How to Use ChatGPT to Find a High Paying Remote Job in Less Than 1 Hour – Step by Step Tutorial

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling
through job postings with no luck? Well, then, let's chat about your job
search wingman and help you land Your dream job. Step by step. I wanted to put tragedy to the test
and asked you to help me land A high paying, remote job. Step by step, I wanted it to guide me
through the entire process As quickly as possible.
So let's see what happened. So if you guys don't know what the chapter
is all about, well, it's an AI model That claims to be your assistant in many,
many areas of work and life. It can basically help You do all sorts of research
and answer all sorts of questions. So I wanted to test it And see can it actually help me get a job
from beginning to end. So first things
first, let's look into job search. I told Jagdeep that I am a data analyst And which I'm not, but I wanted to test it And that I have four years of experience Working in a well-known bank
as well as in a technology company. That was all I told it
and asked it to help me In finding the right job. So here's what I did charge of. It claims that it can help you find
the perfect job and the perfect fit By encouraging you to use advanced
search and specific keywords. And that this way
you will be able to find the exact job Postings that fit your qualifications. But the truth is that
it is not connected to the internet, Which means that you will not be able to
see actual job postings, at least not yet. So let's see
what it can actually do for you right now. Well, number one,
it can show you all at once All of the places where you can go
and search for job postings And the most recent opportunities That fit your profile so you don't have to
go and search them one by one. It will tell you all of them at once.

Does it give you links to those jobs? Not yet, unfortunately,
but probably very soon. But the other thing that it does
do for you is that it tells You exactly how to search for the jobs
that will best fit your profile. So it gives you the search terms like data
analysts, Business intelligence analysts
and so on and so forth. And also it tells you
what are the filters to use So that you get the right jobs
for yourself. So work from home or remote or the right
location and so on and so forth. So given that right now charge,
if it cannot really give me specific Links to job postings that I can apply to, I went ahead to indeed
and searched for a one. So I picked this data
and a job posting from Home Depot That is currently paying $130,000
per year. So what do we do next? We need a resume. So I went ahead to chat to Betty And asked it What can it do to help me
prepare my resume? And I asked if I give you a link,
will you help me write a resume? And that was quite surprising
because initially It told me, yes,
if you give me a link to the job posting, I will be using that information
to help you craft your resume. But once I did it, in fact,
it told me that it does not have access To the Internet, which I knew, and that It cannot actually see the job posting. So I had to go ahead and copy,
paste the job posting and paste it into Chapter 15 so it actually can retrieve
all that information. And then the next thing that I needed to
do was to actually copy paste my resume Or somebody else's resume into Chat for it to use all of that information
and then combine it With the job postings to create and craft
a good resume. However, if this is too complicated,
there are a few very simple things That Chad Beatty can do for you
in terms of helping you with your resume. Number one, it can give you insight into What kind of information
you should include in your resume.

Number two, It can recommend various templates
for resumes that you could choose and use. Number three,
as I said, it can review your resume Based on that job posting,
but you need to copy paste both of them. And then number four, which I think is
really cool, is that it can help you Write a cover letter for the application
to that job posting that you gave it. So you can literally just ask it. Can you write a cover
letter that I can use to apply to this job Based on the information
that you know about me already? And it does that
and it does it pretty well. All right. Now,
let's move to the next step. Now that we've applied to the job
and we have a great cover letter, Let's prepare for the interview,
because that's a crucial part Of the whole job
search and recruitment process in chapter. But you can actually help you
a lot at this phase. So first of all, It can help you with some insights
on how to prepare for the interview. And it can give you ideas on what to do,
like research the company That you've applied for, research
the person that you will be meeting with. Try and understand what are the
requirements for this kind of role. Learn more about the culture
of the company and so on and so forth. It will also give you ideas
on how to make a good impression, like What kind of outfit to wear,
how present yourself and so forth. But I think the most genius part of Charge T is that it can act as your interviewer. So you can ask charged it to ask you
the most frequently asked questions Or the toughest questions
that someone can be asked for a job Interview for this particular position,
and then it will ask you questions And you can type the answer
as if you are in an interview. And then at the end
it can give you feedback on what else You could have done and how else
you could have answers to those questions. Another super critical part
of any recruitment process is networking. And ideally you want to do this
even before you start the whole Application process.

But let's assume you've come to a point
where you want to start Expanding your network. Well,
Chatbot can help you with that as well. You can ask Chatbot to give you ideas
of who you can connect with. And then not only that,
but you can ask Chatbot to even write The message that you will use
to reach out to these people. Congratulations. You got the job. Now you need to negotiate your salary and
charity can help you with that as well. Can he tell you exactly
what amounts to ask for? Not yet. And I'm not even sure you want that. But it can do a lot of very helpful things
for you. Number one, it can research the market
for you and it can tell you On average what other companies are paying
for this type of positions And for jobs with that level of expertise
that you just. Number two, it can help
you prepare your arguments so it can help You look into all the reasons
why you deserve to get paid The amount that you asked for. And number three,
it can take a look at your qualifications And your experience
and assess your level of market value Based on the information
that it has about other companies And how much they're paying. And this way you can get a sense of
what is a good amount for you to ask for. Not only that,
but it will also always remind you To be open, to be flexible,
and that common sense type of behavior That is always good to keep in mind
when you negotiate your salary. All right, you guys,
that was it for today. I hope you see how much potential charge
you can have in terms of helping You find a great job
as quickly as possible. I don't think it takes longer than an hour
to go through this entire process With help from Chad. And I promise you, you will be one step Closer to finding your perfect job. Thank you so much for watching.

Until next time, I suggest you go ahead
and watch this video over here And let me know in the comments below
if this is interesting content for you. And if you want me to keep doing
what I'm doing. Thank you again. And I'll see you next time. Bye. And when?

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