How To Buy & Sell USDT on Binance Using P2P – (Binance p2p Tutorial 2023)

Let me go Um So that is kids that we're working on Right now but that's what we're going to Be talking about in today's video now Over the weekend I had a train live free Training actually on Zoom a free live Training on Zoom where I taught you guys How to buy usdt on binance now if you Live in a country like Nigeria or Ghana Or countries where the currencies are Getting weaker every day right the best Way to make money and preserve the value Of your coffee your money is to buy usdt On buyer so buy a dollar basically right People are attended this training I Taught them exactly how to buy usdt on Finance using the binance P2P it is very Simple and we're able to do that in less Than two minutes so we bought usdt and Right through withdrew back into our Account right and it was a very Practical training for those of you that Missed that training you came to me and You said Gerald I miss this trading so I Said I'm gonna be posting this video on YouTube for free for you guys because of The love that I have for you guys right So when I say that I care about your Success I actually mean it I know Exactly what I'm talking about and I Mean every bit of it in my previous Video last video clean up right here Right now I showed you guys how I was

Able to make over three hundred thousand Dollars on you with YouTube alone right And that's what I want to teach you guys So what you need to do to join that Training is to click on the first link In this video description and once you Click on that link it's going to take You straight to my WhatsApp so you can Chat with me and I can provide more Information for the training so that's It guys let me show you guys exactly how To buy usdt on binance so you can Preserve the value of your money and Also make money while you are doing that Now let's go guys so that's because so If you go on um YouTube and you search For create and verify balance account Binance account this video This is the First video right here the video I'm Talking about so just click watch this Video in this video I explained and I Show you know how to set up your account To finance and actually verify your Balance account as well using your phone Right it's actually a very step-by-step Tutorial and it's going to help you get That sorted out you know so um That said I'm gonna go to binance I'm going to go come to if You guys can see binance on my on my Screen So I'm going to be jumping straight into How to set up um how to uh verify for How to buy usdt on binance right now the

Background of this story of this which a Lot of you guys actually know is the Fact that um if you live in a country Like Nigeria or Ghana you know um at Least these are the weakest currencies Right now in the world Uh okay the countries that had the Weakest currencies right now in the World so there is this substation Especially when it comes to dollar and Usdt is back to the dollar so it's an Easy way to preserve the value of your Money now for instance Um uh if dollar is about 750 or 7 30 Right now there are people that there is A time but lost a few months ago was About 500 600 right so imagine if you Have bought ten thousand dollars for six Million naira you know you could Comfortably sell it for 7.2 or 7.4 Million naira but if you have had that Money in naira in your bank account you Will not be able to buy that amount of Dollar only if you do business right so What people do most times it's it's a Home of our obituary setup where you buy Dollar load you keep it for a while and When it increases uh and you sell it Forever and still get a little profit From it right so um some of the best Ways actually preserve the value of your Money especially if your money is in Naira it's by buying dollar right and You can easily buy it buy usdt which is

Equal to Dollars it's the same thing Right So I'm going to be showing you guys a Practical example on how that could be Done so I'm going to come to Binary and Say I'm going to log into my balance Account right so we can actually Practicalize this thing this is going to Be a very short training you know um so I'm going to log into my binance account You can just go to binance hit binance And login you know I'm going to put my Password here and of course go to login Right you know Um Authenticator code so what I did was That I set up Google Authenticator as Well on my phone somebody raising I will Have time to ask questions so Abdul Majeed lose my address please just chill For a minute yeah we'll have time to ask Questions so um I'm Um I verify sorry I have a Google Authenticator as part of my security Protocol on my finance account So uh I'm gonna find authenticator I'm Pulling the code here to login so I Think our login right now to buy that Okay yeah so we are logged into binance Right now let me Define this Okay So I log into Finance right now and if You come to binance you see that my Estimated balance is 612 US Dollars

