Make $50 Over & Over Using This EASY Copy & Paste Method

Welcome to today's video where you're Probably thinking it sounds like a scam Or it sounds a bit dodgy copy and paste To earn money online you know isn't real Well it is I'm going to prove it to you Not only am I going to prove it to you I'm going to share with you examples of This I'll share with you earnings of Someone who aren't past liner who's Doing this method and I'll share with You the tools and resources to get this Up and running because if you watch the Video Till the End by the end of the Video you can get this whole process up And running within the next literally Less than an hour or so from now to an Hour you could have everything up and Running and be well on your way to Making money with this because as you're Going to see there's a huge demand for This it's incredibly simple and I'll Just break it all down for you okay so Let's go over here too let's start on YouTube okay So I'm on YouTube here and you can see I Have just typed in look at this oh sorry I've just typed in Gail Fox shot so I've Got all of these facts on here okay but This is just an example because Let me show you this okay So let me get rid of this I'm just going To type in Girl Girl Factor now you can see here 11 000

People a month for searching for girl let's type in Point Facts Now look at this boy facts three Thousand one hundred sir we know people Are searching for this let's just type In I don't know let's just type in Lovers something like this Love us So we've gone here I mean look at this Love facts love facts shorts love facts In Hindi all that so look I mean look at All the numbers down here okay so we Know in this example here there are People actively coming on YouTube and Google and typing in in the want to know Facts about love girls boys you know you Could go eat a lot further with this and If we go over onto Tick Tock as well Same Concepts whether we're looking on YouTube whether we are looking on Tick Tock it doesn't really matter so I found This channel over here on Tick Tock you Can see 1.4 million view followers and All they do it is uploading this year Now this is unbelievably simple this Method here now whomever this person is You know I'm sure they're making some Money from Tick Tock I'll show you Roughly how much they're making because As I mentioned at the beginning of the Video I know someone personally who's Doing this method and this person here

They're missing out on a lot of money But here's the thing if you look at any Of these videos whether we are on Tick Tock whether it's over here on YouTube Whether we're looking at like channels Like this one over here or even indeed This one you'll notice it all have a Very similar concept and that concept is Let's come over here look at the Background video to same one Exactly the same scroll down look this One here is the same one over here this One here sermons here and here and he Gets lazy this whole method is lazy it Just takes time to get this up and Running but I promise you it is copy and Paste simple okay so winner that this is Popular on it's popular everywhere Basically we've come back over here on To YouTube So I was literally just you know going Through some of these different channels I've watched this DP mindset this what's This creative first Tick Tock and I've Just gone on to the accounts and you Know scrolling through and having look At the sort of things that they're Uploading and again you can go through And have a look at any of these and There's lots of these different channels Like this okay and they're all doing Exactly the same concept Okay So let's have a look at this as an

Example we'll take this channel here This DP mindset 256. I nearly got that wrong 256 000 subscribers how much are they Earning or estimated to be adding from YouTube AdSense come over here There are adding scroll down here you Can see let me go to this there and in Roughly I mean I'm in the UK so it's UK Pricing it's set up to 4 600 pounds That's so that's about five thousand Dollars a month and then we've got down Here estimated now even if we were to go Conservative with this number and put it In the middle here we could say this Channel is potentially earning 2 300 Pounds sir that is a little under three Thousand dollars a month literally with This now sorry this website over here It's called socialblood you can just Come over here type in a YouTube channel Up here and it will bring up the facts About this it will show you the date Number of subscribers video views Estimated earnings down here okay so we Know these methods these channels are Making money now in order to start Making money you have to meet the YouTube Partner requirements now a lot Of channels you know they will give up On this method because they don't you Know they do not reach those requirement In the beginning but you can actually Make money from day one

