Genius $900K TikTok Strategy

If you're trying to launch an e-commerce Brand check this out 500 units and we Were like how are we going to sell these But we can't be stuck with them in our Garage for the rest of our lives so here We go we launched at the end of January Of this year but I would say like when The business really took off was in like April when Taylor's Tick Tock just a Tick-Tock currently that's where 90 of Our sales are coming from wow the Misconception is that Tick Tock can't Drive sales and at one thousand percent Can and we box sold out consecutively Every month until it's our first month Fully in stock we're on track to do a Million Tick Tock is such a good Strategy for content of our sales are From Tick Tock 90 of your sales from Tick Tock for any business honestly you Should also say a 100 of those sales are Organic we don't promote wow the content It's all organic that's awesome

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