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Event ">Marketing – Don’t Miss Out On The Golden Opportunities

The art of event management is a manifold activity indeed. The mammoth task that it is to plan and organize any function or event, right from the beginning to its culmination, happens to be so humungous, that most people are left flabbergasted by it.

Lessons From the “Dragon’s Den”!

“If you ever watch ‘Dragon’s Den’ (on Canadian TV) or ‘Shark Tank’ (on U.S.A. TV), then you know that there are some simple rules for success. I had the pleasure of hearing one of the ‘dragons’ speak at a luncheon recently and want to share his tips for success with you. Jim Treliving kept it simple – which is totally in alignment with my own style – and was very inspiring to all of us in the audience.

How To Get ">Marketing Results

Certain actions done right will allow you to get results when ">marketing. There are however certain actions that done wrong will make you waste you time. Wrong actions will result in your staffing business never getting a single contract. This article helps you get focused when ">marketing your staffing agency.

Do You Have Staying Power?

This is the question that your potential clients are asking when deciding if they will work with you or not. You’ve heard the saying that actions speak louder than words.

Why Your Company Needs A Monthly Newsletter

Every company needs a great monthly newsletter. Why? Well, customers like to know what you’re up to as well as news about your industry, employees, ventures, products, and more. Plus, newsletters are a personal and fun way to market to your prospects or existing clients.

How To Promote Your Products Effectively

Using promotional items to market your product can be very effective if done right. Choose those items that are relevant to your business and essential to your customers.

3 Custom Promotional Items for Everyday Use

Do you know the benefits of handing out promotional items and products? Do you want to turn their potential into actual benefits for your business? If your answer is “yes” in any or all of these questions, then please read on. In here we’ll be discussing the main benefits of handing out custom promotional items, which in turn, can help bring your business to even greater heights.

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