Earn $1000s Per Week Copy & Paste Youtube Shorts (New Method)

Here we are going to look at successful Channels that are doing this and making Thousands and thousands of dollars each And every month also I'm going to take You directly into my YouTube analytics To see how much these channels are Actually earning so from the 1st of February 2023 YouTube has completely Changed and become a money making Machine because from the 1st of February YouTube has launched its YouTube shocks Monetization and as you can see over Here YouTube has launched a specific Criteria just for short channels for YouTube monetization that means YouTube Itself is pushing you to make a short Channel because they want to compare to A tick tock and Instagram so we can take Advantage of this because obviously by Doing some smart work it is much easier To make a 30-40 second copy paste short Video rather than a six seven minute Copy paste long video there will be no Copyright issues and shots no recording You have to do none of that we are going To do some smart work in order to create A full-fledged YouTube short channel That can actually make you money by Doing some simple work all you need to Do is just follow the video step by step Now if I take you directly into my YouTube analytics that is the actual Data you can see that you can make about Six cents to 10 cents per thousand views

On YouTube shots that comes out to Around 60 to 100 dollars per million Views on YouTube shots and if you have Seen any YouTube shots you know that YouTube shots are being pushed by YouTube they reach millions and millions Of views so using this we can make some Good money like a lot of the channels Are doing if I just show you some Examples you can see Panda shots simple Commentary uh reaction kind of videos They are making and as you can see 180 million views 170 million views 150 Million views if I just show you that How much they are earning there have Been months where they have got 800 Million views 770 million views 555 million views so They are easily making five six seven Thousand dollars each and every month For free doing some simple work there Are other channels as well as you can See happy Earth if I just go to popular Uh videos 4 million views 4 million Views 4 million views 3 million views World top if I just go to popular you Can see three million views 2 million Views 1 million view if I just go to Another Channel you can see uh top Things world 15 million views 13 million five million Uh 3.8 million if I just go to how much They are earning you can see that They have just got 81 uploads that is it

And that is very very less when compared To shots just 81 uploads and they have Already got a very good amount of Subscribers talking about how much they Are making you can see 20 million views 10 million views they Are easily making thousand two thousand Three thousand dollars with this channel So taking ideas from these channels you Can also do similar kind of thing for Example you can just make some reaction Kind of videos on any popular video you Can just take any popular funny video From tiktok or Instagram and just give Your funny reaction this is one option That you have if you don't want to show Your face nor your audio or anything you Can just make some simple list kind of Videos and that is the main focus of This method that is making some simple Very easy you don't have to show your Face you don't have to record anything No copyright issues nothing just making Some simple list videos doing smart work You can start making money so the first Step in doing that will be just finding Some topic ideas on what you can make a List video you can see 10 most viewed Videos on YouTube 10 most beautiful Women top countries with the highest Number of YouTube subscribers awesome And you can see go to other channels as Well top 10 countries with the highest Number of Hindus top 10 populated

Countries you can just take ideas from All of these channels what has worked For them you can just go to YouTube as Well search over here for top 10 click Space you will get a lot of ideas you Can go to YouTube as well search over Here for top 10 click space you will get A lot of ideas this way you can get Topic ideas for the content super simple Nothing technical your video will just Contain the name of these uh countries One by one no explanation nothing so Super simple content that you can find There are three websites that I use for Copyright free images and videos the First one is pixabay.com second is Unsplash.com and the third one is Pixels.com these are the three websites Where you can go find videos and images Depending on what you need a simple Format that you can use for your videos Is first five seconds will be the Introduction of of the topic that is Here are the top 10 populated countries Or whatever is your topic first five Seconds topic introduction and then each Point you can give five five seconds Show some images then another country Then another country whatever is your List for five five seconds and in the Starting five second introduction after That please listen to this point very Carefully when we are talking about Doing work smartly or copy pasting

Videos from somewhere else that doesn't Mean that you will make lazy content or Poor quality content for example if I Just show you any of these videos over Here if I just play this you can see Proper editing proper uh transition Between the two images are done to make It a proper good looking video not just Some poor quality random lazy work that Is not what copy paste means so for Doing some simple edits you can use Different editing softwares these are Completely free and easy to use you can Use open short DaVinci Resolve canva or you can use Clip champ any of these tools that you Are wanting to use you can just come on YouTube search for a simple tutorial how To do transitions in openshot how to do Transitions in DaVinci Resolve it will Be a very simple one two minute process As you can see over here super simple so You just have to clip different Different images together that you want To show five seconds introduction and Then five five seconds for each of the Points that you want to show along with This if you like my money making methods And want to learn even more tips and Tricks from me that have helped me to Make a seven figure digital Empire with Free traffic I provide personal training As well so you can check out my website From the first link in the description

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Box below my students are absolutely Crushing it some are making money in the First week as well some in the first Month as well high quality training Videos live one-on-one sessions group Sessions lifetime WhatsApp support Personally by me every everything will Be done to personally help you achieve Success in this field by me so if you Want to get personally trained by me do Check out my website from the first link In the description box below now back to The video now that I have the basic Structure of the video prepared the Images I have cut together the images Now to increase the quality of the Content to be apart from the competition I use a few hacks that is I add proper Text and audio for that I simply come on My Instagram so the video that you have Prepared you can transfer that onto your Mobile phone just open your Instagram Click over here on the plus icon click Over here unreal then select the video That you have prepared so this will be The video as you can see I've just Prepared a random video cutting Different images click on ADD now over Here the best part is that Instagram Will itself add all the text and we can Easily make the audios over here so you Can just click over here we can say like Uh top 10 Uh countries so this is your title that

Needs to come only in the first five Seconds of the introduction so you can Just drag it like this over here and Just keep it till the first uh Image like over here that is your Introduction image along with that to Add audio we can just click over here on The three dots click over here on text To speech click over here on voice one Click on done this way your audio is Already prepared for this particular Text again just click over here add text Let's say number one we have USA click over here undone now USA needs To come in the second image so just Scroll it like this till the second Image and scroll it like this in the Second image after that you can just Keep it in the middle again click over Here on the three dots click on text to Speech click on done this way you can Add your text you can add your audio all Together in Instagram itself very easily Super simple work once you have done This click over here on the tick box Click over here on next you can upload This video onto your profile it can be a Random General profile then you can use Any Instagram downloader and download The fully prepared video text audio Everything so this way you can use that Video and upload that on your YouTube You can simply create a new YouTube Channel make sure that the name the icon

Is all regarding what your topic is top 10 list kind of things whatever is your Niche when you upload the title of your Video will obviously be the topic that You have shown top 10 worlds populated Countries or whatever is your topic for The tags you can simply come on a free Tool called rapid tags click over here On YouTube tag generator you can search Over here for uh top 10 populated countries and here you will Have all these tags you can just copy This and use that in your Youtube upload This way once you consistently upload You will be able to fulfill the YouTube Monetization requirements once you do That you can apply into the YouTube Partner program that will allow you to Start making add money from YouTube Monetization this is a very simple Method you just have to be consistent And as I said simple method doesn't mean You will make lazy videos or poor Quality videos try to improve your Quality of videos by looking at how Other people are doing it by looking at Different tutorials for different Different editing tools and you can just Improve the quality of your videos to Stand apart from the competition and Start making money and don't forget if You want to learn my special methods in My personal training do check out my Website from the first link in the

Description box and if you want to learn Another way of making money with simple Work click on the video that is flashing On your screen each and every step Everything is explained in that video That made me a lot of money for free

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