to make it an individual video

So yes All of you guys that are in the chat man I really need to figure out how to put The chat on the screen because it would Be cool for you guys to see yourselves When I drop a new video and it's a video From a stream you guys are going to be Like oh that's me that would be pretty Dope right Someone please say hi to me hi Kim I see you don't worry I see you How have I been Ari from Ryder I'm I've Been good I've been really good so I Took a little bit of a vacation a couple Weeks ago and I was very excited to be back I was Super excited to be back and now I'm Back and I'm really excited to be here So we've been going hard on YouTube We've been going hard on building the Business in fact I actually do need to Do some work still but I'm gonna do it While I watch some stuff with you guys So that's what's gonna be fun about Streaming so get used to me streaming More I'm definitely going to be Streaming a lot more and I really want To see you guys joining the streams it's Always fun the more people that are in It but I don't you know I'm not a huge I Don't try to Have an emotional response to vanity Metrics like viewership and stuff like That because even though I want to have

More views ultimately even if like one Person gets value I'm hyped and I'm Learning a lot as I do this so it's not Like I'm not getting any benefit from it But yeah it's cool to be able to stream With two La two screens now because I Can do multiple things at once I want to Watch this video for example to see if There's any Any good product ideas that we can find Foreign cons towards having multiple Domains versus one domain Well the pros are that you can redirect People in case one of the domains goes Down that happens sometimes you know Like for example let's say your domain Didn't Auto renew or you need to Transfer or you transferred your domain To a different hosting website but for Whatever reason It got messed up that's happened that Literally happened to me last week That's why I know so having multiple Domains can be beneficial in that Scenario because then you can just Simply redirect people to the new domain And then you're good you're not just Driving traffic to a dead website The cons are really nothing I can't see There being any cons the only con I Guess I could think of is that it's a Little bit more complicated to have more It's a little more management but not Really I guess you're paying a little

Bit more because you have to pay for Multiple domains but that's not really That big of a deal so I think it's only You know Pros Going to be a great video yo thanks bro Glad you think that's going to be a good Video I'll make it in just a little bit But I still want to just hang out and Answer some questions before we start Making some content but I do want to Make some content so also once I find a Store that is worthy of a video I'll Make the video live and that's going to Be something new that I've never really Done before but I really want to start Doing Whoa look at this store it looks so bad To me but somehow it even has banners on The side from like other websites this Is insane Oh whoa okay look it so this is actually A an affiliate site that's pretty Interesting so look here's something you Could do that not a lot of people are Doing if you don't want to fulfill any Orders just make an affiliate site these are all Affiliate products from Amazon That's super interesting So that could be another video on its Own 52 people in the live nice welcome Everybody happy Saturday night hopefully

You guys are having a good night We're just chilling Doing some live research finding some New stuff learning and having a good Time what's good so somebody asked do You have any oversized unreal goals yeah Bro I want to get a cami to 100 million I want to get to the nine figure Mark But I mean I don't even think that's Unrealistic to be honest but it is a big Goal And it will take years like it may take Like a decade to be honest but that's Fine Maybe not Do you use a VA for customer service you Should yeah I definitely would use a VA For customer service I don't use a VA Currently for a cami because I don't Need to like the way that We sell products it's a little different Like we sell Services mainly so there's No real need for that but I'm starting To hire so that's one of the things that I got to do tonight is I gotta make more Job posts because I'm trying to expand Now I wanna I do want to put together Like some customer service people Because we have a chat on the store And people do Reach Out to me Um and I'm already feeling like I won't Be able to manage this properly so Yeah

Do I know Sam and Kobe Sam and Kobe I don't know What advice would you give to teenagers Someone to venture into e-commerce Just do it bro just do it don't Overthink it just get started and try it I think one of the smartest things you Can do is build up some sort of like Page on Um Tick Tock or something for example Because a lot of times if you're a Teenager you may not be able to get Payment processors and stuff so for the Time being you could just build up an Audience around something and then Create a store around it but yeah my Best piece of advice honestly for anyone Is just get started like don't overthink It too much don't try to learn Everything just you know start your Shopify store and go from there Hey Ari hope all is good thanks for Consistently dropping amazing videos Thanks Roman Appreciate that bro What's the chat bot plugin you use is it A real person behind it yeah bro it's Literally me So it's just literally me and it's Shopify so Shopify has a proprietary Chat box now I don't know if you guys Know about it but I'll show you

Look at Foreign Right here So if you just go right here Shopify Inbox includes online chat store chat And it's free so that's the thing guys a Lot of people don't realize Shopify is Doing kind of what Amazon is doing to Amazon sellers but to Shopify app Sellers which is they are creating their Own apps that they see are popular Within the Shopify ecosystem but making It free so it's awesome for Shopify Sellers right it does suck for Shopify App developers but it doesn't suck for Amazon or Shopify Sellers and this is One of them so Shopify created a live Store chat and it's super easy to set up All you have to do is go to your Settings apps and sales channels Look up Shopify inbox click open sales Channel and then you set your appearance And whatever And yeah this is what it looks like it's Super clean chat with us this is the Academy website at that's my Company you go right here boom Super clean chat I love it So watch a video and of Sam and Kobe Sure let me see Yo whoa whoa what did I type Sam and Kobe whoa these guys are popping Off And I've never seen these guys before

But that's a lot of views Wow Yo yo how are you sir greetings from Chile nice Shout out to Chile my home country That's amazing Hey pocket man how are you researching So I'm just researching some stores Right now You know getting that good research Going for some future videos and just to Try to continue to learn more and more Whoa look at this store snow and ice Melting mats Sometimes it's the boring stuff man look At this growth That is awesome Super cool Do you also code and if so how does one Put their website on Google I don't code but I have developers in my Circle because again as a creative Agency it's pretty and even if you have Just a Shopify store it's pretty Convenient to have your own developers Or at least a developer on hand that can Help you with anything But I don't know how to code myself like I know I've tried very basic code like I've done the hello world type of vibe You know just creating like very simple Stuff with code but I never got too deep Into it mainly because you don't really Need to these days right like unless you

Want to be a software developer or if You have like a computer science degree Everything seems there's like a no code Rebel Revolution happening I mean Shopify is part of that Most of their themes don't require any Code most people creating Shopify stores Don't know anything about coding yet They still build these massive Businesses so it's just one of those Things I feel like it's a cool skill to Have and it's like super valuable don't Get me wrong I think knowing how to code Is probably one of the most essential Skills but I just feel like it's not the best use Of my time to learn how to code So I haven't Um deals oh yeah what services do I sell So I sell mainly Paid ad services so Tick Tock meta Google that's the main thing that's like The foundation of the business but we're Also doing a lot of creative work now so Landing page design Shopify website Builds so you know we're creating Websites for brands Um especially for brands that are big on Amazon but they haven't hopped on Shopify yet that's definitely a niche That I'm trying to service And we're doing some content repurposing Um getting some good connections for ugc Stuff but that's the main meat and

Potatoes of our service is paid media You know just basically leveraging Machine learning that's really what paid Media is is leveraging machine learning In order to find more customers it's Pretty cool Are you toying with the idea of creating Your own Capital Club style meeting uh No Are you saying like an in-person meeting No and there and the reason why is Because I mean I just don't have the Time Um but also because we have The akemi Server if you guys don't know you can Actually find the server in the Description but we're Super Active on Here and like It's free it's 100 free like there's you There's nothing paid about the server Everything about it is free we do have Two sections on it though like there's a Tier two section which is hidden to the Majority of people but it's you don't Pay to get in how you get in is you just Have to be really active uh so let me See join tier two how do you get in is You just have to be like number one in The server so I'll show you Anybody that's above level 10 in the Server gets a tier two badge I'm still Rank one because I'm the most active in

