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This is the fourth video in my Forex Series um and if you've not seen those Videos I've actually linked them in this Video's description below right the First and second and the third videos It's right there in the video Description so what you need to do is to Watch this video after watching this Video go in the description of this Video and actually watch the other Videos you know to give you more context To what I'm talking about now back to What I was saying before I digressed I've been paying attention to Forex of Late right and it has been an amazing Journey and that is why I'm doing this Series so glad you guys exactly what I'm Doing and the whole idea is that you can Do the exact same thing and of course Get the exact same result so in today's Video I'm going to be showing you guys Exactly how to start Forex Trading for Free right you don't need no investment You don't need any money at all to Actually start if you live in a country Like Nigeria the Forex exchange is not Stable and that is an opportunity for You to make money in the Forex market Now for instance if dollar is 2005 today And tomorrow it is 670 that is a 20 20 Naira difference now if you had bought One thousand dollars at 650 that would Have been 650 000 naira and if you have Sold it the next day at 670 you would

Have met 20 20 20 naira again on each Dollar right so that means that the Seven Star naira is 970 000 naira and You have made 20 000 naira again in just One day that's how easy it is to Actually make money with Forex now but The problem with this is that a lot of Persons tend to jump into it because This Market is fluctuating people don't Understand the things to look out for to Understand where the market is going so They go all in because they think that It's going to go or go up and when it Goes down they lose their money A lot of Persons get discouraged you know when This happens now there's a solution for This and Forex for you has actually Provided that solution I'm gonna be Showing you guys exactly how to take Advantage of this solution to make money In the Forex Market but I want to State This before we actually proceed Forex Trading involves risk and you can lose Your Capital so always use money that You can afford to lose and guess what Guys this is not a financial advice so Do your own due diligence right before You jump right in now that's it guys Let's go to my screen let me show you Guys exactly how to start trading Forex For free right you don't need no Investment you don't need to pay any Money to actually start with this and The first thing you need to do is of

Course open an account right if you've Not done that already this video showing Up right here is going to show you Exactly how to set up an account on Forex for you but I'm going to be Assuming that you already have an Account so I'm going to come to login Here And this is my email and this is my Password so I'm going to hit login right Here and this is loading up right now so I'm just going to give it a while so and We're logged in here yeah so if you come Down right here uh okay so it says add Empty for demo account this is very Important this is where you need to Click so I'm going to tap add mt4 demo Account and um okay and this is going to Open up right now it says account Created our demo account has been Created so this is what I'm gonna do I'm Going to copy all of this right right Click here copy okay highlight right Click and of course copy right so I'm Going to drop this inside my notepad Document here rather keep it safe so it Is my meta Trader for login this is Login here and this is the password Right this is a server name right here The currency is USD and the account Leverage is one to five hundred so I'm What I'm going to do right now is to Come here at the bottom of the screen Where it says download trading terminal

So we have four options you can download For your PC you can download for your Apple device you can download for your Android device and you can download for Your tablet right here I'm on a PC so The logical thing to do is to click on This particular one right here so I'm Going to tap it and it's going to be Installed into my computer so this is Download I started and it's completed so What I'm going to do right now is to Click on it and it's going to be Installed into my computer So it says Forex for you wants to um Install whatever whatever I'm just going To say yes right I'm gonna say next of Course and Forex for you hello we are Installing your trading platform so I'm Just going to give it a while so why This is happening guys if I get any Value from this video right and you want To be notified when I drop the Subsequent videos on this series kindly Subscribe to my Channel right now turn On the verification button of course Give this video a like so he says Congratulations we are waiting for you So I'm going to click finish here okay And we're done so this is what I'm gonna Do I'm gonna go back to my laptop and Search for Forex for you This is a Forex for you app right I'm Going to tap this and this has opened Right here so I'm going to say next here

Right I'm going to say next I'm going to Go to existing trade account and let's Go back to what we copied from Forex so It is how to log into your empty your Trading terminal which is empty for Right now so I'm going to control CDs And drop it here then the password I'm Gonna uh Ctrl C copy this and then drop It here right I'm gonna say finish Congratulations on the update I'm gonna Say okay and from this interface right Now you can start trading Forex for free Now what this means is that you can Actually go ahead and make all the Mistakes that you're going to be making In this trading account money is a Virtual money has been provided for you So you can go ahead and shoot and make All the mistakes that you're going to be Making now now this helps you actually Understand how this thing works before You jump in with your real money another Interesting thing is that you can easily Manage your trade on the Forex for you App on your phone so what you need to do Is to go go to the App Store if you are On an iPhone or go to the Play Store if You are on an Android device right just Open the play for you open the open the Forex for your app on your phone right And you're going to be seeing something Exactly like this right and you can Click on login to actually log into your Account I'm going to tap here these

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Three ellipses here uh here I'm gonna Tap it so I'm going to tap this and I'm Going to come to platforms right down Here where it says mobile where it says Mobile you see Meta Trader 4 that's what You want to click on clean click on it And this interface is going to open now This is when you want to download for PC This is for your iPhone if you're an IPhone this is where you should click if You're on an Android device this is Where you should tap right so I'm using An Android device right now so I'm going To tap Google Play and it's going to Take me straight to Google Play so what I'm going to do is to install Metatrader4 and of course I'm logging With the same credential that I put Inside a notepad document and you can Manage all your trades from this Platform on your mobile device you can Easily manage all your trades right from Your phone from your mobile device Another interesting way to make money on The Forex for you app is using copy Trading now I've explained this in one Of my other videos right but what I Didn't mention is the fact that you can Copy multiple professionals at the same Time and guess what guys this actually Does minimize your risk right because if You split your capital and you copy Multiple professionals at the same time Right the chances of you losing you know