Price Media balance all the coins that I put Right now amounts to 712 US dollars so Um I want to buy qsdc basically right I Want to buy USD and I think another Thing I'm going to be doing right now is To show you another uh is it I'm gonna Leave that alone I'm going to be Teaching that in my uh I'll decide Please something I'm supposed to be Teaching in my page training right so um I'll decide if I want to actually share That with you guys as we proceed so I'm Gonna come here and go to Foreign I want to pay in select your currency Here ngn which is naira right and I want To pay I want to buy coin Okay confirm I want to buy coin of let's say 5 000 Naira right I want to buy Corner five Thousand dollars is going to be giving Me 6.6747 usdt Right which is six dollars and 47 cents Basically and reference price is this All right so what this Express does is That you try it tries to find the best Price for us instantly right that's what Uh Open this So what this Express does is that it Finds the best price for us instantly And you can buy with zero with zero

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Feeds right so right now with seven Seven two point five two Um you can use P2P right let me show you Guys what the what this one does so P2P Uh we will waste you a little time Because it's going to show okay let's Say I want to buy five thousand I'm Gonna come here and put five thousand Right put five thousand at all payments Everything I'm gonna hit uh okay so this Is 774 so I'm gonna hit search other Gonna hit search so this person is Willing to sell between four thousand Naira and 200 200 000 naira right and It's 780 784 770 784 right 779 this is this is What people are actually selling right But when you use express it gets the Best price for you is without you having Having to go through all of this and Start shifting buyers one by one you Know so that's what Express does for you Basically so um you guys are going to be Having uh the the opportunity to ask Questions as we as you know when we are Done with this training it's gonna be a Very short showing because I need to Sleep I'm actually very funny so I want To pay 5000 my 500 5000 watts of usdt You can buy 100 000 if you want Right it depends on how much any amount You have in the area right you can buy 50 000 whatever it is that you have Right fifty thousand so but for this I

Want to do 10 000 that's 710 000 but Just for this training right now I want To do you want to buy ten thousand Dollar worth of USD so and it's gonna be Giving me 12 and this is the reference Reference price 772. now I'm gonna say Buy with zero fees right buy with zero Fees so it says um I will receive this Right so I'm gonna copy this Mind you guys remember how much you had In our wallet I'm gonna open a notepad Document uh Notepad And drop this here I'm just doing this So that you have like like some kind of Reference point so Um bank transfer I'm gonna say confirm Purchase all right confirm purchase and This is loading up so right here at the Top of my screen so what happened Okay so this is loading up let's give it A while Okay so this is what it says Transferred and notified seller now Confirm order I'm going to pay in 10 000 Error and this is the price per USD Right per usdt and I'm going to be Getting 12.83 usdt at the end of this Transaction and I need to transfer funds Into this account right I need to Transfer the full sum of 10 000 naira Into this account and account name is This right the bank account number is This and the bank name is the profitos

Bank right and this is the reference Message and I'm gonna come to you if you Come to more account opening Branch I Don't update this is not important right So and uh now if you look at this place It says never release cryptocurrency Before actually receiving the payment do Not trust anyone who ask you to release Crypto before the payment please check Your balance and balance your account Balance carefully and make sure that you Have received the full amount you know Um users should not accept should not Pay or accept payments from 10 party Account immediately report by report Finance if you if you return to scammers Now what this means is that you should Not accept or make payment from Departure account the account that you Should use to make this payment must be An account that has the same name that You have on buying it if your name on Binance is Gerald with me then the Account you're making payment from Should be General agreement so that it's Easy to track and confirm right because There has been cases where scammers will Hack into somebody's account and use it To buy crypto so binance is getting Against that so I I lost close list Now what I'm going to do right now is That you have um Make payments I'm online so this place This lady just said make payments I'm

