Earn EASY Money With Google (Live Example)

A hundred and Eighty-Four thousand Pounds in a month that's nearly two Hundred thousand dollars and here's the Thing zero experience zero knowledge and Zero money was literally used in getting This whole method up and running I'm Going to share with you an actual real Life example of someone who started out With nothing and is earning this Ridiculous amount of money so I was Doing a bit of research for an article Over on the website over here as always Looking to see you know different ways Of making money online and from home and I came across this article over here Now this is over in the UK it's on the Express now I'll scroll down here you Can see look at this I'm at 184 000 Pounds in just one month mom shares has Simple keys to success now when I was Reading this I thought it'll be it'll be Like a business selling products or Something like that or something to do With Tick Tock it wasn't and it's Actually really inspiring article and I Wanted to highlight a key points yeah And then I'll share with you the good Stuff of how you can go down this route Yourself and I'll also share with you of Examples other examples of people who I Know personally who have started this And in a couple of months are up to a Thousand dollars passively and even two Thousand dollars passively just takes a

Bit of time but if you scroll down here I just want to show you this sir So this is it okay so Um look Basically she'd stand up to some Property courses by there at the end of It she knew it wasn't for hair but look There was a marketing and PR segment Which I found mind blown Ireland all About the power of PR and promotional Marketing I learned about the different Ways small unknown businesses could Raise their profit and gain clients with These if they had access to someone who Could help them and this is it gets even More incredible for scroll down here the Mum had no marketing or PR experience When she started out but managed to Convince a company founder to give her a Chance this is all you need you just Need one person in the beginning to say Yes and you're going to see how simple It is so if I've come down here it Wasn't easy did it in my first year of Being employed I made 11 Grand I now won A six-figure business and have done so Since 2018 which seems insane it doesn't Seem insane it doesn't if you know you Know if you know about the online Consultancy or having an online agency That'll figure that doesn't seem insane Or you know to go from zero basically With no knowledge no skills no money no Nothing and to build up to a six figure

A month company in what five years is Awesome Sir how can you do this yourself you Know what are the methods for this well I'll share a couple of examples with you So basically as we can see over here Let's just scroll back up so what is it Different ways small unknown businesses Could raise their profile and gain Clients so anyone who has an existing Business who I look well I mean Everyone's looking to get new clients And customers sir how can you do it if You have no skills if you have no Knowledge or experience Well look there are so many different Ways we can do this what I'll do as well Is I'll drop a link over to I'm going to Type this in here for you now and I'll Drop a link to this you can go ahead and Have a look at this because I've done a Number of videos on this in the past how To make money with Google Maps there's Lots of resources inside of this article Over here for you there's a number of Videos you can see like all of these Different things on here there's lots of Different ways you can make money with Google Maps so I'll just share with you A really straightforward and simple Method and if you go over to this this Article here there's lots more ways you Can do this okay So we are helping small businesses

Attract new clients new customers and Essentially make them more money So one of the easiest way is that you Can do this is social media it sounds Ridiculous but you can go ahead and set Someone look I will create a social Media page for you and that could be a Facebook page Instagram Pinterest Etc And you might be thinking well every Business every company has you know Social media presence they don't they Absolutely don't and by the way that's Just one way you can do this you can do Email marketing for people which is Simple you can do video creation you can Do it there's lots of ways you can do it And you'll find lots of them inside of Here so let's do a real life example and Hopefully it won't take us too long so What do you need well we need Google Maps Google Maps Okay I want to come in here okay so once We are inside of Google Maps up here You'll see this search bar now you can Do this in any City in any country in Any country it doesn't matter and they Can also be in any category or any Niche So what does that mean well you could Focus restaurant focus on restaurants Bars plumbers Engineers dentists Hairdressers it doesn't matter okay so For this example I'm just going to go With something really simple which is

Restaurants okay so I'm going to type in Restaurants And I'm going to type in Beverly okay so restaurants in Beverly So we have got a lot on here now here We've got a look we've got this one here This one here and and again this here You see this here companies are trying To rank in this this is another service You can offer and you'll find a video on This in that article that I'm going to Link below five so all I'm going to do Here is I'm going to scroll down and I'm Not going to focus on the top ones here I'm going to focus on the ones lower Down in the map pack okay so we can see We've got this one here we've got this One let's come a bit further down this One here I mean no reviews Since then let's let's just click on I'm Going to open this one up So let's open this one up and I'm going To I've even got a website Charlotte Dining Charlotte surely Claim I mean look they've not even Claimed this business so again this this Here is another is another another Service that you can offer to the I'm Going off track we're just going to say Look they've not even got a website so I Mean this company here my God you could Do so much for them you could do social

