How To Create an Online Course For Beginners (6-Step Guide)

Hey it's Aurelius welcome back to the Channel in this video I'm going to walk You through these steps to creating your Own online course so if you've been Thinking about launching an online Course or you've it's been on the back Burner for a while then this video is For you because I'm going to walk you Through those course steps so if you Know me I guess get straight to the Point without wasting any time so with That said let's start with step one all Right so step one is to make sure you Have an idea a clue at least in terms of What online course you plan to launch Now if you have no idea that's okay Because what I personally would do is to Look at my existing audience what Current problems struggles and Challenges are they facing is there a Particular theme like comments that you Get regularly on your social media Profiles on YouTube Instagram Tick Tock Or whatnot that appear quite often Because that's going to give you a big Clue in terms of what people are Searching for what struggles are they Currently facing and from those comments You can turn that into an online course In fact some of the minute kind of Questions and ideas that people post on You know your comments field and your Section may be actually a good fit for Modules and lessons that you end up

Putting but we'll talk more about Structuring your online course in The Next Step so your idea matters because If you are going to come up with an idea That or an online course that people Aren't actually searching for or wanting Then it may potentially be a flop band I've released plenty of courses which Ended ended up with a very low sales now To give an example of a recent course That I launch it's called YouTube Master Course this idea actually came about Based on comments that I received on my YouTube channel and my videos a lot of Subscribers had asked me how do I make My videos how do I make it in that way Where I've got that little talking head On the corner of my screen small things Like that it makes a difference because That gives you a better idea of what People are actually searching for what They are actually asking you and what Actually you are known for because if They see as you know in my case I am Into digital Tech so people see me as That kind of expert Authority or Whatever you want to call it so that Also shapes the kind of Niche you're in So therefore Translating that into an online course It makes sense you don't want to create An online course that is completely like Entirely irrelevant to what your channel Is about or whatever your content that

You post on social media there are of Course other ways to validate an idea Using things like keyword research tools For example the Google Keyword Planner Tool this gives you an overall guide or An estimate of how many people are Actually searching for a particular Topic or a keyword or key phrase each And every month however it's not the b Or end all and I would use this and take It with a grain or salt so the best Feedback you will ever get is from your Existing audience right once you have an Idea in terms of what online course you Would like to pursue we are moving on to Step two which is coming up with a Curriculum for your online course Sticking to the theme of getting Straight to the point in this video what I want to show you is a basic structure That you can follow really same simple Really easy I did this in my plain text Editor nothing fancy right so we've got Introduction we've got module one and Then under module one you've got Different lessons so lesson one lesson Two three four and five rinse and repeat So if there's a topic then you've got Sub or also a category and then you've Got sub categories or lessons in this Case I want to show you inside by a Thinkific account which is an online Course platform so you can get a better Idea in terms of how I structured my

YouTube Master course alright so here we Are inside my thinkific account and here You see you can see the different Modules we've got module one we've got Introduction module two YouTube success Mindset so this is where I talk about Mindset we've got the introduction to The YouTube success mindset for module Two then we've got these other smaller Lessons overcoming the fear of being on Camera how to stop worrying about what Others think how to overcome imposter Syndrome and many of these others so I Kind of repeat this is in a way where You've got different themes if there's a Topic that requires or you know more Things to talk about then it deserves Its own module that's how I came about With the modules I was thinking how does Someone go about launching their own YouTube channel so I started from the Beginning which is a mindset finding Their Niche branding and then like a YouTube plan setting up their Channel Content how to film how to edit making Thumbnails and Publishing so as you can See it's in this sequence that they Follow and again let's refer back to This template right so follow this fill It in credit drafts and then of course Refine it before you actually start Creating your online course all right Step three is to choose a format for Your online course this means are you