Online I'm gonna say okay so you can Chat with the person you want to buy Coin from right here right so what I'm Going to do right now is to take my Phone and go to my Um Google uh sorry my my gtbank app all I want to make payment with GT bank so I'm going to go to my gtbank app and Actually make this payment that's how Easy it is to do right so let me make This payment I want to complete Everything so that you guys will see That this is not a rocket science right It's actually very easy to do you know You can do it by yourself so um do you Feel that a lot of business have this One day when they when they say transfer Money to this account that they become Skeptical about it you don't have to be Finance has done the uh The what's it called the due diligence And as soon as we shaded this Transaction finance took this usdt and They are holding it right now right so That when you've made payments you know You're gonna see it finance will release It to us right and of course if they are If they are issues there are ways that They fix this thing so Finance just sent Me a a lot of my phone right now that I I have a transaction Right B2B other and everything I just Got the message right now so I'm going To go to transfers and actually make

This payment new beneficiary Um what's your name So I'm gonna Account to debits account with debit I'm Gonna select the account to debate Amount amount is 10 000 naira 10 000 amount um account or credit which Is this account here by four zero zero Six five So uh this is loading up Enterprise Bank For my bank now I'm gonna select proof It just rank Um looking for p Review those okay I've seen previous Right so the name here The name here is actually this name of The accounts actually this Right that's the name of the account So um I'm gonna make payment into this Okay So then remarks this reference message I'm going to put it inside remark bro so It helps I I always do this because it Makes it easy to track this transaction So I'm gonna say two zero for Two four eight eight two four eight Eight a lot of persons will take that Awesome but it doesn't really matter About me I just feel like putting it There so it's easy for me to try the Transaction 507. 299 seven nine nine two nine nine seven Nine nine uh zero four so let me confirm Two zero four two two zero four two four

Eight eight six four eight eight six Four five zero seven four five zero Seven two nine nine seven 2997 9904 990 okay that's fine so I'm gonna Hit continue and put in my PIN Right and I click done Right And this is window if you can see my Screen is loading so it says transaction Successful Transaction successful and GT bank right So I've collected on this transaction so What I'm gonna do right now is uh click On click on done right and come here and Click on transfer notify seller where it Says transformed and file so I'm going To click on it and uh this is the Account number and everything so I'm Gonna hit I have made payment and I'm Gonna say confirm payment So um okay So he says you have marked the order has Paid please wait for the seller to Confirm and release assets so at this Point we're now waiting for this seller Hcn31 to confirm to binance that he or She has been people have received the Transfer that we made right and once They I confirmed that this money is Going to be deposited into our finance Account that's how easier that's how Seamless it is so let's just wait for This um okay so this person has about 10

Minutes okay beautiful so the person has Released so it says order completed you Have successfully purchased 12.8 sales So so you see how easy it is right as Soon as I got the money into his or her Bank account they clicked on her they Have received and this vsdc gets Transferred to us and our order has been Successfully completed so we just bought Usdt right now right I just converted 10 000 naira into um 12.83 uh usdt Basically you see how easy it is in less Than five minutes so Um So you can go ahead and review this guy By positive review that you did well you Know I have had a transaction with him And it was good so you can go ahead and Write something write something a lot of That but you know I don't usually do That but of course you can go ahead and Do that so you see how easy it is Actually through this right so let's go Back to our balance and fill our balance So that our wallet has increased by 12.83 right I think that's what we got So uh okay so let me go to my wallet Everything overview I'm looking at just My funding wallet here if I go to Overview so it was six something Initially you should see this is six Something yes I think it was six two Again it's 625 right so the USD I just Bought has been added into our finance

Account right now see how easy it is Actually too right and uh for some of You somebody said that they want to know How to withdraw you know so um you know What let's take questions from here then We can actually get to actually making Converting some of your money back into Usdt just in case you want to do that Let's say you bought a 772 and tomorrow Dollar is now 1000 and you want to sell You've made money you want to sell like Right so yeah what you need to do is Just come to withdraw and you can sell It using your using a P2P as well but I'm gonna be explaining that you know But let me take a few questions for People that actually do have fixtures so What I'm gonna do is to stop sharing my Screen And uh I'm gonna Um you'll just ask everybody to admit Um whatever mixes does anybody here have Any question let me know in the chat box You have a question If you have a question let me know in The chat box if you have a question Okay Elizabeth has a question JJ Alden Is as a question Okay so I'm Elizabeth I'm gonna ask you To unmute Elizabeth please go ahead and ask your Question Okay Um sorry I wasn't able to join early