With this and then once you do meet Those requirements then you can start Running those at nine ads on YouTube Videos and start earning money and what I'd say is you know go through this Process what I'm going to share with you And then literally go for something Called the omnipresence method whereby We're taking this same copy and paste Method to create a video and then we put That video on multiple platforms so it Can be adding US money from YouTube AdSense it can be earning money from the Facebook reels program it could be Anything from Tick Tock we can bear it In with affiliate marketing and many More but the whole Concepts is simple Okay and I'll show you this and that's a Two I'd show you proof so if I come over Here this is my online training slash Community in here we've got lots of Methods from making money online now Inside of here I'll show you yes this One over here so as I mentioned I know Someone will pass like who's doing this Method on Tick Tock and I'll show you Really quickly I think it's around this Point here Come over here So with this method on Tick Tock surf Well this was in June the event a lot More since then they'd had 983 pounds so over a thousand dollars And then if I come across here well

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There you go I'll make that bigger so You can see this look in the last seven Days their Channel had got six million Views six million views using the method That we are looking at today and it's so Simple okay so how how would you know How do you do this how do you get Started how do we do the copy and paste Element well step one is with this ad on A category or an each so You can go into something like this Mindset you could focus specifically on Like love facts or relationship facts I Mean again I'll just type that I'm going To type in relationship And look I'm just seeing what's coming Up so look all of these different search Volumes on here but let's just type in Relationship facts see what comes up for That 3 600 people a month are searching for That but remember especially on YouTube And Tick Tock and these different Platforms you can also get views from The recommended page the home page the Up next you know there's lots of Different ways you can get traffic it's Not just the numbers here where whereby You're going to be generating views to These videos okay so Step One is we need To come up with some you know facts no You could go on Google and type it up And you know like just start creating Your own facts or you could use software

Now obviously you could use chat gbt for This and there's a number of these Different AI softwares you can use I use This one over here it's called Jasper I'll put a link to it down below for you It's you can try out ten thousand words Completely for free you can see in here They've got lots of different elements You can use this for lots of things but Really simple I'll come over here chat Okay And you can see I've actually been doing This method myself so how it works is we Come in here right and you can see on Here look right five motivational quotes About entrepreneurship that is what I've Just literally copied in okay then the Software gives me the quotes here these Are the quas so then I say look like can You expand on this oh I didn't put can You expand on this and basically all I'm Doing is I'm going up to one of these Words copied it and asking asking the Software to expand on it and then it Gives me more here straightforward and Simple so I'll show you what that actual Example so I'm going to say Um please give me I'm just going to say Three Facts about love something like that And I hit on enter and then what happens Is it literally takes about 30 seconds And there we go okay so now we've got Some different facts there about love so

You could literally take this here and Just copy this and do it do it this way Or you could do what's gonna appear Where we say look can you expand on this It's up to you it really is I've just Been like I said playing around with This concept because I think it's Awesome and it's incredibly simple so I've got three facts about what now now I've done that where am I going to copy And paste that so well I'm going to use Some software and again I'll put links To everything I'm talking about below For you so don't worry if I'm you know Jumping from one website to another so For this one I'm going with in video and Again they have appeared they have Paired options but you can just start With the free one now on here We've come up to here you just click on Create new so or you can come down here And go into the template or text to Video so if I want to go with we'll just Go with text to video so I click on here Now these are all templates okay so pick Any one of these templates that you like About Burning Man all of it is editable Okay I'm sorry editor I said that Incorrect now let me pause that now this Is the important part over here you want This in portrait number 16 because this Is what gives us the visuals for you Know the the horror is it horizontal Yeah horizontal the horizontal format

Videos for YouTube shots Now over here I'm just going to paste in This from here so look I go ahead and What have we gone here Okay so I'm just going to copy that So I'm gonna copy I'm gonna come over to The software and I am going to paste That into here Pretty straightforward and simple and I'm going to leave this on auto suggest Images and videos and then I'm going to Click on there and it clicks on Create And what's Happening Here is it's just Literally going to create a video for me I'll cut it I mean looking at that Script there it'll probably be a couple Of slides if that but remember Web videos on YouTube and Tick Tock this Short format it's you know under 16 Seconds originally it was less than 15 Seconds so okay so this is it I mean Literally this is their sir if we go Back and have a look at you know whether We are looking at Tick Tock over here or Even in these videos on YouTube they all Seem to have this love facts dirty okay So really straightforward and simple so This I'm just going to move this down Here just for the time being like so and Then on the left hand side I've got all These options okay in fact let me see if I can move this across for you There we go so you can see on here we've Got videos images text and all these