The server Um you know I'm trying to lead by Example And yeah you guys can join for free it's Honestly amazing I love this server it's Super cool Okay so let's see What do you think about creating your Own product I feel like Drop Shipping Has lack of individuality or does it not Matter it doesn't matter too much but Yeah I like the idea of creating my own Product I've done it before and I mean It's obviously much more difficult to Create something from scratch but if You're gonna go that route go on Alibaba And You know just find something what I Think sometimes is like people this is Something Jad has been saying a lot Lately but I think he's he actually hit The nail in the head a lot of people go For very trendy types of products when They try to create a business but who's Going for like this for example like um Like cables right like who's selling Soldering guns I mean why not there is Soldering there's a huge Niche for it Right so Why not sell stuff like this right like I think people need to start thinking About other ways to solve problems I Mean ultimately when you're building a Business you're solving a problem

Um that's really it so I wouldn't think Too much past that like that's why I Built a chemi because I wanted to solve The problem of scale like it's really Hard to build your own team sometimes And it's better sometimes to leverage The experience of others and help have Them help you scale your business while Freeing up your time that's kind of the Problem that we're solving And then when you're building an E-commerce business it's really the same Thing what problem is your product Solving I mean of course there's Different things that you can sell like Um fashion that doesn't solve any Problem but That does solve a problem still because What you're doing is you're helping People be more confident by giving them The clothes that will make them feel Good Um so for example If you're gonna sell clothes you could Try to find clothes for a very specific Group of people so that you make those People feel really good and identified Right But yeah I feel like these are one of This is one of those things that people Don't think about too much it's like Random ass like products that really do Solve a problem but they're not super Trendy so people don't really think to

Sell them Foreign But soldering stations like I mean Let me see I'm actually very curious to See if soldering is like Continuing to rise in popularity I mean I'm sure because more people are Trying to get into like circuitry okay So this isn't see this is one of those Things that's just like an evergreen Market like this is not going anywhere Clearly it's just so consistent Um let's see kit So a soldering kit this is something People are looking for a lot look at This this is spiking right now but who's Gonna be Who's gonna be thinking of selling this Stuff right like not a lot of people yet On Alibaba you can probably find A pretty fire soldering kit Whoa this one's sick So yeah like these are pretty cool kits Guys I mean this is what I'm saying you Could get 200 units of this to your House for 800 bucks so for 800 you could Order this one looks really clean you Could order 800 of these to your house Provide super fast shipping And like bro This is a pretty good business idea Um yeah these are kind of the things That I try to think about and I think boring businesses are not a bad

Idea to start Can we watch Sam and Kobe sorry Kim I I Don't really feel like watching that on Stream right now it just doesn't really Fit the vibe of the stream tonight but Trust me we'll continue to stream and We'll be able to watch like a lot of Random stuff Foreign Yeah Home Depot taxes bro Home Depot is Like the ultimate General Store Yeah that's a big investment for a big Investment for beginners but I mean you Could just drop ship it as well you Don't have to do that like if you go on Hyper SKU I'm sure you could find Something quite similar For like You know without having to order Inventory Um so hyperscu you could Have them Source it for you you could Even send them this send them this exact Thing and they'll Source it for you so That you can drop ship it you know That's really it's really that simple Oh yeah and somebody asked would I ever Go to China yes I do want to go to China In fact hyper skew I've been talking to Hyperscu and they just set up a new Office or whatever a new headquarter and They were trying to invite me to China And I really want to go but I don't have My Chinese visa so I gotta get that

Where would you get counting for a Solder store at it yeah well that might Be a little tricky but The way I would do it is I would just Take it into my own hands I would just try to do it myself And learn how to solder I'm in Minneapolis by the way that's why If you look at the weather it's Literally so cold right now 16 degrees Fahrenheit Let me show you because I know a lot of You guys are international but that's Literally negative eight Celsius right Now outside It is cold bro Do you think the Shopify stock is gonna Go up I do I do think the Shopify stock Is going to go up and I think it's only A matter of time By the way for any of you guys that are Taking these ideas and you want to Actually do something with it like Do it and if you get it to a decent Level where you think you could scale Hit me up about it and maybe I would Help you scale it up What's my main strategy to get clients My main strategy to get clients is just To provide as much value as I possibly Can for free and show people that I know What I'm doing And then hope that they will just visit My website and apply but

Um and that's worked so far but I do Want to start doing some more outbound Stuff But yeah guys I mean I I think I Wouldn't personally I would have never started a marketing Agency or a creative agency if I was Starting from zero no way because if You're starting from absolute zero I Just think it's gonna be so hard it's Gonna be a brutal battle like it's such A competitive space you think Drop Shipping is a competitive space Agency space is so competitive And if you don't have any sort of edge It's just gonna be so hard I mean I'm Not saying don't do it do whatever you Want I'm just saying I wouldn't have Done it if I didn't already have an Existing audience around e-commerce I would have just started an e-commerce Brand from the beginning Do you have a sales team I don't have a Sales team so that's kind of what I'm Lacking right now is people that can Help me uh do some reach some new brands Reach some brands that don't know about My content uh even though like I've been Getting I mean I get like a I reached Like a million people a month basically And a lot of okay I gotta ban this Person Just spamming Our Snapchat app's viable yeah for sure

Oh you you filled out my form yesterday Okay I'll I'll check it out let me see I'll work for you for free as a sales Intern apply on a cami bro that's so if You go to a chemi go to careers And apply right here That would be amazing if you did that You posted about only fans recently That's why you're getting Bots now Honestly I've been getting the five I've Been getting in the Bots since before Doing that but that definitely probably Made it A little bit more popping unfortunately Okay so I got the agency application Pulled up I'll take a look in just a second and Then I gotta put in another job post We're growing guys I'm trying to hire People that can really help us out With growth Um Okay what was I gonna do here let's Check this out a little bit [Music] All right welcome back to the studio and This is our best tech gifts under 50 Video but with a little bit of a Twist We are formatting it in in the form of White elephant is what it's called There's a bunch of different names for It but basically the way this works is Okay we're we're gonna we're gonna skip Around see if we can find some good

Product ideas through this I'm picking Two all right there you go Brandon What you're looking at this is the Adam Molina starter pack Porsche or if you got some other compact Keys Boom there you go you put like five keys In there or something like that this is A That's a fanny pack Or a tech sling and A small rig Oh Right here double a batteries Wow okay so Just like micro tools small rig folding Tool set this honestly kind of goes a Little bit hand in hand with what I was Talking about with like soldering just These like boring niches Anesthetic tips meme face desk card That's kind of funny In the scope whoa wait that's actually Pretty cool you can snake it anywhere You want it's like the curve ones yeah An endoscope Oops Foreign That's so goofy Yeah very interesting let's see we'll Make it this one too it is a nice one Okay Google Chromecast that's kind of Generic This is three two one Mariah you can

Print images on anything what if I told You you could print it on cheats This is cheaper than an actual printer A cheese printer Thank you That's really weird If it works the only specs Is there more I feel like you should I Think it's not actually a cheese printer Marquez was gonna dox me but This guy Is this yours Oh it was already wrapped inside what Was I right it's getting smaller again It's getting smaller what is that Can't see I can tell you that oh my God I know what it is Oh it's the battery one that is better Than that's better it's a mouse Butts a child of 11 or 12. Okay well this is not As cool as I thought it would be and It's just taking way too long But that's pretty interesting Um See Oh yeah so Andrew Tate let's actually Just make that so I wanted to make this Video quick Andrew Tate just said that he made over A million dollars today Right here I mean 1.1 million dollars today and Spent 135k on clothes I have eight

Million dollars of cars being built There's literally nothing to buy with my Enormous wealth and I'm so bored so I'm Going to call you all broke for fun So I think he's actually I think that's Actually true and the reason why is Because he just launched his new version Of Hustler's university called the real Pretty Genius of this guy to name it That AI so that's the thing about Andrew Tate say whatever you want about him but This guy's pretty damn smart And he just launched this today and as You see he really went with this Neo Matrix Branding which suits him really well and He's been talking about the Matrix a lot So it's kind of funny but also really Well done so it's basically the same Thing as Hustler's University but better So it's like Hustler's University 2.0 And it's actually quite interesting I Think he actually cleaned it up really Well and it's a really interesting Funnel you actually have to pick go to Netflix or join the real world which is The red pill so like wow Um and if you click join let's click Join the real world it's a hundred and Forty seven dollars and then 50 bucks a Month after so Let's see Seven times let's see say like 10 000

