How To make $9345.86 in a Month On YouTube In Nigeria (Make Money Online)

You might not know this but individuals Like yourself are making millions online By using their phone recording videos Like this and posting those videos on YouTube how much money I make I make Around thirty thousand dollars per month What has been your best month in Earnings from YouTube oh man nothing too Crazy I think like like 40 000. any Channel you want sixty three thousand Dollars a month 145 000. oh congrats you bro it's one of The biggest numbers of the day and you Don't even have a million Subs so it Shows that you can make good money on YouTube without having a crazy big Channel now one of the most assured way To make money online is actually Building a YouTube channel this is very Easy to do right I'm going to be Explaining all the process in today's Video and one thing I'm going to do Towards the end of this video is Actually show you guys exactly how much I have made on YouTube on the different Channels that I own I'm going to show You guys two or three channels in Today's video beyond the morning that YouTube actually plays yeah what else They can actually earn money outside of YouTube or starting the YouTube channel Is one of the best ways and very easy Ways to actually make money on the Internet and I'm going to be explaining

Everything to you guys in today's video As a matter of fact I'm going to be Going into my laptop screen I'll show You guys exactly how much I've made on YouTube alone now I'm beyond making Money on YouTube there are other ways to Make money with a YouTube channel and One of the interesting things that you Don't even need to be monetized to Actually get started making money with Those particular methods I'm gonna be Showing you all of those metal in Today's video before we move forward if I see me for the first time my name is Gerald and I make this around making Money online so what I do is that I try Things out at work I come right here and Show you guys exactly what I've done and The whole idea is that you can do the Exact same thing and of course get the Exact same results so get started as a YouTuber one of the first thing you need To do is to pick your Niche right and There are certain criterias to consider When picking a niche number one is Demand very important right how many Persons are actually interested in Whatever it is that you intend to teach On YouTube that's one that is the manual It actually pay attention to this now What is the competition is this Competition so cheap that you might not Be able to survive in that Niche this is Something else that you need to pay

Attention to right now passion is also Very important you know profitability is Also very important in a couple of other Factors so setting up an account on YouTube actually very easy right it's One of the easiest thing you can Actually go and Google right now how to Set up an account on YouTube and you Actually set up an account on YouTube Right now it's actually very easy but That's the easy part now let me show you What the difficult part is I'm going to Come to my laptops right now and come to YouTube right here and I search for Amazon Kgp tutorial I hit enter right I'm going to be seeing The fact that this is an ad so remove This remove this ad my video is Shrunking number one for this particular Keyword all right and this video I made Two days ago is actually ranking number Three for this particular keyword again Now this is not a coincidence I actually Planned it to be like this I'm going to Be talking to you about something called Keyword research which is something that You must do before you actually create a Video now the mistake a lot of persons Make on YouTube is the fact that we Create videos for things that we love it Shouldn't be that like that we should be Making videos for things that our Audience actually love these are things

That are searching for and this bring These are things that they're already Searching for and this brings you to a Topic called YouTube SEO right it is Very very simple and I'm gonna be Explaining all of this now in the in Sales keyword research right yeah your Thumbnail your Ctrl rates and all of Those things right I'm gonna be coming To all of that in a little while so To show you that this is not a Coincidence I'm gonna come here again And search for another keyword that I'm Sure I'm ranking for compare and I Search for how to make money on files on Fiverr how to make uh money on Fiverr I hit enter and guess what guys this is My decent at Fred this is an advert my Video is ranking number one for this Um for this also right and this is not a Coincidence like I've told you guys this Is a video I made three years ago it is Still ranking and this video is that Also you see making me money and if I Said for how to create a Viva account Probably I'm seeing ranking number one For it how to create a Fiverr account And I hit enter and guess what guys I am Ranking number one for this keyword I Can go on and on and on and on and show You videos like this when your videos Rank like this what's gonna happen is That three years later down the line Four years down the down the line people

Are searching for this particular q1 They're watching your videos right so You're getting more views and you're Making more money passively on your YouTube channel so I can decide to not Make videos on YouTube for the next few Months and I'm sure that I'll be getting Paid by YouTube every single month so Like I said I'm going to be showing you Guys exactly how much I've made on YouTube personally to motivate you to Take action about this now yeah anything At all that you can do if you can cook You can sue you are a pastor you are a Teacher you are doing real estate YouTube is a is a perfect platform for You to share your knowledge and make Money doing that that is one and also Promote your business individually now Before I get into showing you guys Exactly how much I've made on YouTube I Have a training coming up on the 29th of This month this trading is online on Zoom so it doesn't matter away you are You can be a part of this trade and I've Had trainings that people from London U.S France they also they participate in This training because it is online now To be a part of this training I'm going To be sending you guys a zoom link now All you need to do is to click on that Zoom link with your device your mobile Phone your laptop your iPad your Whatever it is that you have your tablet

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Whatever it is that you have you just Click on that link and it's going to Take you straight into the training I Gotta be a part of that training on the 29th of uh this month now the flyer is Showing up right here right now right so All you need to do is to pay 15 000 Naira for this training now in this Training I'm gonna be showing you guys Exactly how to set up a YouTube channel Properly so that you don't you know you Don't you're not making a mistake set it Up that is one right I'm going to be Showing you guys exactly how to Um customize your YouTube channel that Is called branded right I'm going to be Showing you guys YouTube SEO how to do Your keyword research so that you know What your audience actually searching For so you can make content around it as A matter of fact this book right here Right this says uh 2023 Where I write down all my keywords for 2023. so what I do is I now sit back and Start making videos around this Particular content so the mistake I see A lot of YouTubers make is the fact that You make videos and it doesn't happen in It no to actually pay attention to SEO So you create content for for a Particular audience and I'm going to be Showing you guys exactly how to do that Right and that is how YouTubers are Making millions to go to understand this

