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Best Practice White Papers – How to Create a Customer Best Practice White Paper

A customer best practice white paper frames your solution in terms of the client experience, yet it is broader in scope and more solution-focused than a case study. It examines a problem or pain point your company’s prospects face, and then distills information from multiple customer sources into a set of best practices that provide a solution from the customer perspective. If you are interested in creating a customer best practice white paper for your content ">marketing program, here are five steps to help you get started.

Five Signs Your Appointment Setting Campaign Needs A Makeover

A productive appointment setting campaign is a very important component in your ">marketing process. And you need to know if there is any need to improve it. How can you tell if there is trouble?

Engage With Animation

If you use the internet for ">marketing, chances are engaging visitors is your number one priority. To do this, you need ">marketing content which stimulates – not pages of endless paragraphs! So how can animation help you engage with customers?

2013 ">Marketing Communications – Six Strategic Tips For Midsized Companies And Nonprofits

While organizations and consumers alike continue to be wary of the next round of economic negotiations in Washington, B2B, B2C and nonprofit marketers know they can’t wait any longer to determine how to aggressively promote their products or services. And, rather than endlessly pondering over the various forms of “new” media tactics and tools, perhaps it’s time to focus on basic ">marketing and ">marketing communications strategies for 2013. The article covers six ">marketing communications strategies for midsized companies and nonprofits in 2013.

The Key to Securing Your Online Income Easily

If you’re keen to begin earning an online income to supplement your salary, or even to try and replace what you earn from your job, it’s important to create a strong strategy to protect what you earn. You see, far too many people aim solely at building up a major source of online income. They do this through network ">marketing or through affiliate marketing and they put all their efforts into what they’re doing.

Fortune Favours the Brave

We work with hundreds of small businesses owners and it is amazing just how many believe that they can cut back on advertising when they need to save money. Some of these business owners have never believed in advertising and only do it because their competitors advertise and they do not want to miss out on potential customers. They will however, seek to pay as small amount as possible on advertising because they believe that the money is wasted.

Engagement Doesn’t Have to Be So Elusive – Employers Can Lead the Way

In recent years the American consumer has become a much more active participant in her own health and well-being. She’s generally better focused on nutrition and exercise and is more knowledgeable, proactive and aware of prevention and treatment options. But even as she has taken on more personal responsibility, her role is still too often minimized in the broader world of healthcare as we know it.

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