Is Fiverr Overrated?

Why would you want to know if Fiverr was Overrated that's an easy question to Know if it's a scam it's not to know if It's worth your time to know if it's a Great place to make money online to know How it Stacks up against the competition And to know if it's oversaturated 35 of You voted that fiber was overrated and I'll bet that it's due to one of the Reasons I just listed but I'm here to Tell you that it's not overrated and I'm Going to go through each of the reasons You might think that it is overrated That I just listed in this video and Before I do if it's not too much trouble Please consider subscribing and flicking On that notification Bell I have some Awesome videos coming up that you're not Going to want to miss okay so first is Fiverr a scam hard no on that one and Here's why Fiverr is simply a freelance Marketplace Fiverr provides a platform And the functionality that enables People to buy and sell freelance Services online and they charge a fee For that service it's not a scam now is It possible that there are scammers out There who are trying to rip people off On Fiverr yeah obviously but that Doesn't mean that Fiverr itself is a Scam and I'll cover how to avoid Scammers in a whole other video so don't Worry about that the next question you Might have is whether or not Fiverr is

Worth your time so that one really Depends and it depends on your skill set And your mindset for me Fiverr has Definitely proven to be worth my time so Much so that I'd go so far as to say That Fiverr has positively changed my Life for the better over the last three Or four years it's helped me turn my Free time and my passion for writing Into well over a hundred thousand Dollars and has provided me with an Immense sense of fulfillment it's been Totally awesome for me totally worth my Time but that's only been possible for Me due to two main things the first was I had a valuable skill set to sell my Writing and the second thing that made That possible was that I stuck with it And I obsessed over the idea of growing My business on the platform so whether Or not Fiverr will be worth your time Will also depend on these two things do You have a skill to sell that people Actually need and want to buy and do you Have the staying power to stick with it To persevere push through and grow on The Fiverr platform the next one I'm Addressing here is whether or not Fiverr Is a great place to make money online if It's not already obvious based on my Answer to the last one the answer is Obviously yes at its core Fiverr is a Platform with millions of users for a Freelancer that means you can tap in to

This network of potential buyers for Your freelance services that are already Familiar accustomed to and signed up to Be buyers on Fiverr if you didn't have a Site like Fiverr you'd have to pay for The that acquisition you'd have to do Marketing and find clients yourself off So just the nature of what the platform Is like and the nature of Fiverr and the Nature of Fiverr doing marketing and Driving buyers to the platform makes it A pretty great place to make money Online that's not already obvious also Asides from just the fact that there's a Lot of buyers on the platform Fiverr Ties in a lot of useful functionality And tools that help Freelancers like us Manage our business that we'd normally Have to pay for payment processing being A big one when someone hires you on Fiverr Fiverr holds the funds Fiverr Releases the funds transfers your bank Easy all in one platform it also serves As a CRM a database where you can track All your past clients reach out to People send messages things like that a Rating system it's an all-in-one Platform and to get that without a site Like Fiverr it costs money the next Consideration you might have is how well Does Fiverr stack up against the Competition well currently it's probably Either the number one or number two most Popular freelance planet on Earth Fiverr

And upwork those are the two and over The years with these two and every other Freelance platforms there have been pros And cons with all of them some have Excelled in certain areas some have Regressed in others they're always Working on improving and when it comes To Fiverr I've been pretty amazed with The functionality and the advancements Fiverr has been making to its platform Over the years so I think it it should Go without saying that it is a pretty Solid option and for most freelance Platforms it is the competition it's a Great site and the next consideration is Fiverr over saturated I can't believe I'm talking about this Again is fiber saturated is the question Like nine out of ten Nine out of ten new pessimistic Freelancers asks at some point so I can Explain my stance on this in the Simplest way that I know how If you offer a service that is easy to Do that requires little skill and Provides very low value to your Prospective clients Fiverr is probably Going to be saturated for you but on the Flip side of that coin if you offer a Skill that does require skill is not so Easy to do and does provide value to Your potential clients then you'll find That Fiverr probably isn't that Saturated so yeah if that made sense to

You and you feeling Fiverr is a bit Saturated Don't Panic that probably just Means there's room for you to improve Your business your skill set or how You're going about the whole freelance Thing and there's room for you to Improve and earn more money so there you Have it that's the video is Fiverr Overrated I don't think so those were my Points based on some of the arguments People I've spoken to have for why Fiverr may or may not be overrated so Let me know what you think comment down Below happy to chat about it duke it out In the comments but yeah overall if You're watching this video I want to Assure you Fiverr is a pretty solid Platform and to stop worrying about Whether or not it's overrated over Saturated focus on the value you can Provide your clients and you're going to Start winning thanks so much for Watching until next time cheers

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