How To Get 100,000 Views on YouTube (This is Easy)

On my YouTube channel I have a couple of Videos I have actually crossed the 100 000 views Mark right quite a lot of them And in today's video I'm going to be Showing you guys exactly how to get a Hundred thousand views on YouTube now Beyond that I'm going to be showing you Guys exactly how much YouTube paid me For your hundred thousand views but Let's talk about something very Important is something called RPM Revenue per mile on YouTube now people Have asked me these questions a thousand Or one time I said Gerald how much does YouTube pay how do they really pay and Let me explain that to you guys YouTube Page averaging two dollars per mile what This means is that for every 1000 views YouTube pays you at least two dollars if You have a hundred thousand views on a Particular video and YouTube is paying You two dollars for every one thousand Now what you need to do is to divide a Hundred thousand by one thousand now Multiply this hundred times two dollars That will give you two hundred dollars That is the least YouTube will pay you For a thousand dollars but this depends On something called RPM now RPM is Different for each particular video for The payment for a particular video is Going to be different from all the other Videos right I'm gonna be showing you Guys three of my videos I have crossed a

Hundred thousand views Mark and exactly How much YouTube paid me for those Videos so because we'll get into that my Let me check out and make sure that I'm Making money online so what I do is that I try things out they work I come right Here I'll show you guys exactly what I've done and the whole idea is that you Can do the exact same thing and of Course get the exact same result so That's it guys it's important for you to Smash the like button on this video Subscribe to my channel most importantly Turn on the Bell notification button so That when I drop my amazing videos okay What you're about to watch right now YouTube is gonna send you a notification Instantly guys now what are these best Practices for getting a hundred thousand Views on YouTube number one is to focus On something called keyword research Right so what this means that you're Actually doing your research looking for Keywords that has very high side volume And low competition what this means is That there's a whole lot of persons Searching for this keyword and the Competition is actually very low if you Can find those keywords you are well on Your way to getting 100 000 views in Just a few days on YouTube whether you Have subscribers or not and there are Tools that can help you actually achieve These tools like video IQ to booty and

Also other ones that I'm going to be Talking to you guys in my training right I mentioned training right now I'm gonna Be explaining what I mean and how I can Be about that training as we proceed in Today's video number one is to focus on Keyword research number two is to focus On high value keyword these are keywords That have very high search volume and Low competition number three is to Analyze your composition the videos are Actually ranking for those keywords Right now right and create a better Video than those ones right number one Create a longer video than they are have A better thumbnail and make sure that The value that you are packing in those Videos is actually better than Everything that is existing on YouTube Right now that's how to succeed right Now I mentioned training and I like I Said I'm going to be explaining more About that now the training of 13 on YouTube I will take me a couple of hours To actually message right which is why I'm organizing something that we have Called the YouTube content monetization Trend now this trading is happening on Zoom right so it doesn't matter UI can Be a part of this training with just Your mobile phone or your computer or Your tablet or whatever it is that you Have any internet enabled device with it You can actually join that training now

That train is happening on Saturday the 29th of this month you know and I from From 9 A.M till around 4 5 8 P.M in the Evening right so it's going to be like The whole day and I'm going to be Leaving those ton of thoughts I'm going To be teaching you guys exactly how to Succeed on YouTube now to be a part of This training all you need to do is to Click on the first link in this video Description that's going to bring you to This landing page right now so what you Need to do is to come down here and of Course just click on this chat with me On Whatsapp to actually get into contact With me okay I'll answer all your Questions on WhatsApp right and of Course I will give you the information On how to actually make payment for this Training now there's a whole lot of Value packed in this trading Introduction to YouTube finally your Niche creating a brand channel YouTube Analysis and metrics a viral thumbnail Design your YouTube keywords research Publishing your video right title text And description and all of that I'm Going to be explaining all of this he's Actually a 323 000 naira value but I'm Going to be giving you guys for just 15 000 error right so this twin is just Down there and it's happening on the 29th of this month and you should be a Part of it if you actually interested

About putting a business on YouTube Click on join the YouTube money Secrets Training today and it's going to bring You straight to Whatsapp or you can Actually chat with me you know directly I've included this model from students That attended attended part of my Attended my last training but this is Rachel this is Edison and these are the Other students that were part of my Training on the YouTube culture Monetization you know these are other Students and December students here and These are other students right so you Can go ahead and watch those videos to Get an insight about what the training Is going to be like right and of course You can ask me any question now the Moment you've been waiting for how much Did YouTube pay me for a hundred Thousand views video of mine that have Actually crossed it with 100 000 match Now this is a two this is 12 this video Has 200 000 views right a YouTube paid Me over five thousand dollars which Means that if you divide this by two it Will be hundred thousand dividing the Money by two this should be around two Thousand seven hundred dollars or so Right now like I said this depends on RPM and I'm gonna be explaining this What I'm what this Adobe means I had to Actually calculate it in my training on On Zoom right on the 29th of this month

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Now this is another video that I've Actually crossed the 100 000 mark this Has 12 200 000 views right and you see This one is made less money so if you Divide this it should be around six Seven hundred dollars right this one Actually made less money because the RPM Is lower right so like I said it differs From video to video that's the point I'm Trying to make and I'm going to be Explaining this a lot better in my Training now this is a third video right Here this one has a hundred thousand Views and it has made only 531 dollars Right like I said it differs from video To video and I'm going to be explaining All of this in my training now this Video showing up right here will show You exactly how much YouTubers actually Make on YouTube and how much what I made Personally on YouTube in a Year guys so Until I see in my next video or in the Training or on my WhatsApp keep winning And don't forget to check out those love You guys bye from here guys

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