People do this Um okay so a hundred thousand people I feel like that's a lot of people but That's kind of realistic Given how big his audience is so I could See a hundred thousand people signing up For this thing And him you know doing quite well but Maybe not I guess you know 130k views That doesn't that doesn't make sense That doesn't add up But I guess he probably has multiple sources Of income I don't know maybe he's just Capping and I'm just you know being Gullible uh but I I could see it because He just launched this today And he still has a lot of hype I'm Actually curious not to see this Andrew Tate So okay he's definitely not at his Peak Anymore but he's still pretty big you Know like That's pretty insane so there are over 150 000 current students oh my God okay So 150 Thousand times fifty that's seven Million dollars seven point five million A month That's pretty insane So Andrew Tate just over came every Single make money online Guru in the World times three for real like that's Actually impressive all things aside

That's pretty impressive that's an Impressive business feat I mean that's a Hundred million dollars nearly a year Through a Discord server basically like That's insane That's quite impressive Wow That's genius Yeah again say what you want about Andrew Tate but he's definitely a Marketing genius and definitely very Business savvy Which I can respect a hundred percent That's awesome good for him I will say I I do like one of his the Things that he says he says he works Every day and he there's always Something for him to do and he's just Always in like attack mode and I totally Feel that because that that's kind of How I feel when it comes to work it's Like I just always like to be doing Something but I actually tweeted Something about this a little bit Um okay how do I go to my profile Gap Damn I tweeted that I was like happy weekend Hope you all have a good weekend I'm a Big fan of getting yes I do like all my Tweets because I believe in myself more Than anyone I'm a big fan of getting Something done every day even on Weekends even if it's a small thing Keeping the momentum going

That's what I like to do Um and I'm a big believer in just doing Something every day even if it's little Things But yeah wow pretty impressive Pretty impressive launch And uh okay let's see Have you smoked some Zaza today nah I Actually haven't smoked in like At least like of like a week or so Owns multiple casinos in Romania as well Damn He's been selling courses for years he Knows the game yeah he definitely does Do you know Renee lacad Uh yeah I I've seen him on Instagram I've seen that guy for sure but I don't I don't know him personally though no I Just know him from Instagram Okay I'm gonna continue to try to find Some cool stores And maybe make a video about it So oh yeah what what do you I want to Ask you guys something so Since I've been streaming a lot I've Been getting a lot of content and some Of it is like quick questions for Example though it'll be like a two Minute video right Do you guys think it's fine if I upload That to my Channel or should I do a Clips Channel To me it's like I don't know I just want To Part of Me just wants to do it all on

One channel Part of me wants to do it on a separate Channel but it's like I don't want to Manage two channels you know What do you guys think Do you think it would be too annoying or Like how How do you think that would be do you Think that would be good Yori you had a video about a company That had clever marketing producing Hashtags but I can't find the video do You know what I'm talking about yeah bro I know exactly what you're talking about It's this video It's this one Um from a couple months ago it's the Adventure challenge so the adventure Challenge had a really genius organic Content strategy which was to Incentivize people to use hashtag Adventure challenge And they go hard One channel so you guys think I should Just all post it all in one channel okay That's good to know that's good to know Because yeah part of me is like okay Well I don't want to jeopardize the user Experience but at this point it's like I'm already uploading a lot of videos Anyway so I don't really think it would Make a huge difference on the user Experience I think if anything it would Just make it so there's more content for

You guys to watch that's even more Relevant you know what I mean Um Yeah we'll see I think I can drop the link let me see Boom How do you get your company featured on Forbes and so on I'll show you bro you just go And you look up Okay don't log me in Forbes Okay Okay maybe not but There's I don't know bro there's easy Ways to do it if you just go on Instagram you can find somebody that'll Write you an article Um there's a lot of PR companies out There like tons of PR companies out There but be careful because a lot of Them are very sus And really like you don't really need That I don't think I think it would be More powerful for you to go for like Actual articles for from Niche blogs That are more relevant to your store You know what I mean Foreign I think that would actually be better I I think it would have more bang for your Buck like this wow okay this is actually A perfect example right here so see how This store like features they're not Featuring Forbes on their store right I

Feel like that would even look weird but They're going to actual niche Sites from their Niche to get articles Written I think that's a much better Idea That's pretty cool wow Foreign Okay so I'm glad thanks for your Opinions guys I really do appreciate it So yeah I'll just start dropping stream Clips on the channel then I'm not gonna Make a second Channel yet I probably Will in the future still but maybe not Because I I still do want to post even Shorter Clips like 30 second Clips but I Don't want to flood my Channel with like You know 10 videos a day Foreign How many workers do you think you need To reach 100 million at a chemi that's a Really good question I mean Neil Patel I talked about this yesterday on stream Neil Patel has An agency called NP digital That does a hundred million dollars a Year so it's not just 100 million he Does 100 million a year with this with This agency And he has like 800 employees so I don't Want to have a hunt I don't want to have 800 employees but I think to reach I Would be really happy if we can reach 100 Mil with like A hundred employees or like 50 to 100 if

We can do 50 to 100 employees that Sounds really cool 800 sounds a little crazy bro but again At this point I'm not even managing my Own employees I have a team structure Um I guess you could say a corporate Structure but not really because our Team's pretty small but Yeah I that's so I've sort of thought About that already ahead of time Since I've been very inspired by Neil Patel honestly I'll be honest with you I'm just kind of following in his Footsteps when it comes to business Because Ever since I learned that he's doing 100 Million a year with his agency I was Like okay That's pretty awesome and I feel like I Could do that so I'm just gonna stick to This business for a long time and see Where it takes us but what I really like About his approach is that he's buying Up businesses as he goes so he just Bought this business Ask the public For 8 million he bought this business Outright for 8 million oh wow oh my God This guy's crazy he just put himself on Here uh but it's super this is actually Such a cool tool so you can do Is I don't know let's say

Drop Shipping And it'll tell you it'll show you what People are asking about Drop Shipping so This guy I love his approach he just Buys up tools that he can use that that Are relevant to his business Um Alex Becker also a huge input for me Yes but he's more so Alex Becker is more so on the agencies Or I mean on the software side so he's Definitely inspirational to me on the Software side But I'm not really Right now again I'm just trying to build Up my creative agency as much as Possible And then I might get into like You know I I might do some more Like investing in a software or trying To think of a tool kind of like Neil Patel where he's buying up these tools But yeah look at this look at this this Is super cool uh so these are the Questions that are being asked the most About Drop Shipping Uh how long will drop shipping last uh Can you lose money Drop Shipping That's so funny Love these live streams man do this more Often oh thanks Austin nice to see you In here bro this is super cool I'm Really happy that you're enjoying it This is fun Bye Kim

Meet Kevin post a ton a day still has Decent viewing yeah me Kevin is actually A pretty insane Channel He also kind of inspired a little bit of My Approach on YouTube Um okay it's not as good but at one Point he was at like 38 million views a Month that's crazy But yeah he's a little bit too crazy With it like I just wanna My my plan for this next year is more or Less to do more streams and just get a Lot of content from the streams And hire an Editor to do that because Right now I believe it or not right now I don't have an editor and you might Think that's crazy but it's actually not That crazy when you consider that I Don't really edit my videos so that's Kind of yeah that's the balance But I and even if I do hire an editor I Don't want them to do any crazy editing But just somebody that can clip up my Streams that's sort of what I I'm Looking for so actually if any of you Are watching and you want to join our Team and you have like really good Editing skills or not necessarily Editing skills but if you understand YouTube actually that's what I'm more so Looking for I actually don't care about Your editing skills I care that you Understand YouTube

Like if you understand YouTube like Titling Really if you just understand titling so I'm I'm this is some first principles Thinking right here the most fundamental Thing you need to know in order to work With me on my YouTube channel is titling I'll show you guys my inspiration for YouTube this guy is a huge inspo for me I love moist critical Charlie he just Makes a like you'll see I literally Watched like so many of his videos Um This dude is like actually one of the Biggest YouTube channels low-key you may Not know this but This guy is one of the biggest YouTube Channels he gets 160 million monthly Views making like Super simple like just good content but It's not like high pre high production Value or anything it's just like very Authentic but it's good info it's like Relevant information he's pretty funny He's smart so he's like he articulates Himself really well And he's been doing this for like 10 Years that's another thing to mention So he's built up this Rapport and this Audience that's super engaged and that's More or less the approach that I want to Take is like Just being myself as much as possible And being very very consistent