Become slim because they cannot all lose At the same time for the avoidance of Doubt let me show you guys exactly what I'm talking about we are back here on The Forex for you dashboard and if you Look you're going to be seeing the fight Against Forex for you here and they are Shared for you now share for you is Basically the copy trading aspect that I Talked about you know just now and I'm Going to click on share for you so we're Leaving Forex for you to share for you So we'll share for you right now so I'm Going to come to EA to copy that's where You need to go EA to copy EA means Expert advisor leaders right as you can See it right here so these are all Professionals who are actually making Money trading Forex so you can actually Make money by copying them and like I Explained you can copy multiple places And let's say you have a thousand Dollars right and you want to copy um 10 Persons with hundred dollars each that Way the risk on your investment is Actually lower than when you put or go All in on just maybe like in one or two Persons right so this is what I'm gonna Do let's say I want to copy this guy uh Nacon nacon has made 17 profit in the Last 30 days right because you can see Plus 17 percent gain the last 30 days Right and 48 in 4.8 months you know as You can see right here and it's low risk

This guy three percent this guy 17 Percent and if you can go down you see a Whole lot of other expert advisors that You can copy you know so let's say I Want to copy uh an account right now or I want to copy um you Ben that has 28 in The last 30 days unless I want to copy You Ben for instance I'm going to come Here right now and click on this plus Right here so I want to copy this guy You can basically just put the amount You want to copy here you want to use to Copy this guy here and hit start to copy And it's as simple as that but let's go To more options let me show you guys a Couple of options now right here you Have the multiplier and you have the Rescale for this skill there are two Options which is yes or no if yes is Selected as it is right now this means That the profit you have made by Following following that leader will be Kept aside so if you make a profit it's Gonna it's gonna be kept aside while you Continue with your Capital only that is What yes for the skill means and if you Select no what this means is that the Profit you have made by Following the Leader will still be used to follow him So but your profit or your Capital will Be reinvested into following this leader That is what this rescale actually means Now right here you're going to be seeing This other one I'm going to go back to

Yes and this other one called multiplier Right here so there are two options for Multiplier which is standard and custom Now standard means that you have to Deposit the exact same amount as the Leader however if a custom is selected This will allow you to deposit using a Smaller or larger amount and still Follow the Leader that's how simple it Is right so you decide on what you want To do you know do all of that then of Course come here and click on start to Copy and that is simple so what's going To happen is that as these experts are Doing their trades their decisions will Be applied to your capital and you're Going to be making money when they make Money it is that simple that is how Share for you works right and that is Copy trading on Forex for you guys next I want to copy this guy with uh let's Say 700 unless I want to put 700 here uh 700 to copy this guy with 700 right and I want to use to rescale and what you Stand that you know um for multiple I Want to use standard and this risk I'm Going to leave free scale on right I'm Going to come here and I'm going to hit Start to copy start to copy right so it Took me to financial operations because I do not have enough balance so it's Asking me to deposit phone I don't have Enough funds that I'm trying to actually Use to copy that guy so what you need to

Do is to actually make a deposit using Internet banking payment system on Cryptocurrency anyone is completely fine So you can use internet banking which is Actually my favorite right you know I Use internet banking all the time so I'm Going to come here go to online banking Right click on add funds click on add Funds I confirm that investing for my Own I said click on add funds and of Course you know complete this process And you're gonna you're gonna be copying Somebody and whatever decision that they Make is going to be applied to your fund And when they make money you make money On Forex it is that simple guys actually Explain this in one of my other videos On the Forex Series so go ahead and Actually watch those videos to Understand this better so you it how Easy it is the demo account actually Allows you to make all the mistakes Right to know where all the pitfalls are So you understand exactly what you're Doing before you jump in with your real Money now this is like a this is like a Real game changer this is like you Writing the exam before the exam all Right so this is amazing it's something I love so much about this particular Platform now here's what I want you to Do right now set up an account on Forex For you right now by using the link in This video description once you click on

It it's going to bring you to Forex for You set up an account and after you've Done that of course go ahead and verify Your account and after you've done that Make a Day post also make a deposit it Doesn't matter how much you're actually Depositing any amount at all make get Deposit into your Forex for you account And after you've done that go ahead and Play with the demo right understand how Forex will actually take your time to Actually study it make all the mistakes That you want to make right there you Know nobody is going to charge you money For that it's completely free and that's Exactly how to start Forex Trading for Free right no investment no money that's Nothing that is required of you set up Your account right now and start Practicing with the demo right now and Of course you can go ahead and try copy Trading also so just copy your Trader And like I've said I've made videos About this and they're all in this video Description right and if you have any Questions at all let me know in the Comment section as I'm always always Ready to answer all of your questions Now this video showing up right here is Actually my introduction for foreign Forex for you it clearly said talked About I contains all my previous videos Including this particular video and the Future ones is showing right here right

Now so click on it watch that video and Until I see my next video guys keep Winning and don't forget that Gerald Does love you guys bye from here guys

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