Make Money From Google Search (Top Secret)

Did you know that you can make money out Of Google Search today in this video I Will show you how to be honest this Method is not easy it will not make you Rich in one week but it is one of the Best methods I use to make money online And few people know about it and I Really didn't find anyone on YouTube Talking about it and the way I will show You today I'm getting excited let's Drink some water and let's start when You open Google and search for something Google automatically suggests some Keywords this is called Google auto Suggestions okay so let me reveal this Little secret if we copy this weird text Here and we paste in our browser and hit Enter look at this magic you get Google Suggestions in your browser let's add a Space and then letter a hit enter and You can see now we have alphabetical Auto suggestions let's try adding verses V us and we get now comparison keywords Let's try adding a what before our query Now we get questions question keywords Really awesome now let me show you other Secrets that will blow your mind let's Open any keyword tool let's say keyword it's a paid service and focus on The word paid it costs around 29 per Month it's really expensive let's do a Keyword research here and the two will Give you Auto suggestions with some Hidden metrics you have to pay to get

These metrics but now I will open My Little Secret my black magic keyword Tool let's enter the same keyword and Wow more than 500 keywords with metrics For free what's happening here it's Becoming more dangerous now I need to Dig some water okay [Music] So what now how to make money out of What I explained and show you in a Little bit let me share with you five Ideas number one you have to know Something that service is like keyword Tool might enter the public that shows You question keywords and prepositions Or maybe it will suggest some Rush Keyword tool all these expensive keyword Research tool use these secrets behind The scenes even my website eight super Tools use this but the difference is That my website is totally free I think I deserve a life for them so number one You can simply build a keyword tool and Provide a SAS service or maybe as a free Tool as I do and monetize it number two Is to build an API on top of this and Sell it on rapid API on other Marketplaces competition is still also Take action model about this in a little Bit stay tuned number three use these Secret methods and tools free tools to Do in-depth keyword research and provide The freelancing gig online number four Simply use these methods for your own

Business and save a lot of money on These expensive tools or simply Use eight super tools my free website Makes sense huh number five combine all These together and build multiple income Streams Good idea okay now it's time to share With you some secret details I want to Give you something for free so keep Watching the black magic keyword tool is A tool I built really after doing Intensive research for more than one Month and without using charge GPT Really and in seconds I will give you The full code this free tool with all The details on how to use it and Everything else come on I really deserve A like go and smash the like button but Before I give you the tool let me first Tell you that this is the first video in Our new detective series in 2023 in this Series of videos I will reveal Secrets Behind big service and tools how they Work I will give you the codes the Methods everything so you can build Similar websites or build something new After shaking your brain and getting Some more ideas this see this really is Unique on YouTube on the internet maybe So I don't think you want to miss any Update any video so don't forget the Notifications in the description below You will find a link to a full guide With a source codes with all the details

You want about the methods we explained Today so I hope this video inspires you To do something in 2023 build a real Business or at least test and learn Something new and let us end this video With a code that may motivate you to Take an action Oh I forgot you can always make use of Charge GPT the new AI bot it can help You build similar tools or use the code I will give you to build tools like Keyword tools and much more so play with It a little bit use it as an assistant For you to help you a lot while working Online for example last week I explained Three methods you can make money out of Charge GPT three unique methods if you Want to learn more about this you can Check this video here if you have any Questions I'll be waiting for you in the Comments section I hope you enjoyed see You soon

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