Is your agency hiring as well yeah so I've mentioned this a little bit but if You go to my site which is very Very simple site Um You go to careers and there's a very Ugly Google format on here I definitely Want to make that better in the near Future I I brought on or I'm bringing on It's not super official a Dev a Shopify Dev here to my team And we'll be helping you know cleaning All this up but for now it's just Massive imperfect action I'm a big fan Of massive and Perfect action Never heard of him and some just looked Like he didn't even try exactly so That's right just I don't know why but I'm a big fan of like low effort content I don't know if that makes a ton of Sense but I don't know if for some reason it's Just like it just feels really authentic To me and I like that there's something About that that I really like Is your yeah uh so my agency is hiring As I mentioned but Is that Google forms yes it is Google Forms By the way this is the chat I'm reading If anybody is curious So I do see all the questions This has been a great stream And it's been

Not even that long we've only gone for An hour that's crazy I work part-time for you on my Shopify Dab perfect bro hit me up so You should also hit me up On Instagram because on Instagram I'm also Pretty active and like sometimes I Forget to check the Google form I'm Looking at it right now But sometimes I forget to check it For whatever reason And You can remind me on Instagram I do Check my Instagram every day so That's something to keep in mind Oh Dick's Sporting Goods with the [Laughter] I just think it's funny how they just Like highlight dicks or like all caps Dick's Sporting Goods That's Pretty immature but it's just funny Knowing how to title is key facts What do you think of the watch Niche I Found A supplier that sells watches that Look like Richard Mill they got decent Orders in all Express that's a good Question so Yeah bro I actually think it's a good Niche uh sometimes they say Niche Sometimes I say niche Don't trip over it Yeah like I actually saw this so let's

Go to Google Trends I based a lot of Decisions based on Google Trends but if You look up watch you'll see that it's Actually kind of a Dying search term but If you look up oh actually never mind It's growing I lied Um But it's mostly due to the popular like Electronic watches So but if you look up new watch That's also a pop-off trend so if I was To start a watch brand I think I think It's a great Niche But I think you need to find new models You know I think you need to go with Like Just something oh yeah Austin had a Great idea actually a DIY watch store so Like a watch making kit That would be so lit Something like this watch repair two or Even a watch repair tool kit could be Cool Are you the one that we Um reads the career applications yeah I Actually do Oh man I know you want me to watch Um Sam and Kobe but it just feels like it's Like people are gonna hate it But yeah this brand right here so it's a DIY watch kit It's So Dope actually And they're popping off

Just suck bro hey shout out to Nathan The new sub Did you just find me through The live stream Explorer because that's That'd be crazy that'd be crazy if you Did Or you're just a new sub yeah that's the Thing I feel like YouTube is really Gonna put a big emphasis this year on On um On live streams because twitch is making A lot like twitch is you know they're Not doing a lot of They're not making the best decisions For the platform as of late and I feel Like YouTube is really going to try to Capitalize on that and at the same time YouTube is also capitalizing on short Form content they're monetizing YouTube Shorts in January so Um Oh my God I'm pretty sure they're gonna be Monetizing you yeah so a 45 Revenue Split For YouTube shorts that's massive so Right now I'm pretty sure that's the Same Split that you get on regular videos Which is just crazy right like if They're gonna do the same for short form Content Man that's awesome I'm very excited for that that's

Actually going to help me out a lot Because I get a lot of views from YouTube shorts and it's also going to Help a lot of Brands like from just Posting content you're going to be able To make like a source of income which is So cool So yeah I can't there's never been a Better time to really focus in on Content It's kind of what I'm seeing a lot and I'm not just talking about for personal Brands I'm talking about for actual Brands Can you make another video on General Best direction to get started with Shorts Dude they're definitely going to have Ads on shorts like You can already run ads on shorts I'm Pretty sure I feel like we've been Testing that At Academy Can you make it oh yeah The best way to get started on shorts Is just to do it bro I hate to be that guy but it's just true It's the best piece of advice that you Could get is to just do it and Especially when it comes to YouTube Shorts It's When it comes to YouTube shorts I do Feel like it's a bit of a numbers game You know I'm not saying like don't focus

On quality because quality does matter But I think Um I think Alex hermosi said something Pretty interesting that was very that I Agree with a lot which is that you need A lot of repetitions in order to get to A good quality standard so the best Thing you can do is to just post even if You don't think it's good enough like Just post Um and yeah like I think if you don't I think another Good great business idea is Clips Channels straight up I feel like Clips Channels are so op because think about It for me for example I mean obviously I'm not super popular So you're probably not going to be able To make a lot of money yet through that But like people who are making Andrew Tate Clips channels they're probably Making good money like seriously I bet like this person Pimp speech Um okay so they're not very consistent But people who do Andrew Tate channels Are probably doing quite well and the Reason why is because Andrew Tate is not The type of person that is going to be Copyright claiming them so they can just Do it infinitely without worrying about It and I would be the same way if Somebody was making a Clips Channel About me I would not copyright claim

Them I would let them do it as long as They're like linking to my page or Something Um or even if they're not looking to my Page but Uh I've actually had people make a few Short or clips from my interview with Luke Belmar because Luke Belmar is Obviously Wait what Oh yeah sorry Um with Luke Belmar because he's very Famous right now And Like they didn't even link to my video But I commented on the videos and I was Like oh thanks for the clip because What people don't get is that the pie is Big enough for everybody And more people knowing about you is a Net positive like the little bit of Money that you're gonna earn from that View is not going to be worth it if you Copyright strike people because then They're not there's not going to be any Eclipse channels of you And it's actually a good idea to create Clips channels You can get so much money with shorts on YouTube not yet so right now you Actually don't earn a lot of money with YouTube shorts I think my most popular short this one Has like 200k views and it's only made

Like 10 bucks it's pretty pathetic actually How little they pay right now but Once they enable a 45 Revenue split I Think it's gonna go pretty crazy Um I think it'll Probably like 100x or even like a Thousand X Clips channels plus affiliate marketing That's right So yeah that's basically the Andrew Tate Model and I think a lot of people are Making tons of money by making clips of Them or other famous streamers as well Like Aiden Ross a lot of people are Making a lot of money with Aiden Ross Clips Um xqc I mean xqc Clips are probably Like one of the most notorious Channel ideas And like that's what's so interesting is That these channels are popping off Look at this Xqc Clips 21 million views a month like That's Crazy And then Oh yeah this is another thing that's That's what made me want to do um Eclipse channel is that I saw no jumper For example all right guys I just wanted So no jumper is like a podcast Channel By item 22. it's pretty interesting I do Watch some of the interviews the ones

That I think are interesting most of Them to me are not very interesting but Some are really interesting and if we Look at no jumper They're getting 23 million views a month So a lot of use that's very High but if we take a look at their Clips Channel We can see okay that's not the right Channel what was it they actually added In like every video I'm pretty sure No jumper Clips because that was a while So their Eclipse channel is much smaller But they're getting more views of their Main Channel like that's the crazy thing 28 million views 29 nearly so their Clips Channel even though it's just the Clips channel is getting more views than Their main Channel And I've been seeing this trend I Recognize this this pattern a while ago Through also like Lex Friedman is Another example of this Lex Friedman Podcast I love this podcast it's probably one of My favorite podcasts Lex Friedman 33 million views wow shout out to Lex Friedman that's awesome Lex Friedman Clips Oh okay what Lex Clips maybe yeah 21 million views wow

Wow okay that's not the same but that's Just crazy to me It's such an interesting turn Do you have ROBLOX I don't have ROBLOX I Honestly don't have any video games on My new computer Which is kind of a new thing for me But yeah Are you in his Capital Club no I'm not I'm not in Luke's Capital Club but I've thought about joining it's just That Right now I'm just really focused on Like staying consistent with my business Staying consistent with my channel That's really my only two focuses to be Honest with you is my business and YouTube Um Because they both help each other like Yeah I don't really need to explain that Further but And the Capital Club thing I think it's Really valuable but I feel like I still Need to build my business more so right Now that's like my the best use of my Time is just building my business Thoughts on Facebook reels Facebook Reels are also a great opportunity bro That's what I'm saying I just got for Example with my Um It's great that I'm doing all these Things on my personal brand because I