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Media you could create a website for Them you could enhance their their Google Maps listing it's ridiculous but Let's come off that one blaming that's Easy money easy money on that one there So I'm just going to keep scrolling down Cafe what is that that's Cafe what Riverview Cafe Bar should we have a look At this one Surely they've got a website They have not got a website And you know what what's even more Crazier about this so I've just typed in Restaurants in Beverly I'm going to copy Of this and I'm a search Google and see How many people I'm on are searching for That So I can see here how many people I'm on For searching for restaurants in Beverly 5 400 people a month are searching for Restaurants in Beverly that's insane so How are those 5 400 people these half of These on here don't even have a website That's ridiculous it's unbelievable but You can start to see here how you can Start offering services to people and of A bit So I mean again we could go to them on Offer to do the social media but what I'm looking for here is I'm just looking For anyone who has got A website so we can see if they're doing Social media here we go website let's Have a look

Let's go over here what is this istan Beverly What is that no I don't want to see that Okay Terrible website Let's just go in here let's have a look Oh there we go that looks a bit better Doesn't it now let's scroll down Why am I how would I mean Let's all right I'm just trying to Well that's uh now we are back so They've got they've got this website With this awesome music playing another Oh look on here Like us on Facebook Is that Facebook What's up Like us on Facebook Salami So they've got no Social Links over here On the website so welcome to Istanbul I Mean Again No links to social media on here it's There's like us on Facebook but there's Nowhere to find their social media links On here So again that that is another company we Could work with honestly I didn't realize it was this Easy over here let's go on this one the Westwood restaurant let's see if they've Got a website another here we go let's Go over here and have a look at this

Okay Have they got a social media page yes They have Okay so this one here do have A social media page and uh scroll down Here we can see April the 5th 29th of March March the 9th so you can see on here Okay as an example So we could go over to this company over Here and still look we've noticed that You've got a Facebook page but you know You're not you're not posting actively On this looking all thirsty as well by Scrolling down here and having a lot of All you are sharing is images over on The Page by the way video you know Videos get a lot more interaction Facebook and other web and other social Media platforms and pushing short form Content so we could look at doing Something like this but the point of What I'm trying to share with you today And hopefully you've seen it so far is Every company and business at this Moment in time they are desperate for Our new customers they are desperate for People to come in the doors because you Know cost of living crisis everyone's Struggling for money and obviously Businesses are struggling for money as Well sir I mean this over here this restaurants In Beverly there are a number of in just This small example over here there are a

Number of ways whereby we could offer Services to these companies and start to Build up And I save income for ourselves so we Could say so I mean half of these on Here don't even have a web place or we Could create websites for them for free We could manage their social media for Them and literally we could set that up On a weekly thing or a monthly thing we Could even I mean there's lots of ways You could do this you could not just Manage their social media you could go Down and start creating short form Videos in the form of tick tock videos And Instagram videos and again you can Use free services like in video and Other platforms to create these videos For them or you could even come over to The Facebook page and take images from Here put those into a video format and Send it over to them for free it's just It genuinely is unbelievable how simple And easy this method is over here let me Show you this as well so over in where The heck has it gone over here inside of The University I have a full section About starting an online agency you can See on here getting started foot in the Door additional foot in the door Resources Google my business resources Running paid ads and lots more but it's A stone then isn't it even now in this DNA some companies don't have a website

They don't have social media they don't Even even have their listings claimed on Google it's just it's nuts it genuinely Is and if we go back to the beginning of Today's video here this lady as you can See over here This this is the key point They were all looking to get clients if They had access to someone who could Help them and Had no marketing rpr experience when she First started out But no one does well some people do but In the beginning you know it just you Just got to go over your comfort zone And learn about it and it's not Difficult so look that's today's video If you've got any questions leave them Down below as always thanks for watching Have a great day and I'll see you soon

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