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Marketing at Its Best With Personalised Balloons, Leaflets and Banners

I’ve recently seen the best marketing campaign in years. A local shop provided a buzz in the town with a simple use of balloons, banners and leaflets.

A Few Facts to Consider Before Buying Microscopes

A lot of factors are to be considered before buying microscopes and this article depicts the most important ones. An established supplier would have an online store so that customers can check out various brands and models of the instrument, including technical specs and prices.

Marketing To Kids

Children have been marketed to for years. Retail industry titans have recognized that targeting children and winning their loyalty can carry on throughout their entire lifetime. In some cases, this lifetime customer completes the full cycle and re-introduces some of the same brands to their children. Establishing brands in the minds of our children can be powerful.

What Is Market Research? – A Brief Insight With Marketing Objectives and More!

Marketing is the most important aspect of any business. Only an effective marketing plan or strategy will help to take your business to new heights.

The Top 5 Reasons Businesses Fail Online

Consumers and businesses now rely on the internet to research and make purchase decisions yet many businesses are unsuccessful at connecting and converting these interested buyers. Most will create a website, some will dabble in online media or create a Facebook page but get average results.

Marketing – Conducting a Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis is an important component of marketing. It could be considered as the very foundation of any business marketing plan because the thorough analysis of any result from a situational analysis would determine the direction in which the marketing initiative or drive would go. Situational analysis takes into consideration a combination of both external and internal market factors that are directly related to marketing decisions.

Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Plan

Using short online videos/commercials in addition to your regular advertising can improves sales and brand awareness. Here are a couple of ways to use video that can really be effective.

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