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Hello and welcome to today's video so This is without an absolutely awesome Method when making money online and from Home and genuinely this is without one Of the more simpler and easier ways to Make money online and from home it's That simple my 10 year old son is doing This exact method and I don't think You'll find many other ways of you know Realistically earning a grand plus a Month from something so simple so I'll Share with you how this works I'll share With you some free softwares and I'll Basically walk you through this whole Process because once you watch this Video Until the End and leave a comment Down below and you let me know if you Think there are simpler and easier ways To make money online than this okay so The idea for today's video came about From over here I'll show you this really Quickly so over in my University it's an Online you know training platform and Community for earning money online we Have all these different methods for Making money then down here we have a Case study section okay now you see a Nine-year-old gets 10K views in 48 hours So this year was it says why you should Focus on the omnipresence method okay Now basically my son makes these videos That you can see on the screen okay They're really simple to do and they Don't take a lot of time at all now he

Was watching some videos earlier and I Was just looking at the channels that he Was watching this was one of them This one over here and then he was also Watching this one over here this happy Earth and this world history and you can See the number of views about these Videos again is it's unbelievable it Really is my son's last video called 12 000 views in 48 hours it's almost Awesome now if we look at like this Channel over here you can go through and Look at any of these videos a lot of the Time they're just using images that They're finding online or they're just Adding text over the top of an image as Well so you can go ahead and have a look At some of these they're really not Difficult but a lot of the time they're Just based around you know facts or History things like this if we come over To this channel over here this happy F Scroll down here look why is this did You learn in Hungary countries with the Musk skyscrapers why does Pakistan love China Etc so these are the sorts of videos Okay and there's a number of channels Which are doing this method okay I just Know about them because my son over here This is one of his that's his Tick Tock Account where he's uploading these Videos okay so if we let's just go back Over here this is this is why I'm making

Today's video because we recorded this Video over here about a couple of months Ago and today I was watching a video on This channel here this um Happy Earth okay and I thought you know Realistically I wonder how many views They're getting per month so I came over To this tool here now this is called Socialblade this essentially allows you To you know be nosy and spy on other Channels so if I scroll down here we can See This channel has got 333 videos that They have uploaded okay and if I scroll Down here I mean we'll take these Numbers here with a pinch of salt Because bearing in mind the earnings on Here are coming from YouTube shots and it's the same with This Channel and many more that are Using this method for earning money Online but for scroll down here you can See the number of subscribers at the Game pair there the total number of Video views they're getting and the Estimated earnings now I can tell you This without a factor for a matter of Fact sorry these earnings here these are Way off way off and it's not higher it's Actually a lot lower and I know that From looking at my son's analytics okay So if we come down here and with the ACC Look estimated monthly earnings is 3K to 57k I doubt it realistically it's more

In the 1200 to 1500 a month bracket of n Into that okay because YouTube shots is Relatively new they don't pay nowhere Near as much as the traditional views But there are still you know it's still A decent way to make some money online And from her Now obviously you can't just start Earning money from YouTube straight to It you do need to pass a monetization Process now with the YouTube shots I'll Show you this really quickly so you can See this but then I'll show you how you Can do these videos yourself it's Genuinely really straightforward and Simple so I'm just going to type in here Requirements for YouTube shorts monetization Because it is a bit different to the Normal monetization methods on YouTube So here we go we can see a look Creators will need a thousand Subscribers and 10 million short views In the last 90 days to be eligible to Apply to the platform okay so this is 90 Days Now if you go into any of these channels That we've looked at whether we're Looking at this one over here or this One here you can see the important views That they get in pair video is Staggering it really is staggering this Channel is a bit smaller so we can see It here

This one's got 20 Subs 20 000 Subscribers this one appears has got 274 000 but even on the smaller Channel We can say look 114 000 views five thousand seven thousand Look at this nearly half a million views And this is just a picture of the French Empire and you can watch the videos it's Literally just still Clips sometimes They have moving parts to it but they're Not that difficult to create these at All in fact let me show you how we can Do these So you've got a couple of options you Could go online and find stock images And you can literally download them so You can do things like this you can come On here and you can just simply type in Free stock footage and there's lots of Luck you can get videos you can get Images okay now this is not what I'm Going to recommend you today I'm just Going to give you a couple of options so You can come on here like sir and you Can come on here look there's pixels Picks a bit unsplash oops there's loads Of these but basically we come onto one Of these free websites like so we've got This on photos and we're just going to Search for what we want so let's just Type in I don't know let's just type in Maps as an example okay nope nope And we can scroll down and we can see We've got different images on here of

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Maps so that's somewhere here and you Can be more specific with this but Basically the concept is you would go on Here you would find maps and images of You know different countries or Different things that you want to use in Your video and then you would download Them so let's just say let's just go Back over here and we can see Let's just type in this one here Skyscrapers let's just go and type that In okay so we'll come back over here and We will type in skyscraper Like this And then you can see look this 7 000 Photos on here that we can go ahead and Download so we just download these Completely for free so you download These and then you would take them over Into a video editor there's lots of free Video editors as well but let me show You a quick way and an easy way so we Come over here now this is a piece of Software called in video I will drop Links this down below you can do this Absolutely for free in the beginning the Uh all it means is if you have um a Little watermark on that I think it's The bottom right hand corner they do Also offer a paid plan and they have you Know different variations of that but in The beginning you can just go with the Free version until you start adding some Money but let me show you how simple

