I Tried Quitting YouTube And Amazon KDP The Biggest Business Lessons I’ve Learned As An Entrepreneur

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Don’t Panic – Try Something New

Last week, I heard the bark of a distressed dog from my office window. It sure sounded close, and I noticed that one of my cats was perched in the window with her tail hairs fully extended. When I peered out the window here was this medium-sized dog inside my yard, barking in a panic looking as if he wanted to get into my next-door neighbor’s yard.

Making Money on Repeat Sales

How do you profit from your invention? Brian Turkalo found his opportunity for profit in creating a product with a consumable aspect – part of the product that gets used and needs to be replaced. This repeat business can be a gold mine, but how does it work?

The Power of Host and Parasitic Business Relationships

Most businesses overlook a very unique concept in ">marketing known as the Host/Parasite Relationship Model. This area of ">marketing makes everything a business accomplishes 100 percent more profitable. The Host/Parasite Relationship Models occurs when two businesses enter a joint venture for mutual gain. This essentially means two companies playing offer each other’s business for substantial profit.

I’ve Hired a Business Coach – Now What

Congratulations! You’ve joined the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who work with a business coach. For many of you, for whom this is a new experience, you’re now asking yourself: “Now what?”

The Working Principles of Self Replicated Websites

Self replicated websites are very important for companies that sell products or services via the internet. A self replicating site provides valuable assistance to any MLM business and allows it to gain the full potential of the internet and market the product or service to the global market.

Developing New Products or Services in Line With Your ">Marketing Plan

Having a ">marketing plan is essential for any small business. A ">marketing plan can help you keep your business developing and moving forward in line with your overall goals. It is also a valuable resource when it comes to thinking about introducing new products and services.

B2B ">Marketing Agency Tactics That Get Results

When it comes to ">marketing your business, there is an almost overwhelming array of ">marketing tactics you can choose from. Rather than attempting to try everything at once, any ">marketing agency will advise you to pick one or two tactics, and apply those consistently for the best possible results.

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