Kevin O’leary EXPOSED! Why is he PROTECTING Sam Bankman after $250M Bail, @Coffeezilla HELP!

Where'd the money go forget about the Small stuff the 50 million the 200 Million all the stuff all the Allegations all the allegations of fraud Forget all that really Kevin forget About the biggest fraud in the 21st Century but why Finance is a massive Unregulated Global Monopoly now they put FTX out of business now lots of other Reasons I'm sure but that's my personal Opinion that is what Sam bankman free Told me in terms of where the assets Went I don't think that's a good look For Kevin the crypto Community was Shocked to hear Kevin said this Completely disregarding the fraud and The facts but instead using the congas Hearing to shift the focus on FTX Biggest rival buying it it looks like a Lobbyist why is Kevin risking his Public Image to defend and protect Sam Beckman Let's get into it foreign What's up guys this is JC and welcome to The wealth engineering Channel this is Where I create top provoking content That talks about anything related to Business and investing and in today's Video we're going to be talking about Kevin zolary latest investment in the Crypto business and why is protecting His boy Sam Beckman with no surprise Sam Beckman was arrested in the Bahamas he Was thrown in a dirty jail full of rats What did Santa give you as a gift today

Well Sam actually got lucky Santa gave Him exactly what he wished for fresh Vegan food in the U.S soil and he's Actually doing this freely his parent Paid the 250 million dollar bill that Was imposed on him and now he's walking Freely among us but where do they get All that money I ain't got a hundred Thousand dollars left in my bank account Last I checked is the justice system Corrupt what message are they sending to Other criminals you take care of us and We'll take care of you while Sam Beckman Took care of the politician he was Actually planning on spending two Billion on board party Democrats and Republicans and he also took care of his Boy Kevin O'Leary who was paid to be a Spokman for FTX he was paid 15 million Dollars from FTX customers money and There is a lot more to this I want to Give a special shout out to Perry Unlikely he just exposed a great video On Kevin O'Leary and all his lies make Sure you check it out I'll have the link Right here one thing we learned is Kevin O'Leary was investing heavy in a Canadian crypto exchange called D5 Ventures but after Kevin's fully backed Them they rebranded it into wonderfi Like Mr Wonderful Wonderful it's a Canadian company listed in a Toronto Stock Exchange and its goal is to Provide access to decentralized and

Regulated centralized crypto platforms To build the future of Finance at least That's what they claim but guess who was Listed as a strategic investor up until A month ago that's right yo boy Sam Beckner sounds like buying incident just Hurts Sam but also heard Kevin accident With Sam's arrest Kevin lost on the keys Strategic investor of wonderfi and he May be asked to give all that Capital Back in a bankruptcy court but how does Kevin O'Leary plan to benefit from all This FTX drama is that 2.1 billion Madoff style clawback who knows but if I Get on that credit committee I'll be one Of the guys doing the claw so I'm Looking forward to that because I think At the end of the day every shareholder And account holder has to have an answer To what happened here but wouldn't that Be a conflict of interest well I have to Disclose I'm a shareholder Ben you Should be aware as a shareholder and Wonderfi as well he came in around the Same time I did Um I am a paid spokesperson for FTX so I Have a lot of respect for the management There I did a lot of due diligence Before I accepted that position because I wanted to have a compliant home but Sam is one of the smarter guys in this Space for this reason long before crypto He was a traitor he understands the

Power of Leverage Canon should be in a Class action lawsuit for his involvement In FDX but instead he's putting himself As an authority figure as he plans to Use his influence to shift the focus on Binance and also be demanding more Regulation that would indirectly benefit Him making more money that would also Make some appear not the bad guy but he Would not give you your money back if You invested in FTX just like buying NCO Said Kevin O'Leary is lying on TV right Now and he's definitely doing some Shitty things behind the scenes really Is a job for coffee if you want Kevin's To be exposed make sure you hit the like And share this video to more people but More importantly tag coffee Zilla and Comment section because we need the help Of our trusted internet investigator on This right away with that said let's Talk on the next video [Music] It's okay cause I'm here to introduce You into Concepts time to grow I make Big moves all about crypto come see Stocks in business yes indeed got the Info that you need hosted by my homie JC Hey yeah

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