Going to be launching an online course As PDF guides an ebook perhaps or will You be doing videos you'll be recording Videos in separate modules and lessons You don't have to show your face if you Want to just share your screen and if It's something that can be just on Screen then that could be an approach Otherwise if it's something that you Have to be in then think about that Right so whichever route you take in Terms of the format that's what you need To decide on first before moving on to The next step if going the PDF slash Ebook slash guide root then you can Create a guide really easy in canva such As this one here I've got my launcher Email list course it's a five-step plan To starting and building a profitable Email list I created this from scratch In canva no template whatsoever however You can go and choose from one of these Templates as you can see with this one Here you've got this creative ebook Template some may be Pro so you may Require canva Pro account and by the way If you do want to sign up for canva look Down in the description box below where There's a 30-day trial of Cam Pro Alternatively you can use a design tool Or more so an ebook tool called designer I've got a separate video on this if you Want to learn step by step how to use Designer as well as my bonus offer so

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I'll link it all up and all these Resources and links that I've discussed So far and throughout throughout this Duration of this video in the Description box below same goes for Creating an ebook in canva there's a Couple of videos that I've already Released so links will to all that will Be in the description as well if you're Going the video course route then all You really need is your existing camera And the best camera to use is the one You have in your pocket or the one you Currently have sitting around so it Could be a pocket camera that you use For traveling it could be your iPhone Your Samsung Android phone whatever it Is the only thing I recommend you do is To make sure that you have a good Microphone rather than using the Built-in microphone on your phone or Your pocket camera because it's not as Good so if you want to make sure that The quality of your course is up to par Then the minimum is to make sure you've Got good audio because let's say you've Got your camera far back right you've Got it maybe I'm not sure how many feet But it could be for me it's like a meter Away right so I've got the camera made Away you know the internal microphone on Your phone is going to pick up Everything else surrounding it so it's Best to just connect it up put this you

Know use this lav mic you can just pick One up on Amazon for like twenty thirty Dollars and it's going to make a huge Difference all right so that's what I Would do at the minimum I would take in Order to create a video based online Course all right the next step is to Come up with a course name this may take You very long to come up with you don't Necessarily have to come up with the Course name at the start before creating The online course of course and no pun Intended there but um if you want to Come up with a course name you can come Up with it later on because let's say You start recording your or creating Your online course and and you feel like This is the name for it something might Spark an idea and you're like oh yeah This is the exact name that goes with my Online course so you can very well Credit at the end or at the start Because some people like to visualize What their course is going to be called And then that kind of motivates them to Actually create the online course so When I created my online course right YouTube Master course this took me ages To come up with I had my writer actually Help me come up with this name I was Like it's going to be a course based on My the modules and lessons that I Drafted it's going to be a huge course So

The course name called Master course I Feel like that represented how many Modules and lessons are in it because I Talk a lot you know quite a lot about YouTube in this course and there's quite A lot that I dissect so it just made Sense for me to use YouTube Master Course but what I will do is to make Sure you keep your course names short so In this case I've got like YouTube Master course that's two words I guess And then if you want to explain or Describe what your course is make sure That's uh as a description or more so a Subtitle of that course title so you can See with my subtitles turn what you know Into profitable and binge worthy Channel Build for non-techies and YouTube Newbies kind of expand and elaborate on It in your subtitle not your online Course name otherwise it's going to be Hard to remember so again you don't have To come up with a course name right off The bat you can wait until you've Created your online course which is Something I actually kind of did and Because I was a little undecided in Terms of what course aim I should go With and then I eventually went with YouTube Master course so take your time With this but just to get an idea of What name you'd like to come up with This is a step all right course Platforms and tools the course platform

That you use May matter depending on the Type of course that you're creating if It's very simple then you may just have A simple download page where you've got Your videos just on that one page right So the simpler you can make it the Better easier for your customers as well If you want it a bit more organized and Managed then I recommend a couple of These platforms so the first is of Course we've got thinkific right so Thinkific does come at a cost starting From zero so your limited courses and Unlimited students one site admin Accounts so you can have a read of this With thinkific it's kind of all in one Because what you can do is of course Host your online course you've got a way To add your videos so let's say this one Right here and I'm going to show you one Of the videos so when you are editing And adding your course modules you can See what it looks like I've added my Video I simply uploaded it as a video You can see if I ever wanted to create a New chapter or let's say add a new Module I can just go add chapter and Then let's add a chapter and then what We can do is add modules below it so you Can see here add a lesson sorry lesson Not module let's add a new lesson and Then from here we can create a video PDF Audio text And some of these other ones as a lesson