Um because of network issues so I don't Know I joined quietly will I be able to Um have access to the beginning part of The video or the video itself the Recording okay that's your question Yes okay okay that's fine I'll I'll Answer that question So Um yeah so uh what is what's his name What's the second person that right here I can't see the raised hand again okay Jdl jdl I've asked you to unmute Yourself and ask a question Yeah good day Jared hi My question has to do with what you said You were about to explain later okay Yeah yeah yeah how how soon can you Serve considering that there might be Competition in the market how soon can You with your Question Um I don't know if you mean bye-bye soon Do you mean the speed that you can get Someone here is that what you mean yes Yes yes exactly you're going to be Seeing me to do that and just out the Next one minute or so yeah okay so a Another question No okay that's good maybe I'm maybe I'm A very wonderful teacher You know I used to think that I'm not But maybe I've been wrong about myself I Should give myself more credit don't you Guys think so

Okay so I'm gonna go back to sharing my Screen Um go back to binance and click and Share Okay somebody is asking how do you Confirm that your account name on Binance is the same with your bank Account so when you are setting up your Binance account right you put in your Name and you verify right then after You've done that you also add your bank Account Right and any bank account you are Adding on binance has to be your account Now this lady did something very Important I thought you guys were going To ask me that way but nobody asked me That question let me show you guys Something I don't know I've removed so The theory that we just bought you sdt From right now it's something her Account name is actually different from The name of her account but there was Something that she did Um somewhere there she added the account Name and said that this is her business Account right so for me I didn't have Any issues trusting her I said because a Lot of things have done business with Her I thought somebody was going to ask Me nobody asked me that question right So the person that we talk about from Right now her account name was Queen C Something something you know and not

That I don't know if we can actually see That from uh from our notification Give all notifications let me see Uh you know that login attempted this Bank card because okay it's not showing Up right here let's say activities So that's what you do when you are Telling me your account information Um I think you know what let me see if I Can try to add account to my Other account my balance At a bank account to my balance I've Never done that before I just because When I added when I was setting up my Account that's what I heard But to help clear this question Identification dashboard should be here And dashboard right Okay Um Payments Let's say payment Is that what it should be okay so I'm Going I'm going beyond the scope okay so This is my this is the account I have Here Payment Come to add payments bank transfer Access bank whatever select your bank And put in your bank information and of Course the bank account has to have your Name so let's say I want to add maybe a GT bank account right and Um

This is my name so automatically Automatically Um binance lose your name so they won't Let you edit this so you just need to Provide your bank account number and it Has to have this name Does that make sense now you have to Provide your bank account number account Number here and it has to have this name Because binance already knows your name So your account Name has to match their name on your Binance account right so that makes it Easy a person that has location only if I answered your question The person that asked and said my Question is how to send USD to another User oh okay no how do you confirm okay So I think I've answered 800 Galaxy S6 Plus I think I've answered your question On how to confirm the account name on Binance the same with that on your bank Account so that's how when you're adding The balance put your name there Automatically so you put it you just Provide the account number that has that Name basically right so uh Victor say You're a wonderful teacher thank you I Appreciate you Um my question is how to send USD and Other user on binance so the person that Has this question do you have a balanced Account moshimola My question is how to send USD to

