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Hey guys my name is Mike Nardi and on This channel we talk about all things Related to making money online the gig Economy freelancing side hustles Freelancing sites like Fiverr a whole Bunch of different stuff and this video Is part of a relatively new Sunday News Segment where I talk about what's hot And upcoming and new in the world of the Gig economy so let's get right into it So the first story today is a bit of an Update Fiverr put out their spring 2023 Fiverr business Trends index basically The index is a bit of a research study Where Fiverr provides some insight into Some statistics around popular gigs what People are searching for and Trends Based on different countries in this Edition of the trends index I don't Think it's any surprise but AI kind of Popped up as one of the most popular Trends across almost every country Studied and probably most notably was The huge influx in interest in YouTube Shorts there was an increase of 60 000 percent in searches on the fiber Platform of people looking for short Form content that is absolutely massive And I think it plays into YouTube Strategy to grow their shorts business So something to keep in mind if you're a Video editor or even someone looking to Get into creating short form content for Yourself Elon Musk fears Ai and thinks

It might be a danger to society so last Week Elon Musk had an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News where he was Talking about his considerations Concerns and really his fears around Ai And you know the potential dangers AI Might have if gone unchecked it's a Danger to the public some Government oversight because it affects The it's a danger to the public and so When you when you have things that are Danger to the public uh You know like let's say Um So Food Food and Drugs That's why we Have the Food and Drug Administration he Talks about being in favor of Regulation When it comes to AI uh which is Interesting because as a business magnet And billionaire Elon Musk is really Familiar with being regulated and it's In his own words not very fun to go Through but with AI he thinks it's very Important and the primary scenario he Talked about about why he's so afraid of AI is he kind of paints a picture of a Future world where AI gets to the point Where it is so good at writing written Content that it could essentially put Out really tailored content on the Internet targeted to what it knows would Have an impact on us and could Potentially sway the mass public opinion Globally by putting out content that's

Going to manipulate us that's a pretty Scary thought that's kind of like the First step in you know kind of the Terminator scenario where these AI Overlords start kind of pulling the Strings on how we live our lives so That's kind kind of Elon musk's biggest Fear and he talks about you know just Like how we have the FDA for food or in You know the automobile industry of a Lot of regulations there there should be Something and or some body that's Regulating and governing advances in AI Just to make sure the Public's best Interests are at are in mind now I don't Know if this is Elon Musk saying this Due to some sort of personal Vendetta he Has with companies like open AI or chat Gbt or if it's all genuine and part of His genuine concern for the future Well-being of humanity but it's Something to consider it's something to Think about especially for people who Are thinking about going all in on AI For their own businesses if we're going Down the path where AI is about to Become pretty heavily regulated with big People like Elon Musk saying that you Know the government should seriously Consider doing this it might kind of put A damper on some traction a lot of new AI based businesses might be having so Just a quick reminder think about that You might want to diversify cast a wide

Net so that your business doesn't go Down if AI eventually goes down and our Last story of the week really quick one Is just an update for those of you who Don't know I actually run a monthly Newsletter out of my website the so I'm actually working on A couple of pretty interesting things I'm in conversations with a couple of Different companies and sponsors who are Going to help me put out some really Helpful educational content in the Monthly newsletter so get ahead of it if You're not already subscribed go on over To my website subscribe And you'll get the email newsletter Every month it's either the last day of The month or kind of near the first day Of the next month anyways that's it for This week's Sunday segment I hope this Was helpful happy selling everyone Cheers

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