Things okay so I'm going to click on Text Like so and then you've got these Options on here so you can just click Any one of these so if I click on there Like sir it comes up here so let me drag That okay and I'm just going to do this I'm just going to type in Over here on the left hand side I'm Going to type in Love facts I love fat Okay and then what I can do is you can See if it's a bit too big so over here I Can click on the font size and I can Make it smaller or bigger and I can also Do this early I can drag it out Etc okay Let me get rid of that logo there really Quickly so there is that okay and again This is just the starting point now what Is that A seal that's a seal so I want something In the background so again I'm not Reinventing the wheel I'm looking at What's working so here we've got what Rainforests beaches All of these like like common effects Okay so I'm gonna come back over here And I'm gonna click on videos and I'm Just going to type in um let's type in Car let's see what comes up for that And in a second it's going to bring me Up but look you can see we've got look There's one could use that one this one

I can scroll through now now you can Also use images over here if you wanted To use one of them you can go with that So you can use a mix of video and images I'll just fit whichever basically we Found one let's just say this one I can click to add it as a layer I don't Want it as a layer I'm going to drag it And replace that seal okay now I can Trim this if I wanted to so let me just Click move this and I'm just going to Click on ADD Like so now let me move back down here So we can see on here that's the actual Video in the background okay so I just Do this you can see it now Something like that oh I've had you know If you want to change it to I don't know Let's just type in summer something like Basically the concept is you just search For an image or a video that you like Once you find one then you just drag it Over here so let's just go with I don't Know let's just go with Um let's go with the forest again Because that was a different one so I'm Gonna come on here and all I'm doing is I'm just looking for something that I Like the look of that I can include in Here sir That looks pretty good let's take that And again I'm just placing that on there I'm sorry move my head I'm going to Click on ADD and again you can trim this

Down if you want to you can change it But you just play around with this now Obviously this over here let's first of All make it bold And then I want it to stand out a bit More don't I so again let's go see what They're doing so there's this white with Black background what's this one Let's go and look at this one let's go And look at the tick tock one it's a Black and white back also not difficult And bearing in mind right what I'm doing Here is I'm creating a template video so It takes a little bit of time to create The template but once it's done I can Then use this template as they do over Here look I can create my template and Then all I have to do is change the text In here which I get from the software Over here straightforward and simple so Let's come over here on the left hand Side now these are all of the different Elements okay so I'm gonna I want a box Something on here to make this stand out Or pop as some people I'd say so we'll Come over to elements and obviously I Want the ship so I'm going to click on Here and it will show me all of these Different shapes or you can just come up Here and type in in the ships search bar Here you can just type in I'm just going To type in a black box And it doesn't bring me anything up so Sorry let me type in Black Square

It's so fun and you can see we've got Lots here so any of these will do so I'm Just going to click on that one Yeah let me add that so it goes up here Now this will need to go near the top so I'm going to take this I'm going to drag It hot like sir And then I want that position to be Backwards I have the writing on the top Of that so I'm going to come up here to Where it says back and then it moves our Text forward so now my text is in there Now I can make my text bigger like so or I can just simply come over to the font Size and change it this way all I'm Doing here is we'd have it on here now Again like the black box here might be a Bit too big so I can just shrink it down And basically look with this software You can play around with it inside your Heart content okay or this is it Literally and then you would put your Text in here so if well that's got that There so we've got our text over here That we've got from Jasper now this is It literally that would be you know if I Come over here and click on let's just Take this back to the beginning and Click on play And that's it literally and it's if it Seems ridiculous doesn't it but look go Over here go ahead and have a look at This channel go and look at these Different channels on YouTube and

Literally even just scroll through all Of these because you can see they're not Difficult by any stretch of the Imagination just takes a bit of the time And effort and consistency with this but Because we're using AI software to you Know give us the facts over here this Speeds up the process once I've got this Here I'll just copy and paste it into The software over here and it creates The video for us then we upload it onto YouTube now this is the part where we Look at additional Revenue sources so in This example we are looking at love Facts you know relationships so we need To find some products over around around That topic so for this we can use a Platform like this one over here this is ClickBank there are many more of them Let me just quickly log in I'll show you How you can do this because again it Literally takes a few well less than a Minute okay so over here in the Marketplace as you can see up here If we scroll down and you can simply Search for something in here or you can Come over to the left hand side and go Into these different categories okay so You can come in here and search for them So look politics families all of this Sort of stuff so you can comment so Let's just go into what we're looking For engagement no no so let's just type In