Can show it pretty easily without You know any negative repercussion but I've been posting Instagram reels which Is kind of the same thing as Facebook Reels you can actually post both at the Same time And even though I don't get a crazy Amount of views They enabled the bonus program so Bonus program you can actually earn Views or you can actually earn money From your views so For example for me personally the one I'm on right now is if I get 10 million Views on my page They'll give me fifteen hundred dollars That's pretty significant like that's a Lot of money for short form content That's way more than Tick Tock is paying So I think Facebook reels are definitely Like an undervalued opportunity That's why I'm saying guys like Focusing on short form content is such a Good idea because that can be leveraged Across So many different platforms right now It's crazy And they all want your they all want Your content because they're making bank Out for your content and they're going To give you a piece of that So a Content strategy is really Important and honestly If you were starting a store right now

An e-commerce brand I would consider That like make that a top priority for Criteria of that you take into Consideration when starting your brand Is can I make a lot of content with this Product Because again it's going to be a huge Advantage Uh what's the best type of Google has to Run The best type of Google apps to run are Uh shopping ads of course shopping ads Are great brand search campaigns are Obviously amazing performance Max Campaigns those are killing it and Really easy to manage Um and then one thing that we're doing a Lot that's actually crushing it is Segmenting by countries so targeting Different countries and in different Campaigns that's been crushing it lately And same with meta like on Facebook Doing that too like segment segmenting By country like campaign each campaign Targeting a country has also been doing Really well for scaling It's awesome What do you think about starting a brand Slash agency under your personal brand I.E last name equals name of agency Um yeah go for it I mean that sounds Good My I didn't name mine after myself Because

I just didn't want to be tied to the I Do think I'm going to stick to this Business for the Long Haul but in the Event that I want to sell it I don't Want it to have my name And I think it can be sounds dope I Think it's a cool last name personally Um whereas my name it's cool but it's Not like I don't know I think this is cooler Type in Sugar lip balm into Trends sure Let's see Sugar lip balm whoa That's a good Trend bro that's a good Chart right here Do a live stream tomorrow I think I will I think I will do a live Stream tomorrow I'm going to start a business on Fiverr Do it that that's straight up what I Think the meta is like the meta for a Complete beginner starting a business To me is Uh build a little e-commerce brand I Would I don't even think starting with Drop Shipping is a bad idea if you have Zero Online skills just make sure you Use something like hyperscued to fulfill Your orders don't go through AliExpress Obviously Um it's just as easy to use a Fulfillment service than it is to use AliExpress But it's going to be a world of

Difference when it comes to the customer Experience which is how you don't get Screwed when you do Drop Shipping is by Having at least a decent customer Experience And then On this while you're building that up Setting up a profile on upwork or Fiverr With whatever skills you may have like Designing a Shopify store running Facebook ads and doing some freelance Work on the side I think that's probably The meta because you're building up your Skills very fast you're building up some Income you have like a little cash flow Business while you also have your you Know Drop Shipping business that has Like a lot of scaling potential Foreign I love these live streams so Valley Enriched thanks guys I mean I'm having a Lot of fun this is actually a lot of fun For me you know this is what I regularly Do but instead of doing it by myself Without anyone like just alone I'm still doing it technically alone There's no one here but it feels a Little bit better to be able to talk to Someone Oh this is wow this is a cool store An appliance brand a kitchen appliance Brand I really love this feature right Here it kind of reminds me of like Instagram highlights

So I definitely think this is a dope Feature for a e-commerce website Oh I think so I think this is actually An Indian store that's an in that's Indian rupees right I could be wrong but I think it is Wow You know there's a lot of Indian stores Are popping off lately India as a whole It's just like such a booming Market It seems like I'm launching a croa agency hopefully Done by next week thoughts Yeah I mean cro is like such a valuable Service to have I mean it's just such a good lever like A one percent increase in conversion Rate for a brand that's doing 100K a Month could mean an extra 100K a month You know what I mean so You know people pay a lot of money for That My only concern with the agency game and That's not to like lead people away from It Is that it is difficult to get like it Is a competitive uh niche and in times Of like recession I've heard because I've never really Been through a recession but I've like With a business but I've heard that it Can be sort of a race to the bottom in Terms of pricing because a lot of

Businesses are not willing to pay for High-end services So you need some sort of differentiator And that's why I like I think I have my My advantage is that I have a personal Brand right so I have a business that I've developed over years of time and Some sort of reputation But from if you're starting from zero Like you have nothing and that's where That can be I think it's a bit of an Uphill battle I mean any business is an Uphill battle though I'm not gonna lie But It's an extra uphill battle I would feel Like But I think people should do whatever They want like just whatever you do just Stick to it I think that's some kid Advice Yeah once you get into other markets Besides tier one countries Agreed That's always a good idea I feel like Just thinking about where people are not Going Like not going with the herd I guess is Pretty good is a pretty good idea being Ahead of the Curve Um Wow yeah a lot of you guys are really Loving the live streams um that makes me Really happy You know we started it off it's only

Been an hour and 20 minutes since we did Like since we started this and I feel Like I feel like it hasn't been that long By the way if you guys have not followed Me on Twitter yet follow me on Twitter I Really want to grow my Twitter audience Um especially now that Twitter is Foreign by Elon I think uh Twitter is Kind of a good opportunity so I want to Start growing on here some more Thoughts on Pinterest I think Pinterest Is awesome Because not a lot of so one of the Things that I feel like pinch no but not A lot of people are doing on Pinterest But it's super powerful And I hate to sound like a broken record But I feel like what's really powerful About Pinterest is that you can actually Run put all your short form content on Pinterest and actually get some good Views And I don't know people don't do it Because like obviously that's just like Another thing for a business owner to Worry about and I feel like as a Business owner you already wear so many Hats that like if you don't have a team It's going to be very difficult to do Anything But Wow so even this story he tracked snow And ice melting mats even this store

Has a Pinterest and they're getting 35k Monthly views that's so funny Foreign Can I look up Roblox yeah Roblox is Actually a public traded company believe It or not Roblox stock Oh okay that doesn't look good But at one point Roblox was popping up 134 dollars a share 16 billion dollar market cap Damn Roblox is Just built different Do you use an agency Facebook ad account Uh yeah and a tick tock account Actually I don't think I have a Facebook App agency account but I do have a tick Tock agency account That store has confetti falling down Yeah it does that does look really cool It's the little things man the little Things that just Make a store very special And it's really quick Art lab Oh this is sick Wall art Dude this store is awesome this is super Cool I like this a lot I mean I don't know How you're getting the the rights to This to some of this art but You know that's not my problem to solve

Um but these are cool this is really Cool It's this print on demand or how are you Doing it because this is awesome bro I I Love this idea Well Ecom finally get me a girlfriend I don't know bro I actually think Ecom Is probably a good way to lose a Girlfriend I'm just kidding I'm totally Joking but like Just building a business is just a it's A tough thing it's not easy you need Someone that's going to be supportive Because it will take a lot of time away From you I mean right now I'm streaming I could be with my girlfriend But I want to stream but she understands She's amazing and we are going to watch Batman after I'm done streaming so I look forward to that So we work with artists oh that's super Cool Yeah this is awesome man I think this Looks like a really cool brand let me See what it looks like on mobile though This is actually the ultimate test Oh I don't like this right here like at the Very top Yeah your normal add to cart button Should be above this for sure and it's So far down there's something that People say that in the cro world the Conversion rate optimization world that

