I Found An EASY Way To Make Money With Chat GPT Online! (Brand new)

What's going on guys welcome back to Another video in this video I'm going to Show you how to make money online with Chat GPT and I'm going to show you a Really cool easy method that you can Start right now so you guys have really Been enjoying my chat GPT tutorials and I wanted to show you one that's super Easy anyone can understand how it works And I'm going to take you through Everything you need to know step by step There's two parts to this tutorial One Is using check GPT and then we're going To use one other website so it's not Very complicated we don't need to go and Use lots of websites or softwares or Tools or anything like that this is just Something that I think will work really Really well with chat GPT and you can go And try this out right now so let's jump Into this tutorial and I will show you How to make money online with chat GPT With this super simple method all right Guys this is going to be a really quick Simple tutorial and very easy to follow Because this method is extremely easy to Understand the first tip you're going to Want to do is go to a website called Justdropped.com and you're going to want To go over to the daily deal Now what you're going to want to do is Sign up to the daily deals via their Email list so go get this newsletter Daily to your email sign up here and

What's going to happen is every single Day you're going to get sent domain Names that are going to expire so now These are for sale and you can actually Purchase these specific domain names now The thing about these domain names is They are actually pretty OG and they're Based on specific things so for example This one here is called Archerypointers.com for 99 so that's Specific to archery training and we're Actually going to use that in this Example then we have butter uh butterfly Whiskers everything like zombie maps Which could be good for like a zombie Game there's all of these specific Um names that we can actually go ahead And purchase now a lot of these are Going to be not relevant to you and They're not really going to help but but For this method but there's some really Good ones in here that you can pick up Like something for example Healthyggles.com could be really good For a healthy we decided about health And affiliate sites or something like That so there's tons of domain names That you can go and purchase and you're Probably thinking why would I want to go Ahead and purchase these domains well The reason why is because it's all in The name so if you can pick up one with A really good name you can actually make Money and I'll explain to you exactly

How right now so let's take Archerypointers.com for example if we Click on this it's for sale we can Purchase this okay now the reason Um I picked this one because it's Actually a really good example for this Tutorial so r3pointers.com I could buy This for 99 I'm not going to do that This is what you can do with this Specific domain name what you can Actually do is you can head over to a Website called flipper.com and don't Worry you're not going to be actually Selling the domain name yourself and you Just want to go to search now once You're on the search page what you want To do is you want to go up to website And you want to go to starter websites And what's going to happen is people Actually sell what we call starter Websites now what I'm going to do is I'm Going to show this one here lawn Toolguides.com if we go to Lawntoolguides.com this is a age domain Four years old with 31 quality articles On the um On the website now this is the website Here It's a very good website probably makes A little bit of money I haven't really Looked into the details too much but This is a starter website so what we're Going to do is we can actually buy our Treepointers.com and we can use AI tools

To create the content like this we can Go ahead and sell starter websites now If you don't know how to make a website You can easily do that by going to Youtube.com putting in how to make a Website and there's hundreds of Tutorials that you can go ahead and Follow very simple tutorials on how to Start a website now the next step is we Actually have to go and use chat GPT to Go ahead and make content for this Specific website I'm going to talk about That in a second what you also want to Do is you want to create a logo for the Website so you go to fiverr.com and put In logo And we can go ahead and we can get a Cheap logo for like five dollars thirty Dollars twenty dollars uh this is in New Zealand Dollars by the way so it's Around about 40 percent less in US Dollars so for example this 34 is going To be like twenty dollars right or Something like that uh US dollars so you Can first step is to go ahead and get a Logo done so I would simply just click On one of these and go hey purchase this My logo name is Archerypointers.com well that's my Website can you make me a logo you're Going to get a logo sent to you within 24 hours probably now once you've done That what we need to do is we need to go To check GPT so our website is called

Archerypointers.com so we're going to go To chat GPT and we're going to use check GPT to create content that we can go Ahead and put on that site so we can Sell as a starter website so I'm gonna Go and put in um right Me and article on the best Seven archery compound bows For under 500 US dollar I'll say one thousand Because I don't really know The price of them of archery compound Bows I'm not in that Niche or anything I Have no idea what what what's cheaper What's expensive and I'll let check gbt Do its thing now check gbt is very slow Today for some reason uh I've been using It but it's doing its thing right now But once you actually go ahead and get The article you want to go to a website Called Bluehost or something else There's an affiliate link below if you Want to use Bluehost I get a commission But you want to go to a web hosting Platform and you want to go and get Yourself an account because this is Where you're going to start the website And you're going to start the website And you're going to host it yourself and Then you're going to transfer the Hosting once you've actually gone ahead And sold the uh website now this is a Quick tutorial showing you this method We're not going to get into too much

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Detail on how to set up a website or Anything like that because as I said you Can go ahead and use YouTube but as you Can see chat GPT is writing me specific Content based on the best archery Compound bows for under a thousand Dollars now you would have to go and Obviously fact check this and make Actually this is correct to do a little Bit of editing but you can literally use Chat GPT or AI software to go ahead and Create websites that you can go and sell On flipper.com the main thing is to try And get an OG domain name right that That's the most important thing is Trying to get a really really good Domain name and this just dropped is the Best way to do it in my opinion so look If you actually look here we have one Here um Libra tattoos which is pretty Good Um memory reels we have most some of These are probably gone because we have Shirt fashionart.com We have sewer auger so that could be Good for a sewage company I presume Um Pizza There's uh doorheaters.com So that's very very specific and as you Can see chat GPT has given me it's still Going it's very slow today but it's Giving me an entire article within five Minutes that I can go ahead and use to

Go and sell on flipper.com and if we Actually look on flipper you'll see that There's some websites here starter Website now the pricing is really going To depend and that's where the domain Name comes into play because if you have A really good domain name and you match It up with a really good starter site You are going to get more money for that Because a lot of people don't realize That a domain name is very valuable And people will pay a lot of money for a Specific domain name especially if it Also has a site that is attached to it As well so that is a great way guys that You can go and make money online with Chat GPT this is just a really quick Guide that what you can now go ahead and Do so here we go radio Radiosguide.com this is a starter Website that someone has gone ahead and Made And here's another one Cafe designs now You're not going to make a huge amount Of money with this it is going to depend On the domain but you can go ahead and Potentially make some money doing this Method all right guys that's it for this Tutorial super easy one go ahead and use Chat GPT to make money by selling Starter websites on flipper don't forget To subscribe tap that notification Bell Smash that like button and I'll see on The next video

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