Non-binance account okay Um okay let me answer these two Questions so if you want to send usdt to A finance account let me show you how to Do that I'm going to come here and cancel this I'm going to close this How to send to a balanced account exit I'm going to exit this uh let's say I Want to send uh let's come here wallet Right on other Foreign Okay I want to send usdt to a binance User this is what I'm going to do I'm Going to come here That I'm going to send it says use Binance fee to send tokens to other Binance users at 0ps right this is one Thing that you can do come to send right Here and the binance user has an email Address so put the his balance image the Email you sign up on binance put the Email right here and you can do that Easily or the phone number that you use To sign up on buyer I can do that is in The right here or he's paid or his Balance ID Right so what is my parents ID right now If I go to my uh here right now I'm Going to go to my dashboard To write This is my user Finance user ID here So the person gives you this and with That with this you can send money to the

Person so you can send Using Finance Email address and all of that but if the Person is a non-binance user right just Like the second question I saw a Non-binance user let's go to get back go Back to wallet so what you need to do is To come here and go to withdraw Right so what coin are you saying I got It what coin are you sending to the Person okay usdt I'm gonna come here and Say usdt right this is this one usdt That's what I'm sending to the person so If the person is a balanced user you can Put the person's email address phone Number pay ID or whatever but it's the Person is an external user a lot of Finance that's when you click on address Who did Um wallet address right here for the Person's wallet address then choose the Appropriate Network that the VPP vpsp is It gpmb ethereum message and all of that Right so Um Yeah that's it that's what you need to Do the person gives you the address you Put it here and uh Network selecting I've put Network and of course you can Actually once you are done with this you Now click on send and all of that you Can send to your non-finance user it is That simple so is there another question What if your full name on binance is not Complete that is only your first name

How do you modify that Um I think it's fine because I have an Account that has just general domain on It right it's completely fine I don't See any issues really a lot of they have Issues with that you know if they do They'll probably contact you I've never Had that issue so I cannot answer your Question you know completely you know Because I've never had that issue but I Think it's fine right I think it's fine so Um I'm gonna close this so is there Another question before like I go into Uh Is it another question I got a question Not seen anything else right here okay So let's talk about uh drawers you want To sell usdt so let's I'm going to Assume that we have fought USD And we bought at 500 and right now it's Seven something and we want to sell it Right let's say that's what I want to do Right now so this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna come here others and go to P2P Order Right I'm gonna go to P2P on there so I Think there's a question here How how to use usdt to buy coin you guys Are moving me beyond the scope of this Journey this is what's important I'm Also spent like 30 minutes here this is 32 minutes already so I click on I come

To order I click on P2P order and it Brings me here right so we can use Express or p2b so let me show you P2P First before I come to experts so I come To Um uh the P2P right and instead of Saying bye I think that I want to sell Instead of buy right now I click on sale So buy is green cell is red So I want to sell click on sale and this Is loading up let's give it a while so Okay beautiful So we want to sell uh let's say I want To sell five thousand naira Foreign So this guy said that he is buying Between 5 and 434 000 naira so this is Perfect for us and he's he's willing to Buy it at 756. Right this guy is 756 this guy 756 so You can actually I can go I can go Because I have to go with this guy I decided to go with these guys sell USD I can decide to go with this guy or I Can go to express here I come to experts now what this Express Does is that parents automatically tries To find the best uh possible deal for us That's what the experts does instead of You having to go through and see through People that you want to buy from so Let's say I want to buy I want to sell Um Uh not 20 unless I want to buy I want to

Sell 10 Right 10 usdt Uh he says okay selling crypto amount Okay the lowest you can sell is 20 USD Right uh for for this unless I want to Sell everything I have for instance Right so it's gonna say that um I'm Gonna be getting it from they're buying It at the person they found is buying it At 7.75. that means I'm gonna be getting 430 000 naira if I sell everything I Have inside of Finance right now Right that's how easy it is so I can Come here and okay if I sell five what I Have my funding wallet my support wallet Is nothing but that would be six Something so let's say I want to say Sell with zero fees that's when you Begin so let's say I want to sell 20. Right I'm not going to be completing This this because of course I don't Intend to sell anything so I'm going to Say sell with zero fees And this is it so it says that Um 20 usdt I will I'll be receiving 15 131 naira into my local my Nigerian bank Account and this is the amount this is The best of best offer that you could Find and this is the account where the Number is where the money is going to be Paid for his account number of the Account where the money is going to be Deposited right or I can add another Account with another method right here

