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Millennials Have Changed the Game of ">Marketing Today – Brands, Have You Changed Yours?

Millennials are the future, and it’s essential for marketers to better understand how to market to this generation else competitors would eat into their market share. There are an estimated 79 million millennials in the US versus a mere 48 million Gen Xers. Their purchasing power is estimated to be $170 billion which makes them a very important demographic for each and every marketer today. Millennials don’t trust advertising – 67% of millennials reported that they have never clicked on a sponsored story. Millennials go to their peers for information about new products and trust them over all other forms of information.95% of millennials say that friends are the most credible source of product information

Why Businesses May Be Hesitant to Work With an Internet Consultant

Internet Consultants provide a bridge for businesses who don’t know enough about how the internet can be used for business purposes, but know enough to know their business should be online. An Internet Consultant can wear many hats as a consultant for an offline business including SEO manager, head content creator and distributor, social media liaison, digital ">marketing strategist and more. However, whilst there is no clear definition of what an Internet Consultant does per se, this article discusses some of the main complaints they receive whilst doing their work.

Attraction ">Marketing System Works

With attraction ">marketing you no longer have to spend time with a non responsive market, your prospects will come to you for what they require. Attraction ">marketing is a new revolutionary way of ">marketing that has turned traditional ">marketing strategies on its head.

Small Business ">Marketing Successes

There are 3 things large box stores don’t offer as well as small business owners can offer they are uniqueness, experience and buyer service. These 3 things need to be a local business priority.

The Importance of Computer Remarketing

Remarketing involves the strategies and techniques often used by online marketers to follow up with the website visitors who fail to make the desired actions on the website- particularly when the abandon their shopping cart. Usually the business markets their products/services to bring visitors to the website, and if the visitors fail to make a purchase, the business uses the remarketing tactics to bring back the visitor with the hope of converting them to paying customers. The importance of computer remarketing includes…

A Simple Plan

The core of strategic planning has not changed, and it has never been more important or more relevant. What has changed is the way planning should be executed. We are still planning like we live and work on an assemble line instead of adjusting to the dynamic, multivariate and non-linear world we live in.

What Are SMS Payment Options For Businesses?

With all of the changes in technology today, businesses have found new ways to service their customers. With quick and easy ways to accept payments, ship merchandise, and even have fundraisers, many companies and charities are building their clientele like never before. Many businesses are now using SMS payment mechanisms to acquire funds from their customers.

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