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How to Manage Telecom Costs

Each business has these costs; they’re extensive and can be intensely reduced. Every business needs to connect or interact with the outside world – this needs internet connections, long distance calls, toll free numbers, conferencing, T1s and PRIs, and good old fashioned phone lines. Telecom costs often run to $1,000 per employee per year.

Mobile ">Marketing: A Secret to Success

Mobile ">Marketing is a very popular and useful tool for new business entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. It refers to the use of mobile technology as a method of promoting services and products consumers can engage with. Short Messaging Service (SMS) is the one form of mobile ">marketing. This type of tool in ">marketing is considered the most accessible and affordable way for business promotion.

How to Use a Bad Review to Improve Your Online Reputation

Customers love online review websites, like Yelp, to share their experiences with the rest of their world. Often though, this experience is not always a positive one. Although getting a negative review on a customer review website is never something a company should wish for, it is not necessarily a kiss of death. Leaving this review unattended, may though.

Niche Business Ideas That Boost Sales

Want more niche business ideas? Discover simple tips to creating your own unique money-making niche ideas that boost sales.

Launch A Mobile ">Marketing Business

Now is the right time to launch a mobile ">marketing business. Mobile ">marketing has become one of the hottest advertising techniques for businesses to reach more consumers worldwide. Sending promotional messages to potential customers on their mobile device has been a driving force to turn brands into a household name.

What Do All Thought Leaders Have in Common?

From a personality perspective, educational perspective and professional background prospective, the thought leaders I work with and have met couldn’t be a more diverse group. Regardless of their differences, there are a few traits they all possess.

Key Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Traffic At Your Trade Show Stand

Leveraging social media ">marketing resources can help boost traffic to a business’ trade show stand. Read on to learn more about this topic.

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