On top of all that thinkific allows you To create a landing page to actually Sell your online course and it's got Full e-commerce integration so if you Want to sell and actually receive and Accept payments it's got that built in The second platform you can use to host Your online course is one called pay hip It's similar to gumroad however they've Got online course support and the Benefit of using pay hip over something Like thinkific and other competitors is That it's free however with a five Percent transaction action fee for every Sale that you make of course includes All the features right that you've got Compared to the pro and plus unlimited Products that you can add and there's no Fees or increase or fees no matter how Much you make but if you are expecting a Large volume then you may want to Consider going on the Plus or Pro plans And this includes you know no Transaction fee so if you want that Transaction fee waived then you may want To consider the Pro Plan so I'm inside My demo pay hip account all you need to Do to add an online course is to click On add new and then from the options Here you click on course to sell your Course follow the wizard and the process So let's name this demo course click on ADD course and straight away you can add Your lessons so we can create a

Different section or in other words a Module so let's say this is a module one Click on Save and then underneath this Module we will add lessons so it's just Refreshing and then there's that module One let's create a new lesson let's just Name this whatever but let me show you Inside if I click on new lesson and very Similar to thinkific and other course Platforms you choose a format for the Lesson let's say a video and then this Is where you can go about adding a video From your library or uploading the file Maximum size four gigabytes which is Plenty and other great features of pay Hip when hosting online courses that you Can create different pages there's Different pricing structures that you Can do you can manage your students here Even offer certificates after students Complete your online course and yeah all This is free as mentioned the pricing Was just like five percent transaction For every sale that you make not Including PayPal slash stripe fees that They charge on their end so decide on Which platform to use and just launch it Don't spend so much time thinking about Which platform is right for you I think It's very similar as long as your Students are able to login to view your Course modules and whatnot alright so Now that you're equipped with the right Gear and whatever recording equipment

That you'll be using it's time to create Your online course so if you're getting The ebook guide route then it's just a Matter of choosing whether you'll be Creating it in canva or designer or if You're creating a video course start Recording so once you've got that Structure in place it's just a matter of Following that structure right you've Got your modules you've got your lessons Create each one perhaps spend a day or Two depending on the the capacity the Volume of your online course you know That's going to determine how long it'll Take for me you took about a week to two Weeks to create my online course about YouTube so it may differ depending on The amount of lessons you've got but Once your course is created it's just a Matter of loading it up to that online Course platform thinkific pay hip or you Could even look into using teachable Which ever as long as you are able to Upload your course modules or your Downloads alright guys so to summarize The core steps to creating your online Course number one step one was to come Up with an idea or at least having a Clue or an idea in terms of what online Course you plan to launch number two was Your course curriculum remember the Template that I provided it was just a Matter of putting your introduction your Module modules and your lessons

Underneath so look at that we've also Got choosing your format whether you're Getting the guide ebook route or a video Course depending on the type of online Course you plan to launch number four Was coming up with a course name again You do not need to come up with it at The start you can very well think about Think about it during the course of your Creation of the online course and then It may come up here and there or you may Look at something that inspired you and That could be taken and used for your Online course and then we've got number Five tools so the course platform you'll Be using we've got thinkific pay hip Gumroad for simple digital downloads or You could use teachable as well for Online courses too and finally it's a Matter of recording creating your online Course and getting it up and running so Go with this uh I guess plan this Blueprint whatever you want to call it Looking forward to what course you come Up with if you have any questions feel Free to comment down below and I'd love To hear from you in the meantime I'll Leave up a couple of relevant videos in Relation to online courses and creating Your digital products other things that You may want to consider looking will be In the description box below until next Time take care and I'll see you in the Next one

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