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The Importance of Online Reviews, Are Your Online Reviews Attracting Customers Or Chasing Them Away?

Online reviews are one of the most common tools that customers use today to get information about your dealership. Try entering the search “Your Dealership-Name reviews” into Google and go through the results which will include Google and possibly Yahoo local, Yellowpages, Yelp, and the Better business Bureau depending on where reviews are found. Looking at these results will tell you what your customers are finding out about you.

March Madness Gives Businesses a Chance to Score With Cheap Promotional Items

March Madness is the Super Bowl of college basketball. Hoops fans live for this tournament and businesses can take advantage of this interest with cheap promotional items. Read more…

What’s A Brochure You Ask

Learn the importance of creating and using a Brochure to Market your business. Brochures are an important strategy that many Entrepreneurs overlook.

Some of the Major Balanced Scorecard Mistakes

While deciding on a suitable business management framework, many managers opt for the system created by David Norton and Robert Kaplan. This strategic management framework is known as Balanced Scorecard system and if used properly helps improve business productivity and get greater returns on the invested money. Though Balanced Scorecard is very popular among various types of companies, it may be quite difficult to implement. In other words, without having certain knowledge and experience all your attempts may turn into a real failure. Unfortunately, there are no general recommendations, because BSC implementation is individual for each particular organization. Thus, relying on someone else’s approaches is definitely not the best decision. However, there are a few typical mistakes you can learn and therefore avoid.

Writing Solutions Like Never Before

Writing is something which is one of the main ways in which communication could be done with people. There are different types of writing solutions which are needed like advertising, branding, translation, editing, copy-writing and many more.

Using CRM As an Effective Sales Tool

Customer Relationship Management software is now a widely used tool. Most organizations with a customer service department; or a large emphasis on customer service will use a software platform such as this because it is a proven platform for improving customer relations, satisfaction and retention. CRM is trending at the moment and with good reason. Implementing a CRM Solution can benefit your business in so many ways, and if you use a CRM Solution that can be integrated into another application such as Outlook and SharePoint then a specialist application such as this can become mainstream for your entire organization.

Powerful Mobile Apps for Small Business

Are mobile apps really necessary for the success of your small business? Is being “mobile app ready” worth the effort and time that you will be spending to complete the process? What benefits can you exactly earn from using mobile apps for small business? These are just a few of the many questions that you will definitely think of, once introduced to the idea of using small business applications.

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