How To Draw Books Generator Review, Demo And Harsh Opinions

Hey this is like paws and this is my how To draw books generator review and demo Plus I'm going to go over my custom Bonuses so in this video I'm going to Give you a software demonstration I'm Going to reveal all the upgrades all the Info the pricing for those if you want Them and I'm going to explain to you why My custom bonuses will help you succeed In this profitable Amazon KDP book Niche Also if you want to help the channel Make sure that you're a subscriber if You're not already like the video and Comment Down Below on future topics You'd like me to cover now again before I begin make sure you check out the link Below if you want to get your hands on The how to draw book generator software Plus my custom bonuses I'm going to go Over the upgrades and my custom bonuses Towards the end of this video if you Want to skip to that make sure you check Out the timestamps below okay now first Thing I want to do is check out what one Of these so-called highly competitive Niches so I'm going to open up check this out for the Amazon KDP I'm gonna go into the into the Search bar here right and put in Um how to draw Uh Christmas For kids for example Christmas For kids as you can see I have all these Keywords that come up

And this is a term that people are Looking for okay now you'll see right Off the bat there's over 20 sorry There's about 20 000 results for houses Off Christmas for kids however this is Very deceiving if you scroll down so the First two uh listings are sponsored okay So nothing to do with our with this Particular Niche we have one this is one Um how to draw Christmas for kids we Have another one how to draw 101 Christmas we have another one how to Draw books for kids and then I have Another one here and then that's it oh We have we have another one here And then from then on We have another one right here but it's Just none of nothing here has to do with How to draw Christmas if I go to the Second page you'll find the same thing You won't find how to draw Christmas so There's about five other books in this Uh in this market and where people are Looking for how to draw Christmas Characters okay so this is a very Deceiving number really like I just Showed you there's about five now why is This because it's very difficult to Create a how to draw book either you um Hire a freelancer off of Fiverr or free Up which is extremely expensive or you Create this book yourself now I've been Working on canva to try to create a free Version a free method to do this but I

You know I've spent like I don't know a Good 15 minutes to 30 minutes just Creating this simple shape it's not even Centered correctly as you can see Because I have to I have to work with This Grid it's really difficult to do uh But luckily uh my buddy niron John and His uh developer Bing they came up with How to draw book generator uh software And Tool and with this you can easily Create these types of books I'm going to Show you how right now okay So here I am within the within the Interface of the how to draw book Generator I click on this uh splits the Steps button I click on upload And then I just look for the tool I want To use So not the tool excuse me but the Digital asset I want to use of course You want to use what are called vector Graphics okay vector graphics a lot of Times are layered and you want these Layered ones okay so I got this bundle You can get this bundle for about 16 Bucks this is uh over 20 different Images also yeah exactly 20 different Images all they all have to do with Christmas Um Christmas themed Um Uh like the Christmas themed icons like Gingerbread man and uh Santa Claus and Whatnot I'm gonna go with um let me see

I'm gonna go with a Christmas tree Drag and drop okay I'm gonna upload it Check this out And now what I want to do is I want to Expand on this and I'm going to click This edit button here And now I have this uh this Christmas Tree I wanna I wanna create more layers For this so I'm gonna open this up Create layer after do it again do it Again do it again how many layers we got We got five layers let's go with it Let's go with six layers okay so we have This first layer here we're gonna leave It as is we're gonna go to the second Layer here what I want to do is select The main border I'm going to select that And I want to make that layer number two Now check this out you want to you want To stay until the end trust me you go to Go to layer three and I'm gonna select This star boundary here select that And select add selected okay then I'm Going to go to layer four and I'm gonna Choose this I'm going to choose the foundation here Like that and I'm going to click add Selected And then I'm going to Click this then I'm going to go to layer Five excuse me and I'm going to click This uh boundary for the circle this uh Border for the circle

