How To Make Money With Photoshop For FREE Online In 2022! (For Beginners)

As you can see here guys this is what They have made online using this Particular strategy that I'm about to Show you in this completely free Tutorial right now what's going on guys Welcome back to another tutorial in this Video I'm going to show you how to make Money online with a Photoshop because It's actually a really great way to make Money online if you have some photoshop Skills and I'm going to show you where You can actually learn some photoshop Skills quickly in this video now I've Found the best ways you can actually go And make money with Photoshop online I'm Going to take you through three of the Ways that I think are the best for Beginners and also if you are an Advanced Photoshop user you can use These particular methods as well now you Won't need to go and create your own Website to do this you don't need any Coding skills or anything like that it's Pretty simple and easy to understand and What I'm going to do is take you through This step by step so you don't miss out On any information and it's going to be Easy for you to understand now what can You expect from this video this is going To be a quick 10 minute guide showing You some of the ways that you can make Money with photo shop online I like to Keep my tutorials as short as possible But get all the information in there for

You now don't forget to subscribe hit That notification Bell so my next video Comes out and let's jump into this Tutorial and I'll show you some of the Best ways to make money online using Photoshop alright guys so before we get Into the actual tutorial what I want to Do is show you something that's really Cool so if you don't really have too Many Photoshop skills you can still make Money with this potentially but what I Want to show you is if you go to the Photoshop website they actually have Tutorials that you can watch that will Teach you the basics of Photoshop so Like retail changing sizes of images Adjusting image quality things like that And these are like really really basic Stuff that you could simply go and watch Right now to learn the basics of Photoshop and if you practice this stuff You can go and get better and then they Also have an experience section which Takes you through even more advanced Tutorials so that's a really cool thing That you can do if you are a beginner to Photoshop and another place that you can Go and get some get your skills up is Called now you have to pay for These but they're so cheap like 13 and You can get full courses on how to go And use Photoshop so then you can Potentially go and make some money with Your Photoshop skills so now let's talk

About how you can make money with Photoshop and it's actually easier than You think but these are the two websites That you can use to go and learn Photoshop is and photoshop's Own free tutorials on so what You want to do the first place is you Can actually go to a website called now if you don't know what Upwork is it's a freelancer website Where you can upload yourself Essentially as a worker and you can go And get work from people so here's an Example and make sure you stay towards The end because I want to show you one Of the best ways it's actually coming up Next my favorite way to make money with Photoshop now keep in mind there's Different types of ways to make money With Photoshop okay there's like Beginner ways and then there's more Advanced ways so for example this girl Here charges 39 per hour she's earned Over sixty thousand dollars and she does She's a photo editor retoucher and Long-term with photo studios now keep in Mind retoucher retoucher is a really Really simple method on Photoshop where You're simply enhancing the photo making It better you're touching it up very Simple way to make money with Photoshop Now there's a few here that are not Really relevant but if we keep scrolling Down there is more here as well photo

Retouching editing and manipulation Expert and what she charges is 40 Dollars per hour as well now if we go And actually click on this one up here And look at some information you can see That she has a profile of what she does And all that sort of stuff and her work History and everything now this is very Very simple to go and create you can Simply go and sign up to upwork right Now and you can go and create something Like this if you have some photoshop Skills or if you have learned some Photoshop skills so is one of The best places it's probably the top Place to go and find work we have Another retoucher 55 per hour here that Means forty thou uh four thousand Dollars sorry if you go to page three Because I think page two had some Unrelevant stuff this guy here is a Creative Image retoucher he charges 125 Dollars per hour he's made seven Thousand dollars so far so there is Definitely a market for you to go and Make money with photoshop on And as you can see here there are people Earning some pretty decent income with Photoshop now a lot of these guys are Not really relevant to photoshop I'm not Sure why they're popping up but we have A photo editor portrait photographer Because a lot of a lot of these guys Action photographers as well so it's

Probably just showing that up as I've Got photo in the keywords but you can Also go even more advanced and do Graphic design this girl charges six Dollars per hour she's made over twenty Thousand dollars so it's pretty evident That people are making a decent amount Of money on upwork as a Photoshop expert Now this is one of my favorite things About Photoshop is you can go to and you can sell these types of Things and let me explain to you what They are so you can sell like before and After photos we add people take people Away simple simple stuff but you can Sell if you want is presets so you can Sell what are called Luts you can sell Photoshop color presets you can sell Preset packs and what happens is you Create these packs and you simply just Sell it on Etsy and it's a digital Download you don't have to do any work In the back end super simple to do so You can go and create these um Lut packs And then it also has all of the other General stuff from like upwork as well But what you want to be trying to do is Those lap packs so if I actually put Luts we should have some yeah so here we Go we have some Luts we've got wedding Luts we have cinematic film Luts we have Um what do we got feature Lux classic Film Luts Kodak film lights so these are Lap packs you can do like a 15 Lut pack

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For 18 which is really really good Consider considering it's only 15 Luts It's pretty good price and you also make A decent amount in return Hollywood Lut Packs and all sorts of stuff so if you Want to generally just do a Photoshop Work like retouching and stuff like that I recommend upwork if you want to do Something like sell Lut packs and Templates and all that sort of stuff I Would recommend using something like Etsy right like there's so many Different niches here we have real Estate Luts so we've got we've got a YouTube lights we've got Mountain View Luts like outdoor Luts so there's all of These different types of color grading Things you can do on now Another way that you can make money with Photoshop is by using website called Fiverr it's kind of like upwork but not As professional in my opinion what you Can do is we can go to photoshop which I've done and it's the same kind of Thing right you can go and upload your Gigs I will do any Photoshop editing in Photoshop this person I will do any Editing and design job I will do any Photo manipulation I would do any Professional manipulation now these are More even though I said it's like a Cheaper version these guys do more stuff Like that a lot of them don't really do Photo retouching I mean we could go

Retouching up in here so retouching is Probably going to be the the most basic One for you guys to do yeah so here we Go so we've got photo retouching because People are selling photo retouching Services so we have this one here Actually which is 40 which is pretty Good so I'll make 43 NZ dollars now he's Got heaps of reviews which means he's Had plenty of orders and this is all he Does right so this is the before photo It simply enhances the makeup he's Enhanced her face and everything like That here is another one where he has Enhanced the image as well and taken out The imperfections and stuff like that Here is another one same sort of Dell Enhanced the makeup and all that sort of Stuff it kind of makes you think you Know a lot of these girls online but They don't look like they actually do And then here is another one here where He's um touch drop and probably put These butterflies on her and things like That uh another one and then he's Touched up this guy here so you can see A lot of it's really basic stuff they Just get an image they touch it up this One's a color grade so you can see that He's changed the color he's made it more Dynamic and things like that he's Brightened it up I assume I assume it's This one here that he's done because He's made it look really really good so

These are some of the ways you can go And make money with Photoshop in fact I Probably would recommend these three Ways to go and make money with Photoshop Right now it's pretty much going to be Your best bet you have where It's more of a professional kind of vibe You have where it's more of a Basic type Vibe and you're probably Gonna make a little bit more less money On here but you can definitely get some Work here and you can also sell color Grade impacts on and in fact You can even go and do all three there's Nothing wrong with spreading out your Services over all three websites alright Guys that's a quick video on how you can Go ahead and make money with Photoshop Hope you enjoyed this video hit that Subscribe button and I'll see you on the Next one

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