How would you respond?

A client asks you a very generic Question how can you help my business This is a very common opener that a lot Of potential clients will reach out to a Freelancer with especially if you're Selling your services on a site like Fiverr where your services are readily Available and anyone can message you About those Services a lot of the time The first message you'll get is how can You help my business it's super generic But how you respond here is also really Really important because the buyer might Be trying to do one of two things either They're an experienced client and They're trying to get you to Showcase How you can offer value to their Business with your response or their Inexperienced have never done this Before and are genuinely curious because They've never hired someone like you I Usually go with one of two types of Responses here either I'll put the ball Back into their Court asking them to Shed some light on what specifically They need help with and to tell me more About their business or I'll give them a Quick elevator pitch on my services

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