Is very true and relevant especially to This store is having your add to cart Button above the fold so what that means Is when somebody lands on your store They should have the add to cart button Visible right away The majority of people don't scroll that Much so you want to have everything like Readily available for them to just buy Show your girlfriend on stream She's right here She's an imaginary girlfriend I'm just kidding she's not Um I don't know if she's here right now But I will get her on stream at some Point I promise Foreign What are your current sources of income In order if you like literally just a Cami YouTube that's it But there's a lot of little things that Go into that into both of those things But like I'm trying to simplify my life I feel like my big a big mistake that I Made but it's totally fine I don't Regret anything I've done but a big Mistake I made for a long time is just Having just so many little businesses Like a new store here a new store there YouTube a course this that it's just too Much and I feel like it really hindered My growth I feel like I made some good Money but like

It was just like a lot of hustling for Not really anything like I have it's Except for my YouTube channel I'm super Blessed to have built a YouTube channel That's the only tangible thing that I Have from all of that work and all of That effort so Learning from those mistakes now I'm Trying to sim everything as much as Possible and that's why I decided to Create a chemi because it's a kind of Encompasses everything that I could ever Want in a business Within one business as opposed to having To split my focus across like 20 Different businesses And even if it's a little bit tougher to Build right now It's fine and then yeah my YouTube Channel so my YouTube channel has been The only tangible asset that I've been Able to build therefore I'm gonna Continue doing it I feel like my Intuition has always led me to continue To grow my channel In my own way And I don't know I just always enjoyed it a Lot so I just kept doing it and for some Reason It just keeps growing so I'm just gonna Keep doing it and continue to grow and See where we are in like five years but Yeah no you're right don't forget the

Skill sets you acquired right but that's Exactly why I said like I'm not I don't Regret anything in my journey I think Everything has happened for a reason and I think every little mistake and Everything I've learned It just had to happen this way But that's why I'm not a big believer in The idea of like I used to be a big believer in the idea Of like I want to have 10 sources of Income passive income like that's the Move but I realized over time that for At least for me that wasn't working like It wasn't working that well And I realized like all the people that Have like 100 million dollar businesses They don't necessarily have like a Million sources of income they've just Focused on like one business Um and then start acquiring businesses So even if they do grow multiple sources Of income it's not like they're growing All of those at the same time which is Something that I feel like people don't Think about often So yeah that's kind of my thought Process behind that right now So I'm just trying to grow YouTube and It can be as much as possible and then I May start getting into other sources of Income like buying up some businesses or Investing in businesses I do have a Property right now but it doesn't really

Make any money like it does cash flow Like 200 bucks a month but I don't even Count that because it just goes right Back into the house Um I love your eyebrows Thank you Did not expect to get a compliment on my Eyebrows on stream tonight But it's much appreciated Um Ari what are your thoughts on College Is just one of those things like I'm a big fan of Education right like I Love education Um And I did I do think we need like High level education and I think it's Better to have it than not But obviously it's like a flawed system Right like if you have to come out of College at 22 23 years old with like 200k in debt like something went wrong There right So In a quick summary I think college is a Good idea if you're getting it paid for For whatever reason It's not a good idea if you have no idea What you want to do and you don't have The means to pay for it And you know for some like that I feel Like that's a bad idea You know luckily I think if you have the Means to pay for it like if your parents

Are willing to pay for it they want you To go to school and you're kind of still Trying to figure out your life like I Don't think it's a bad idea like I think What you get out of college more than Anything is the experience the life Experience the social skills which I feel like are really important And I am thankful I went to college I went To college for three years I was Actually in my after junior year and I'm Really glad that I went but I'm also Glad that I dropped out because It just didn't really make sense to Continue to go to college knowing that I Wasn't going to get a job in the future But I think it's a lie anybody that Tells you that a college degree Like I think here's the thing if I am Hiring somebody I don't care if they Have a college degree or not but if they Do have a college degree it does like Even subconsciously subconsciously it Just tells you that they're at least Willing to go through something and Stick to it Um so that's the one thing that I don't Like about that I like the one thing That bothers me about not finishing School is that I feel like it sets this Tone of like not completing what I said I was going to complete but I don't Think about it too much I again I don't

Really regret dropping out I actually Think it was a really good decision and It all worked out So kind of a complex answer sorry about That but To summarize it again I think college is A good idea if you can if you have the Means to pay for it and if You know you wanna it takes you out of Your house as well that's another thing It kind of puts you takes you out of Your comfort zone which is a good thing But you definitely don't need college in Order to do that that's basically the Bottom line Foreign Did you study before dropping out So I was actually pursuing a double Major because my University Had you could get a double major If you so I was an economics major I was Studying economics and business Administration So Yeah like I The economics degree for some reason Only required it required less credits Than a lot of the business degrees so Because of that they told me I could get A second major with only like a few more Classes so I had to work a little harder But I was going to graduate with two Degrees instead of one so as a two for One combo

But again it was just like it was gonna Be a lot of work my senior year was Going to be super time consuming and I Just wanted to like go all in on my Business so it didn't really make sense I'm getting my degree because my parents Are paying for it there you go bro like I I think there's nothing wrong with That and I think if anything you're Gonna learn a lot from that experience And you're also gonna you know your Parents are gonna be happy like I think Giving your parents some sort of peace Of mind is like undervalued I know at some point I'm going to be a Parent and I'm going to be like I'll be happy if my child like you know Follows some sort of path that like I Approve I mean obviously I'm pretty Open-minded so Uh I would approve of a lot of things But still I'm sure that would feel good As a parent you know Just discovered you on Tick Tock great Content dude thanks bro okay let's try To find some more stores I don't wanna Take too long here but we're finding a Lot of good stuff This store was the most interesting so Far to me because I haven't seen anybody Do this on Shopify I'm not really sure Why you would do this I guess Shopify is Just an easy platform to make A store on

But I feel like it's not ideal for a an Affiliate store but whatever they're Doing it so this is an affiliate store It's called and what They're doing is they are a Shopify Store that sells affiliate products so They sell all sorts of luggage with one To two day shipping and their way that They're able to do that Is by just linking Amazon products This is clever and the reason why is Because they don't have to worry about Any sort of You know uh fulfillment issues they Don't have to deal with customer service They don't have to deal with anything All they have to do is worry about Driving traffic to the store Now let me look at something up here Average Amazon affiliate Commission So the average commissioned let's say on Handbags and accessories new rates six Percent okay so six percent Let's say okay where is this 40 80 20 180 okay so let's just make it Easy let's say the average order value Is a hundred dollars So they're making six bucks per sale That I mean that's kind of trash okay That's kind of bad you know you you Gotta make like I mean let's say you get 10 000 orders a Month which is a lot of orders a month

That's 60k a month But you know what that's actually not That bad considering that they don't Have to worry about anything besides Fulfilling or besides driving traffic to The store and I'm sure I mean this is Actually a really good name for SEO as Well so I'm guessing they're driving a Lot of traffic And that's kind of a cool model I mean I've never seen it before I've never Seen this done on Shopify before just a Straight up affiliate site But it's kind of cool I actually think This is dope This is a good idea if you know SEO This is a great idea And they have actually social medias as Well so you could create a lot of Content around the brand Actually people do this already you know What I mean people already have whole Pages dedicated on Tick Tock for example To reviewing products and then linking To Amazon stores Foreign You're saying you have to pay for the Traffic through advertising sure but I Actually don't think that they're Spending any money on Advertising I'm Guessing what they're doing is using SEO So they're doing SEO To drive organic traffic to the store And then

Uh content so content marketing I'm Guessing they're doing blogs Maybe not I guess maybe not but You know you could do on Tick Tock as Well like on Tick Tock you can make Content around any Amazon product They're getting 300 000 monthly views on On Pinterest for example So yeah again it's not going to be an Easy business to scale I I'm not Recommending it by any means but I just Think it's cool I think it's an Interesting approach Um and I I guess you know what you could Do is you could find a high average Order value Niche I mean yeah the travel Niche is a good one but like you could Do I have no idea I can't even think of Anything but Something that costs a lot of money that People buy on Amazon And create Yeah you'd rather own the business and Deal with fulfillment that's fair If I was to do a business like this Though the last thing that I want to say About it Is that I would build a massive email List and I would make it cleaner this is Kind of ugly but they're still driving a Lot of traffic and I would build a Massive email list and that's a really