By clicking on this place and of course Adding a new account you bring my Attention to add a new account which I Can do by doing this but I don't want to Do that so let's go back in uh Go back to other go to P2P order right Just like I showed you guys then go to Cell uh okay so this is loading up let's Give it a while I go to express Right I'm gonna Express then I'll go to um Just waiting for you to finish it So I go to cell Rice And 20 20. 20 years is what I want to Sell I'm going to see yourself with zero Fees Right so I wanna I wanna I want the Money paid into this account so I'm Gonna say confirm sale So this is it says successfully placed An order Right So Um You know what Okay so he says that uh somebody Is already here Willing to buy I wasn't planning on Planning on selling anything but I think I have to So binance has collected this money now And they're holding it in escrow right

So this somebody Um This is what I'm going to be getting This is the amount the person is buying It from me this is the quantity I'm Selling 20 20 USD confirm that the Payment is made using the buyer's room Name the name of the person that's Making this that wants to buy this right Now see how fast it is there's always People willing to buy and sell stuff Right here so and uh So after confirming the payment be sure To click on payment to receive button And all of that so uh this is the Account number this is my name this is The reference and everything Okay so this person has marked this Order so he says has marked this order Has paid uh please confirm that you have Received the payment and release assets So I'm going to look into my bank Account To see if this money has received this Is something that I always tell people Do not um assume that you have gotten The money right so me I log into my Banking app to make sure that I actually Got the money inside my account You know so I'm logging in right now to Confirm that this money is here you know Before before I say that I have received Payment I'm gonna tap here and the money Is here you see how fast it is this

Person has paid so I have 15 000 131 From battery will be whatever whatever So they see how how fast it is right how Fast it is that this person actually Made this payment so I've gotten the Money inside my bank account so you guys Have made me say money that I didn't Want to sell because I'm teaching you Guys Hmm So I'm going to hit Um payment receipt right I have not Risked oh I'm gonna say payment received I have received the correct amount Payment center matches the buyers the File name so the name matches right so This is loading up so it says I should Authenticate That it is me that's actually doing this Thing so let me go back to my app find My Google Authenticator And then find the binance authenticator If you want to 975 So it says you have released the assets The buyer will receive the USD right so I can give this buyer Um positive review that of course I did Good business with them and that's all Like this this uh process is completed This other completed successfully I sold 20.000 usdt right now and it is that Easy right so if you check my balance Here right now the value of my money my Usdt has reduced by 20 and I have gotten

Extra 15 000 something inside my bank Account which is that easy right so um First person that asks how to sell Sorry real practical teaching how to use Easy to buy coin okay so that's it right See how easy it is right so um how to Use it to buy corn is actually beyond The scope of this training you know but Uh I don't know I don't know if I should uh Okay so let's say Um Let's go back to my wallet Let me show you guys that Somebody has a question let me let me Just finish this quickly so I think uh It's come to transfer Right This is transfer Production Why is it that the amount you are buying Is always higher than the amount you are Selling okay so Um I don't know the real reason but it's It's uh it's it's it's it's basically Normal it's just like when you are Buying dollar for my bookie right now Aboki wants to make money Right so if they're buying dollar at 7 25 They most likely sell it at 7 30. so if you sell dollar to them right Now I want to buy it back you sell out