How to I don't know how to get your Xbox Something like that Someone can see on here look at The X Factor guide so this one here it's got a Conversion of fifty dollars this one Here look getting him back twenty four Dollars this one hey yeah get hair back 32 this one There's lots of different products that You can find on here if I come up here And just type in how to I don't know let's let's go with how to Pick up boys or girls Etc we just type that in and then Hex Buffet I don't even know what that one is come Down here look flirting for me like Attracting day women instantly and Easily Apparently we've got this one here the Bad boy look you can see look another One here the Champs what I mean but the Concept is we go over here and we find Different products that we can become an Affiliate for so let's just go with Get your text back You can search for products or you can Just go into these categories here but If I scroll down here we can see this is The product okay so I'm going to click On here it will open up into a new tab And it will take me over to this page Here look this is great because you can You can Target both you know male and

Females on here so look men click here Women click here get your boyfriend back And get your girlfriend back straight Forward and simple so if I wanted to Promote that product I'll come up here Where it says promote click on that Click on Create and then I copy that Link there okay So I've copied it now we want to make it Shorter and more attractive other than This long length down here so you would Use a link Sharna which is basically Where we take it from this sort of long Ugly link here and we make it more Attractive so you can use there's lots Of these this one is called the bitly Come in here again it's free create an Account and then all we're doing is we Are pasting in the link that we've just Got from ClickBank and then we're Creating a new one so if I come over Here and click on create new look I want A link so I click on that paste my long Ugly Link in here like sir And then I scroll down now also as well Here look ways to share like this here You can customize the back half of it so Instead of just saying a few you Know a few random letters you could Customize this with you know get your Xbox One or whatever you want really Once you're happy with this you scroll To the bottom and you click on create

And then It takes a second and then look now we Have got this over here this is our link So if I click on this link here now let Me highlight this and let me click on go To like this so go to this link here What will happen is it will send us over To this page here but it's got our Tracking ID in here so anybody that we Send over to this page and you know they Click on this and go through and buy the Product we can add an affiliate Commission so it's one way that you can Actually start monetizing your you know Your account from day one then what Happened is over time you start Uploading more videos you get more views You can then start to apply to The Tick Tock and create fund you can go onto the YouTube Partner program and you can even Take this over to you know create a Facebook page and upload it as a real But essentially this one video that We've created over here once you're Happy with this you come over here and You click on downward And then it will literally come down Here and it'll give you the option so You know different options on here and Then you would export this okay and all You're doing when you're exporting it is Essentially downloading that video but You know there's many of these different Softwares you can use this one is called I like it and I use it because It's simple and it's easy another free One is called canvas again Straightforward and simple go over here To canva And inside of here it's the same Concepts let me get rid of that come Down here look Tick Tock video so you go on here and You create a video but what I would say Is create a template that you're happy With with the text over the top of this Like we have done of uh here And then the next video that I come on Here to do you know if I was doing Something about boys or girls or Anything like this all I'm doing is I Click on here and I click on edit and Then over here I can just change this so I can just type in I don't know strange Whatever whatever facts you are Concentrating on you can just come in And change this like so And then you just change the text down Here that we get from the software over Here but as you've seen you know this Example over here Some take some money to be made from Creating really short simple videos and Go just go ahead and have a look at These just look at how simple they are To do and it will just take time and Effort because you can use all three Tools and free resources this one over

Here this Jasper you get 10 000 words With the link down below if you don't Want to use Jasper you can also go and Try chatgpt this Sonic right there's Lots of these different AI softwares That will basically do everything for You you just need to give it some simple Prompts and that's just one method that You can use to make money online and From home if you want more you can go Over to the website we've got a members Area and if you want to take it step Further you can go ahead and check out The university because we've got lots of Stuff in here as well so look thanks for Watching today's video have a great day And I'll see you tomorrow Thank you foreign [Music]

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