Valuable business I think you could Actually build a pretty good business That way but it would probably take a Long time to grow Still I could see this brand doing Anywhere from 20 to 30k a month like passively or not Passively they gotta continuously add Products to the store but still I find This pretty cool and especially if you Can build something around a niche that You like so then you can buy a lot of Products from Amazon make content around It and then feature it on your store I Think that'd be pretty cool so really interesting Business model on Shopify I haven't seen this before Peace out Kim you've already said bye Like five times That's so funny That's like A classic thing with like a girlfriend And boyfriend when you're trying to say Bye on the phone and neither of you want To actually go so you just stay on the Phone That's kind of what's going on here But you're right Monty owning your Business is a good idea like that's the Big downside of Amazon is that you don't Own your data like you don't own the Emails of the people that shop Or anything

And I feel like Amazon is just going to Continue to make it like Amazon Basics Are pretty fire like they're gonna Continue to Sort of eat their own customers I love the GameStop free shipping tactic If you know you know yeah so I posted This this thing today Uh on a chemi on the kemi Instagram page That was a pretty interesting tactic That I really liked as well It was uh so it's a conversion rate hack Instead of listing games on sale for 34.99 like most stores would GameStop GameStop lists them for 3501 so they're Eligible for free shipping that's such a Good idea because Um yeah like they say true anti-asshole Design that is true anti-as-fold design And also you probably would actually get A higher conversion rate so not only Does that make you make you look good Because it doesn't make you look like a Money hungry business But it actually probably makes you more Money in the end which is ironic Yeah that's a really good hack I love That too Don't be sorry Kim I was just kidding You can stay as long as you want and you Can say bye as many times as you want I Don't mind So Moscow motto this is another store It's another Outdoors brand there's so

Many Outdoors Brands out there nowadays Wow their average order value is really High This is interesting actually Foreign ERS go to Amazon instead how can I make Them purchase from me Yeah that's a good call I mean maybe by Giving them special discounts on your Store But also by being featured like putting Your brand on Amazon is not a bad idea Either Because then you're going to be able to Recover those sales that you may have Lost just due to the fact that people Love to just check Amazon And I understand I mean Amazon is Notorious And I say notorious because it's a good And bad thing For having like extremely fast shipping And like being super lenient with Returns and stuff like that But So I can't blame people for wanting to Shop on Amazon But I'm excited to see how independent Businesses continue to grow You know as much as I like Amazon I I It's just like man I get so many Amazon Packages and I can't imagine that being Good for the world Foreign

Talked about that remember all right Yeah yep I I do remember that he Mentioned how much money he probably Lost through not being on Amazon and I Think that's a good point I think it's Something that everybody should consider Um and even you know there's brands for Example like liquid death That actually link directly to Amazon Which is pretty funny And it Probably says something I'm sure they're Ahead of the game ahead of the curve in A lot of ways And they're looking they're linking Straight to Amazon but for them it's a Little different I'm not gonna lie Because Amazon has probably the most Sophisticated and advanced fulfillment Network so for a brand like this that You know people reorder all the time It's probably way more convenient to Just have Amazon fulfill everything and To handle it yourselves so so this is Actually a good idea for them this is Dope I would love to work with liquid Death So these are the clients that I want to Work with you know what I mean like I Want a chemi to be able to have these Brands featured right here like I think That would be so cool and fun and I Genuinely think I could provide so much Value for Brands like this

Believe it or not Amazon is more trustworthy in higher Conversions yeah I could see that The almighty fine re thanks guys you're Too fun you're too kind but I'm really Happy that you guys were able to make it For the stream this has been super fun Very successful stream and I think They're only going to get more Successful as we continue to do them Because clearly people are enjoying them Um and I'll be posting more clips from Them on the channel since we cover so Many different questions and we go Through so much stuff I feel like There's like an infinite amount of Content that we can post on the channel And I asked you guys whether or not you Mind if I just post Some of the clips on the channel even if It's like two three minute clips of Things that we talk about and you said You don't mind so I'll be doing that and I'll be I'll be making sure to title it Correct like in a not super clickbaity Way you know I think my titles are Pretty smart because even though it is Like enticing it's not And it is clickbaity but it's not like I Don't I don't lie like I don't lie about Anything that's the thing Will this be posted on the channel yeah So Um that's another thing that I want to

Show you is what's really cool that YouTube did and I'm really excited about This change is that they segmented Content Types on people's channels I'm Not sure if every every channel is like That but my Channel at least you got Your regular videos you got your YouTube Shorts and then you got your live Streams right here so for example Yesterday we did a live stream And that's featured right here uh the Other day we did a live stream that's Featured right here and then tomorrow I'll probably do another Uh live stream because I said I wanted to do four live streams This week and I want to go through with That so tomorrow will be the last live Stream of the week tomorrow Sunday Um I think in the Jewish calendar that Technically doesn't count it's Technically a new week I could be wrong Uh I don't know why I said that I'm Shooting myself in the foot but still You know I'll be really happy with Myself if I also stream tomorrow and Then I'll just have like infinite Content so yeah if any of you guys are Also Um if any of you guys are Good with titling on YouTube and you Have some editing skills you don't need To be the best Editor to work with me

Uh you just need to really understand YouTube and be willing to grow Uh hit it hit me up go to academy Go to careers Fill out the form or hit me up on Instagram or do both that's probably the Best thing you can do is fill this out And hit me up on Instagram and Help me make some clips that would be Amazing It's actually really easy to do like I Can do it myself but again it takes a Lot of time and I'm very You know conscious of how I spend my Time these days And you know I've always That's right that's why I was trying to Make a point earlier about like how I'm Trying to really focus in on very few Streams of income as opposed to try to Grow like an army of streams of income Even though that sounds appealing I actually think it's a bad long-term Strategy And I think that because at least for me Personally just from my experience I've Tried to do that and it didn't really Amount to much So Yeah But let me show you something so what's Really cool is that if you did work with Me on this I would make you a channel Manager and then all you have to do is

Click these few little dots and download The entire stream and then you can make Clips from it so that's what I'm doing Foreign S stand out to me the most Above average in my feet oh thanks man That means a lot it really does I love To get some positive reinforcement Um the live stream was great hopefully These stay consistent yeah I I will try my best to stay consistent And it will be even easier to be Consistent once I find an editor that Can help me make these into videos Because that that was my actually that Was my plan all year and I hate that it Took me this long to do but my plan all Year from literally the beginning Actually this has been my plan for like A year and a half I'm so bad At procrastinating but my plan for a While has been to make to just stream a Lot and make content out of streams But yeah now I'm actually finally taking Action on that plan And it feels really good it really does Like I have a lot of fun doing this And I think it actually makes for some Great content as well Oh yeah wait we already tried to do this We found some good stores tonight as Well I plan to do some more research but I

Um I'll be doing this some more So I'm not super concerned But yeah this is basically what we do Like I this is how I do my research a Lot of people ask me is I just go Through sites like this To find different stores and then I just You know check to see if they're Interesting I go through them a little Bit check the traffic see if they're Like significant And If they are then sometimes I choose to Make a video about it sometimes I don't I got an whoa this is Interesting this is a Shopify store One-on-one coaching to get offers from Top companies and MBA programs Huh Thank you This is really interesting Buy sessions Damn This doesn't look like a Shopify store I Don't know why it's in the Shopify Database Oh God I lost it Yeah 23 will definitely be action-packed This is one of those this is actually Probably one of the most interesting Stores that I've found so far today as Well Because it's one of those things that

It's just a boring business you wouldn't Think it's so successful but they're Killing it they're like crushing it Right now so maybe I'll break this down Further for tomorrow's video or Something But yeah shout out everybody that joined The Stream This has been a great time I think this Is probably the best stream we've had so Far in the last few I mean I don't know Months I would say since we haven't Really been streaming Um Last question I want to ask you is what Do you what is what are the majority of You think should I stream more A night or should I stream or like Midday slash night or should I stream More in the morning are most of you Available in the morning for streams or Later at night that's what I'm really Curious about Personally I would actually prefer to do Streams earlier in the day But But it seems like most people Actually watch streams later at night Like a lot of twitch streamers start Streaming at these times of the night For example So You know that I'm just curious Some people say night some people say