Secret and that is it simple that I've Actually come to understand right and It's helping my YouTube journey and I Want to teach you exactly how you can do The exact same thing and of course get The exact same result which is very Simple if I can do it you can actually Do it right now beyond that I'm going to Be showing you how to create your Content including a business YouTube Channel these are channels that you Don't have to show your face right I'm Going to be showing you how to do all of That in the training on the 29th of April 2023 all you need to do to be a Part of this training to click on the First link leave your description and Once you click on that link it's going To bring you to this interface right and Then right here you're going to be Seeing this is using money secret and There's a video right here take your Time to actually watch this video right It's gonna help you understand exactly What I'm talking about and as you come Down right here come down right what you Need to do is click on this chat with me On what what's up I can chat with me Directly and once you get in contact With me I'm going to be answering all Your questions right and then I'm going To be sending you the account number to Pay into to anybody that is put on by in The comment section below is a scammer

Right let me mention this is a scammer So the only place only place you need to Do is to click on the first link in the Video description once you click on it It's going to bring you to this Interface that you're looking at right Now on my laptop screen so I'll watch You what you need to do is to click on Chat with me on Whatsapp and of course You'll be directed to my WhatsApp number Right so I'm gonna come down right here And show you guys exactly a few things That you're going to be seeing Introduction to YouTube finding your Niche creating a brand channel YouTube Analysis and mentioned I'm going to be Explaining all of these things to you Guys Design a YouTube keyword research Publish your video right title tags and Description this is very important uh Creating high quality videos a video Scripting and planning intro to intro to Female and editing promoting your videos How to promote your videos how you've Posted your video how do you promote you Know I'm growing your audience a video Description and planning monetizing your Channel now to monetize your channel you Need 4 000 Watt hours and 1 000 Subscribers I'm gonna be explaining this In great detail in that training right Actually very simple to get and I'm Going to be showing you guys exactly how

In that training so everything mentioned Here is what about 323 000 naira but This train I'm gonna be giving it to you Guys for just 15 000 naira Right just 15 000 there that's the only Thing you have to pay for this training And nothing else you know and there's Nothing else you're buying in the Training or whatever no this is really Fit there's no hidden fees or anything So um of course you can go ahead here if You come down right here not the same People that participate okay this is a Video of mine which I'm probably gonna Be showing you guys in that trading that This single video has made me over five Thousand dollars and if you come down Right here you're going to be seeing People that attended my previous Training and what they have to say now This is Rachel right they can go ahead And listen to Rachel I see what Richard Has to say uh this citizen right here Um This is uh okay this is a video of my This is another person I'm not Africa I've forgotten her name right but she's 12 part of the training and of course There are two more persons this is a Mary Cynthia and this is another person Right here you know they are part of the Training so you can just click on join The YouTube money Secrets training just Click on that link and you're gonna be a

Part you're going to be directed to my WhatsApp and we can have a conversation And of course I'm gonna be reserving Your sports for that training now the Moment you'll be waiting for how much Has Gerard actually made on YouTube let Me show you guys some pointers so I'm Gonna go come back to my laptop screen Come here right now now this channel Right here I've made 53 this is 20 23. I've made fifty thirty thousand dollars On this channel in this year 2023 alone Right so and this is one of my channels That I own this is actually a Facebook Channel that I own this is a channel That are that I do documentaries about American uh celebrities basically right So most of the traffic on this channel Is America is American traffic and of Course this time has made me over 50 000 You know in 2023 a lot I want a channel That I own is the one that you're Looking at right now and this channel Has more packed this channel has made me About 200 000 right here as you can see Over 200 000 so let me come to 2023 Let's see how Modi channel has made in 2023 Situation 3D channel has made thirteen Thousand dollars in 2023 right this Twenty three thirteen thousand dollars And um if I come to let's say uh February 2023 this channel did four Thousand dollars in February rights uh

March March uh last month she said about four Thousand dollars again right there was a Reduction side deduction right here and Uh this is April this is April let's say Somebody child has made the channel has Made their one thousand dollars so far In the month of April right so this is Exactly how much I've made I've I've Actually made on YouTube and the Interesting thing is that you can do it I'm sure most of you guys know Cristiano Fusido who is actually the biggest Tech A YouTuber in Nigeria right now Guru Peter and he asks how much do you make Per month double question mark that one Is hard to I personally don't make as Much money because I'm I'm a person but As a business which I consider this YouTube channel sort of I think this was The first time this year that we broke Eight figures per month so you've seen It right it is not okay science if we Can do it you can also do it and I'm Going to be showing you guys exactly how Living no stone unturned so it's Important for you to click on the first Link leave the description right now and Of course go ahead and get in touch with Me on Whatsapp and let's have that Conversation so you can be a part of That training it is very important guys And if you want to see my video on Exactly how much I made on YouTube on

Other channels that I own this video Showing up right here will show you Exactly that guys something like seeing In my next video keep reading and don't Forget to check out those love you guys Bye from here guys

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