725 to them right now I want to buy it Back right now they're going to buy it At 7 30. so if you if you go to bank you See we buy two songs or amounts we sell So so about because they are making Profit but the sellers are making profit So they will add a little extra for Selling so do not buy and do not buy and Sell immediately the whole idea is for You to buy home and wait for you to go Up a little while than yourself That makes business sense so jadiel Dennis I hope you asked our question is Answered so let me stop sharing my Screen And uh nurundu Please I I've asked you to unmute ask Your question All right online was a good evening from Here And he's my man Yeah I'd like to know more about the Threading aspect of her Platform you need to know I want to know more on the training Trading aspects okay this trend yes okay Okay so so I'm trading is beyond the Scope of this uh Of this training tonight like I said I Wanted to spend just like 30 minutes Right here but let me give you an idea Of what training Basically you're buying different Currency look I'm selling it high right

So you buy you buy usdt You wait for it to go up then you sell It or you buy a particular coin like This coin is at one dollar right now so You buy Um ten of it for ten dollars and you Wait for it maybe something happened but Elon Musk tweet about it or or you get Um you get um What's the word He gets uh uh adopted by a major crypto Platform like Finance or something and And the price goes up then you sell it You know that is what really it is Basically you know so I'm actually doing A series of Forex Trading using um Forex For you you know I've I think I've Released the first of that video on my Channel the subject I've recorded the Second and top video you know so it's Going to be I'll be releasing it maybe Within next week you know that I'm the Third and the fourth and the future I'm Working on them currently you know so That's that would uh give you a Practical Insight with your trading you Know and all of that so it's actually Beyond the scope of this particular Trading trade in this night please Right All right all right thank you very much Okay somebody said shaleem Carter said Um thank you so much considering your Method of buying usdp or buy now shows

That if you want to sell back Immediately you will be losing so I wish To know better and cheaper will buy it For good obituaries sir okay so Arbitrage is yes like I have explained That these people wants to make money Wants to make money so they cannot buy From you and sell immediately You know unless the market moves and uh You know there's an increase in value so That is the only time so you buy your Home that you sell when it's increases You know so when it comes to habitual Arbitrate means basically uh making Money from the difference so if you find A different Um platform that you can buy usdt as at Maybe 7 20. why Finance is selling at At 7 35 Different between these two platform so What you would do is to buy on this Other platform right then send that Money to finance and now sell it to Finance Sellers and you keep the profit You know I keep the robot since the Nigerian Bank stop working people doing That on foreign websites green arbitrary That become a little more difficult but I'm doing it I'm doing some research on Arbitrage and once I'm done with that Research I'm going to be releasing a lot Of a couple of videos on arbitrary right So that's what it is That's strange so it's

Slash online Custom TV so it's actually online also TV that's my YouTube channel Online hustle TV So somebody here doesn't know my YouTube Channel how did you find me That's that's strange Uh http Okay so that's my YouTube channel thanks For the reply so somebody asked a Question and said that was a question I Said I was gonna answer okay about the Video the recording being available yes I'm actually recording this And what I'm gonna do is that I think I'll just dig it and put it on YouTube You know within the week Right I put it on YouTube so maybe I'm Busy on Monday maybe on Tuesday I will Cut it I'll edit it and put it and put it on YouTube for free you know so I will tell You later how to buy And sell USD to your balance something Like that right so I would uh yeah so This video will be available I'll make It available so anybody who can answer That question I'm gonna unmute everybody So I can take your questions and we can I can go and sleep I'm actually very tired very very tired But what do you guys think we should do More of these practical trainings at Night what do you guys think

I'm meeting everybody awesome awesome so So once you see somebody Okay somebody said uh Okay Uh all right and I I didn't join this Class of time I don't really know can You do a video a kind of a cup or Um I'm recording this video so I would have It available on on I think by Maybe by on Tuesday or Wednesday Right awesome yeah so you have this Video so you can watch it on YouTube so I will not doing everything Okay so I want to be a perfect thank you To you guys for watching the video to The very end right if you want to see my Video how I met how I met over 300 000 With affiliate marketing and YouTube and All of that please watch this video Showing up right here right now and if You want to know how to make money with Forex watch this video showing down Right here right now until I see my next Video guys keep winning and don't forget That Gerald does love you guys bye from Here guys

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