Day Um So let me know what you guys think if It's better At night Or midday slash night Or in the morning And yeah shout out to the top G for his New course launch Prefer earlier okay so that that's Interesting Oh yeah this guy's a good follow by the Way Dr huberman I've been obsessed with this Dude's content lately I've been watching A lot of his content and it's just it's So good Foreign I think it depends on your topic as well Morning in my opinion you can also reach Europe true that is a good point in Asia Hey you always on my YouTube shorts Let's go that's what we want to see I Want to be all up in your YouTube shorts So shout out to you Carter appreciate That Yeah I'm only going to be posting more I Mean what I do with YouTube shorts is Literally just post all my content up From tick tock oh yeah and that's Something I did today by the way we'll See how it does it's actually okay it's Doing pretty poorly But

I posted just like a straight up YouTube Clip this is a stream clip from Yesterday on Tick Tock I just straight Up posted it and I think this is not working too well but You gotta give everything a try you know What I mean that's what testing is all About And when it comes to online stuff Testing is the name of the game What's your viewer Geographic okay let Me see I can actually tell you I'll pull it up I think the majority of my audience is US of course but then beyond that I'm Not exactly sure let me see Okay I'll show you So the majority of my audience is United States the second biggest is United United Kingdom and then Canada this is Not very surprising Um Most of the people that watch my videos Are not subscribed Classic 88 is male 11 is female that's not too Surprising and the majority of the People that watch are 18 through 24. Why don't you read my messages bro can You give me some advice I did read your Message I mean you can link it Um but I'm about to go here pretty soon You'll have to just continue to join the

Streams bro Or join our um Oh that's a fire quote man to play a Wrong note is insignificant to play Without passion is inexcusable love that That's really that's a cool quote Um Hi from Australia nice shout out to my Australian friends you're up pretty Early I pre I'm pretty sure it's early Out there in Australia I'm an old foggy I guess been subscribed For years hey man you're one of the few That's That's awesome you know that's amazing Actually Um but yeah I'll be reviewing stars but What I was gonna say is you should just Join our our Discord because We have a Discord That is a hundred percent free like it's Literally free and you can join oh my God okay So I gotta go on here and do this And it's 100 free it's the akemi Discord It's there's a 2875 members you could be the 2876th member And Um Yeah This is sort of An amazing place to be I love I love our Discord Channel and like you know we're

Posting a lot of cool things people are Dropping a lot of value I'm still the Number one person in this in the whole Server Foreign Love to hop on a call and draw my vision Out for your channel oh okay sure I'll Check out your application don't forget To DM me on Instagram because that's Also a good way for for us to chat Um But yeah please check your Instagram DM I will thanks bro join awesome yeah join The Discord guys it's 100 free it'll Always be free and that's a great place To connect with other people there's People in there doing you know that have Seven figure stores and they're in there Just chatting it's just a fun place to Be it's a good little community and it's Only going to continue to grow So I'm very excited for that uh the last Thing I mean for those of you that are Interested you know we did a lot of Research tonight And it does take a long time to do Research so something that we're Building at a cami is a little bit of a Little product here we're doing so we're Taking all of the research that we do And we're also publishing additional Research And we're putting it together in a nice Little product called the Camry research

Lab which is like it says here a second Brain for a spying aspiring and Established entrepreneurs Okay so that's the wrong link I'll have To fix that but Basically what it does you can sign up For it here you just go to you Go Oh sorry about that Um research lab And you sign up right here to the wait List I actually think it's the first Link in the description of this uh live Stream And yeah if you wanna You know try it'll be a cool product for Those of you that are getting started But also for those of you that are Building your businesses Um I think this will even be valuable For like investors and stuff like that We're just going to be publishing a ton Of like General Trend research Add research Design research So trending design uh ideas right like For Shopify stores for graphic design Etc and even product research so we're Just going to be publishing a ton Of research and making it neat and easy To digest for people And it's just going to be yeah we're Working on this and we'll hopefully be Able to launch this within the next

Month or so Um it'll be pretty cool The best way to Dropship is hyperscued Yeah I definitely think so I think Hyperscu is one of the best third-party Fulfillment companies Um because what's cool is that on Hyperscu you can just literally give Them all the express products or even Alibaba products and they'll Source them For you and be able to ship them really Fast so It's just a much better way to drop ship Than with AliExpress you know you can Actually build a decent customer Experience with hyperscu which is super Nice Foreign Yeah we discovered soldering kits Tonight and how good of a niche this is This is a really good Niche soldering Kits who would have thought And yeah A lot of oh yeah this Home Decor store We discovered this was pretty cool They're popping off They're actually a trending Shopify Store right now on the Shopify store Database And yeah if you guys haven't followed me On Twitter that's the last thing I'll Say please follow me on Twitter I really Want to grow my Twitter more I've been Trying to tweet more things here and

There Um Not super significant stuff but yeah It'd be cool to grow more on Twitter oh Yeah this is a interesting product right Here So many stores are going so hard on Twitter ads right now it's super Interesting to see and look at how like These stores are so ugly looking but Somehow it just works It goes to show that you don't need to Invest a lot of money on a fancy theme These are all copies of each other too It's kind of interesting But yeah a lot of General Stores popping Up on Twitter lately it's kind of Interesting Whoa Foreign ER is so addicting now with their new Infinite scroll feature yo shout out to All you guys following me on Twitter you Actually are helping me out this is Pretty dope But yeah man this is like I don't want To leave the stream it's like I do want To I like should go but I don't want to Leave this is probably how streamers Feel But Yeah very excited for the future of the Channel for the future of our community You guys are amazing this is a lot of

Fun and I feel like we're building like A This is just a valuable Community if you Think about it like we're actually Making this is not just entertainment For the sake of entertainment it's like We're having fun and we're learning a Lot Like what is better than that to be Honest like that's the best way to learn This by actually having fun So I'm having a great time I hope you Guys had a great time I think this has been you know just a Really cool experience so far today past Couple hours we've just been chilling Learning answering questions having Discussions And we'll probably yeah we'll be doing This every week like multiple times a Week and this is how I want to start Producing a lot of content So expect some more content from the Streams and soon I will figure out how To add A chat on the screen so that but like it I want to make it transparent like right Here in the corner for example so you Guys can see yourselves in the videos That I publish you'll be like whoa I was In the Stream and then that'll Incentivize more people to join the Streams Um and it'll be just really fun it'll be

Just a very cool experience overall But yeah hopefully you guys Um Oh somebody asked what would you Recommend selling I'm in the van life Niche Somebody's getting shot up outside right Now What is that it's actually it's probably Fireworks Um in the van life van life Niche that's A good question Okay Um If you can help me set up the live chat That'd be dope but I don't know I guess Probably like some organizational Products that'd be cool organizational Stuff for your van Um or you could even get even more Niche Down to people that live the van life And game and get like I don't know sell Some sort of like electric like Receivers or something like Wi-Fi Receivers I don't know if that's a thing Dude that is so loud foreign can you Guys hear that [Music] That is like crazy loud Yeah I I actually use stream Labs right Now Look it I'll show you there's an infant This is the re Multiverse right now And what happens when I do this is like

I'm supposed to be able to add a source Here And they're supposed to be like a chat Feature but I don't see it it's just Gone You know there's just no chat feature to Use oh oh yeah so chat highlight is Different Chad highlight is when it Highlights the chat but I need just like The just the I need this but here's what happens when I do this like Dude that is insanely loud It actually doesn't display anything Foreign You know like it actually doesn't work But all right I'll talk to you guys in a Bit uh thank you guys for joining I'll Be doing this a lot more So yeah just turn on the notifications Expect some content soon from some of The questions we answered a lot of value Dropped and I'll see y'all very soon Love y'all have a great rest of your Saturday night That noise is literally somebody getting Shot outside no I'm just kidding it's Just fireworks I think it's fireworks But that was so obnoxiously loud Oh my God this is just crazy let me see If I can show you actually before I Leave Yeah okay you can't see it You can't see it but oh wait you can see

It a little bit No you can't Okay you can't see it sorry guys but There's some fireworks going on outside Um a sample short form Just Instagram bro that's the best That's the best way But all right I can't leave uh I Just want to stay

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