How To Sell Homework And Printables On Teachers-Pay-Teachers

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Marketing Agency: Get Help You With Your Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, but many businesses are still unsure how to use social media platforms to promote themselves effectively. If you have a business to consumer audience, Facebook is a good place to begin.

Digital Marketing: Email Marketers Beware, You Could Be Spamming Your Customers

If you are trying to market your business, chances are you are using some form of email marketing. Email marketing is an increasingly popular way for businesses to promote themselves, and it can yield excellent results if done properly. There are strict rules and regulations regarding email marketing, and there are also consequences for breaching them – as fast food chain McDonald’s recently found out when they were issued with a warning by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) over their email marketing activities.

Marketing Consultant: How to Be Taken Seriously on LinkedIn

As a marketing consultant, my LinkedIn profile is a valuable resource when it comes to finding new work, and building my credibility. While many people view LinkedIn, and particularly recommendations made by connections on LinkedIn, as third party endorsements, the profiles are self promotional, and the platform provides an opportunity for you to present only the information that you want the public and potential customers to see.

Marketing Strategy: How to Mix Paid, Earned and Owned Media

Since leaving my last corporate gig in 2007, the media and marketing world has substantially changed. Back then, I don’t even recall using the word Twitter and whilst websites were important, blogs were still a bit ‘left of centre’. How things have changed in a few short years.

The Power of Meaningful Mail – How to Be the First Thing Your Client Opens

Develop a keep in touch program to stay in front of prospects and referral partners. Send out interesting things in the mail for the purpose of keeping in touch, not selling. Take the time to make your mail stand out so it will be the first thing the recipient opens.

Dye Sublimation Printing of Plastics – Can It Be Done?

Question: Are you able to print plastics using dye sublimation printing? Answer: Pretty much anything that has the correct chemical composition – i.e. is made from polymers (is polymeric in its chemical structure), it can be printed. Or, if not, if your substrate, whether it be leather, wood, glass, or non-polymeric plastic, will retain a clear or white base coat spray throughout the sublimation printing process, then yes, you can print plastic with dye sub printing – with a big caveat.

Best Car Advertisments Through History

There are plenty of funny, interesting car commercials that people enjoy watching over and over again. The following article provides a list of the best bar ads ever made.

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