And I'm going to click on these lines For the uh the Christmas tree Decorations and click add selected And I'm going to then delete the first Layer check this out I'm gonna open this up click Force Delete and I'm left with nothing but um But the the outline okay I'm going to Click save Okay now what I can do is check this out I can go to the template section here Okay and let's say I want a template of Six was it six or five Let's go with six I'm going to click on This it's going to load the template Okay It's going to load the template and all I got to do here is Do a ball clone go to step-by-step Layers And I'm going to select that tree I just I just uh I just created for you I'm Going to select this five layer tree And click apply and it's going to create The how to draw page right for me you See Just like that as you can see if I Scroll up I already did this well let me Delete this I have a cold forgive forgive my cold I Already did this with with a gingerbread Um page now I've done it with a Christmas tree Um drawing okay and that's how easy it

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Is to create these how to draw types of Books that you can compete for you know Uh on Amazon Okay and like I said before There's a reason why there are so many Different types of niches that are wide Open so there are people searching for It searching for these types of products But there isn't enough product to go Around people aren't making these books Because before they were so darn Difficult now as I've shown you as I've Showed you excuse me they're quite easy To create if you have the assets and if You have this tool again doing it with Canva as you can see the results are are Not um well I would never publish this Let's put it that way okay so if you Want to get your hands on this make sure You check out the link below let's go Through the upgrades see if they're well Worth it which ones I recommend which Which ones I don't so there are are Three upgrades upgrade number one is how To draw books generated Pro this gives You the bulk clone action that I just Showed you unlimited downloads okay you Can do a limited font color this is Something I don't I don't need myself Because with Amazon KDP we want to sell Our mid content books in black and white Unless you're selling printables then This makes sense right okay Unlimited color choices for grid lines Again this is only applicable if you

Want to sell printables with this tool So I recommend upgrade number one for The simple clone option and I recommend Upgrade two Um this this gives you 20 unique Step-by-step drawing page layouts just Like I showed you for this uh for this Sorry for this five step um template Here okay so you you have up to 20 okay With this which is cool one shot Multi-step insertion into a worksheet Like I showed you my demonstration one Shot multi-step Pages inserted into a Workbook okay again I have two pages Here already in the in the Christmas Market okay I also it also gives you cell lock Technology so that it's like a grid you Can you can move your design around and It's going to always see lock into that Grid you see that see that it locks in Beautifully centers it nicely so that it Fits perfectly with the rest of your Work very cool stuff and one click bulk Book Creator so you can create your book All at once now upgrade three gives you 300 done-for-you designs and that is a Time Saver but it's not necessary okay So I don't Again upgrade tree would be a nice Addition but it's not necessary I highly Recommend if you do get the how to draw Book generator that you get upgrade one And upgrade two okay along with my

Custom bonuses so here are my custom Bonuses so I want to actually help you If you get Um all of this via my page you'll get Access to me I will actually help you if You've watched any of my other videos Online you know that I earn online with Amazon KDP on a daily basis I will Review your Amazon KDP how to draw book This is a limited offer Um that will not show up after the Launch is done I'm going to shut this Page okay uh Oto 902 excuse me but custom bonus Number two is my logic puzzle generator Software plus how to guide and KDP Niches this is a puzzle software creator That is not found within my course Royalty print so if you have my course Cross royalty prints you will not find This um this puzzle Creator and this Type of Niche again I profited with this Particular puzzle niche as well so I Show you all of that and I give you a Case study The third um the third custom bonus here Is my top 84 Amazon KDP root keywords For the how to draw book Market these Are the root keywords you want to go After and the last one here is 60 Amazon KDP long tail how to draw Niche keywords Okay these are very specific to the root Keywords that we'll be using okay now Again

Everything begins with the keyword okay And again the cool thing about this tool The how to draw book generator software Is that it creates products that people Like I said people want but can't get Enough of because there aren't many People making these types of books Because they were I should say were very Hard to create up until now okay before You'd have to create them yourself if You have design skills I don't maybe you Do Or you'd have to hire freelancer now if You know a better way please let me know In the comments section I'd be happy to Add it to royalty prints because I don't Know a better way to do this to be Honest okay again Um all of these tools that were created By niranjan have helped me earn online Because they really make this the whole The whole process much easier so if you Like this video and you want to support The channel and if you think the content I create will actually help you make Sure to like And subscribe and comment Below let me know your thoughts okay be Good and take care have a wonderful day

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