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">Marketing Incest

By and large, when it comes to ">marketing, it’s the blind leading the blind out there. Everyone is using the same ">marketing methods, not matter how old, tired, or inappropriate they are. Well, remember: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

How One Contact Turned Into a 23-Year Relationship

If you don’t have a system for following up multiple times with prospects, you are leaving money on the table. If you don’t keep in touch after the initial contact, prospects may be left wondering, but they will move on. They will meet someone else who can fill their need and they will forget about you. Develop a plan for consistent follow up and you will see more prospects convert into long-term relationships.

Can Barter Save Your Business?

Barter exchanges are probably the most misunderstood of all business systems. Those who join a barter exchange often do not understand how to use them effectively. Those who don’t join them cite reasons such as “it wouldn’t work for my business”, “the fees are too high” or “it’s better to run newspaper ads and do letterbox drops”. However, I have met many people who say that “Barter saved my business”.

Vibrational ">Marketing 101

Vibrational ">marketing is arguably the most advanced business strategy an entrepreneur could engage. If you’re ready for a new approach to succeeding in business, give vibrational ">marketing a try…

Competitive Intelligence – Look In Your Own Mirror First Why Don’t You?

I’ve often been blown away by the shear arrogance of A-School MBS students doing corporate consulting. They throw around buzz-words like it is going out of style, think their feces doesn’t stink, and think they are smarter than everyone else out to save every business, agency, NGO, and corporation from sure disaster. Personally, I find such un-earned ego underwhelming and quite frankly dangerous. Worse, many go and start consulting firms having never raised a business from weed to seed or from start-up to big brand name. Let’s talk.

Business Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs

Today, loyalty programs have become a common feature among companies and business organizations. They have started implementing various projects not only to retain their existing customers, but also to attract new ones.

Various Types of Loyalty Programs

We can say that Customer Loyalty can be both a behavioural and attitudinal tendency to give preference to a brand over others, due to various factors like being satisfied with the service or product, its performance or convenience or just being familiar and comfortable with a particular brand. The advantage of customer loyalty is that it motivates customers to buy more consistently, spending a sizable portion of their wallet and feeling positive about their shopping experience. This turn attracts customers to customary brands in an environment of stiff competition.

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