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On Planning The Production Of Promotional Pens

Practically everyone makes use of a pen. This is the reason promotional pens make excellent giveaways.

Pinning Business Hopes On Cheap Pens

According to a study conducted last year by the ASI or the Advertising Specialties Institute, more than half of American consumers own writing instruments that bear the logo of a given brand. This only proves that cheap pens remain largely effective.

Pointing Out The Value Of Printed Pens

In many ways, promotional products act like the unofficial business card of companies. They get to promote what the company is offering in a way that business cards are not able to do.

The Business Of Promoting Branded Pens

Promotional products like branded pens remain effective instruments for many businesses in terms of keeping the company name fresh in the minds of customers. Read on to learn more.

Picking Promotional And Cheap Pens

Many would say that writing is a lost art, but that is not necessarily the case. Read on to learn more.

Let Your Brand Name Be Recognised Using Plastic Carrier Bags

If you want your brand name to be seen everywhere, consider using plastic carrier bags. These bags will get the word out about your brand with effectiveness among the target audience.

How to Beat the Big Box Guys? Think Local

You’ve been enjoying a nice run as a small, independent retailer, specializing in out-of-the-ordinary items that sell very well for you. But then here comes Wal-Mart, or Office Max, or Bed Bath & Beyond, or Kroger or… you get the idea. The Big Box guys seem to be opening everywhere and horning in on what you’ve been able to build for the last few years. A good example of this is Kroger, the supermarket chain that has recently started offering natural food in half its stores and designating special isles as “Nature’s Market”. So what are you, as a specialty retailer, going to do to stay in business and maintain any dominance in your market? Your first thought might be to lower prices just to be able to compete with the big boys. But that’s kinda like taking a Swiss army knife to the gunfight at the OK Coral. You can’t compete with the big guys on price. Forget it! There are, however, some things you can do to maintain your position in the market. Here’s 5 things you can do to remain firm, and even possibly gain when you’re forced to take on the big boys:

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