This is so I'm going to come over here To text to video because I don't want to You know be dragging and dropping all These sorts of things I am just going to Come here So let me just go ahead and close this So these are all different templates That we can use for this okay so you can Scroll through here and find any Template that you want so I'm going to Go with this one here look so I'm going To click on here now here's the Important part we've come down here to Where in portrait I'm gonna click on That Effects format for our YouTube shots we Then click on use template and it takes A second now here's a cool thing look on The left hand scrap on the left hand Side here you can put in your script Okay so let's just say we wanted to Create something similar to Where's it gone this one here countries With the most skyscrapers okay so we can Come over here in fact I'm just going to Go on to Google like this and I type in Countries With the Mast and you can see on here Look loads of ideas on here for Different videos for you okay so let's Just go with Sky Scrapers for now and these are facts Aren't they so we can see here look Countries by number so you can go in

Here you can get this information look List of countries with the most Skyscrapers silicon come on here and Then we've got this information down Here all this is here okay so all I'm Going to do is Copy that really quickly And I'm going to go back over to Nvidia If I go if I can find the time but where Is it going it's over here so I'm going To paste that into here really quickly Okay and then we'll go to the next line And then we're just putting in a country Number one China Etc but basically I just want to find Something that's a bit easier to copy so I can speed this up for you so I'm going To come down here And we can see look China Hong Kong Tallest City and basically all I'm gonna Do is Take that China population Let's see if I'm copy this up and I'm Doing this really quickly just to show You how simple this method is Uh pair science here let's do this let's Put this uh here and then I'm going to Get one more and then we'll come off This so let me come over here let's get The United States and this one like sir Come over here and I'm gonna paste that Into here and all I'm doing here is this This is using AI technology okay so I'm

Gonna come over here like sir Do this and then down on the bottom left Hand side where it says Auto suggest Images and videos I am going to click This down here then I click on create Scenes and then what's going to happen Is it takes a couple of seconds well it Takes normally about 30 seconds if that So go ahead and create this whole Completed you know video for you you can See here it's all it's already almost There we are nearly done now it's Generating image as far as the Thumbnails and then it opens up the Projects now the cool thing about this Is if you don't like any part of this You can go ahead and edit this okay So we can see here this is our first Slide and then if we scroll down we've Got our second slide our third slide our Fourth slide Etc basically it would come In a slide format but any part of this You don't like you can edit you can get Rid of it so let me come on to this bit Here let me click on logo And cancel that and let me get rid of That there okay so look remove from all Scenes so that is gone So this over here where it says media Layer this is the image or the video That would go behind here so if I come Over here to images I can search for skyscrapers in here so I'm going to type in sky

Rimp I'm just going to take that in And then it takes a second and by the Way you can upload your own images on Here you can also use videos on the left Hand side you can add in music you know There's lots of different ways you can Play around with this I'm going to take This and I'm going to put that that okay And then what happens is it's going to Get rid of this old picture and now We've got this over here okay and once You're happy with this you'd move on to The next slide and this is basically how It goes sorry let me just cancel that Off there So yeah that that is basically how this Works if you don't like where the text Is you can again you can move it around If you don't like any element of this so Like this one here looks a bit small so We would drag it like so and then this I'm going to move over here now Obviously the color there is black so I Would need to change that I would need To go and change that to maybe you know A different color to make it stand out More so if I want it in white I can have It like that I can put it in bold I can Edit this I can change the font I can Basically play around with this as much As I like and then once you're happy With this and you know if you want to Add music and other bits you can do you Just simply at the bottom press on play

And it will show you how it looks But as you've seen okay it looks pretty Good doesn't it it hasn't taken me that Long at all so all we do is you just go Through this and you know you play Around with the text you play around With the image the background image the Video if you want to add an element over Here you can add in you know all these Different things that you want you've Got stickers shapes overlays there's Lots of stuff you can do in here that's It when you're starting just leave it You know very simple but once you once You're happy with this we've come up to Here and we download that video Once the Video has then been downloaded we can Then upload that onto the YouTube Platform on that YouTube channels but Here's the cool thing okay just because We've got that one video now why would We only post it on YouTube we'd take That same short video and we'd upload it Onto Tick Tock and we'll upload it onto Instagram and also Facebook because all These platforms that all pushing video Format and this is exactly what my son Does in this interview over here in the University He can say look why you should focus on The omnipresence method is because if You're already going to take the time And the effort to make the video why Would you not spend five more minutes

Uploading it onto Tick Tock uploading Onto Instagram because it's my exposure For your videos it's more potential ways To be earning money online and Essentially Gru your brand are your Business really because obviously you Can start factoring in things like Paired videos you can start doing you Know features for people you can also Include affiliate marketing you know as You've seen throughout this whole video Today it's not difficult we can use free Tools and free resources and look Matt And Angelo's doing this and he's earning Money as well so look that's today's Video I'll leave links to everything Down below for you if you've got any Questions let me know are you trying This method yourself have you done it in The past I'll be interested to know so Yeah good luck and I'll see you soon Foreign [Music]

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