Make Money Online With ChatGPT For Beginners In 2023 (Easy 10 Minute Guide)

What's going on guys in this video I'm Going to show you how to make money with Chat GPT by combining a method that I've Been doing for years online and we can Now do it with chat gbt to speed it up And make more money so what I want to do In this video is take you through the Exact steps that you need to do I'm Going to show you the exact business Model I'm going to show you an example Of one of my real life businesses Actually making money from this method I'm going to be showing you how you can Now integrate chat GPT into this method So you can speed up the process this is Going to be a very in-depth short Tutorial so you can learn everything That you need to know about making money Online with chat GPT I work full time Online and this is one of the income Streams that I have been relying on for The last few years and now that I have Chat GPT we can make this much faster so Let's jump into this tutorial and I'm Going to show you step by step and I'm Going to show you the results in a Second on how you can actually go ahead And make money with this and the exact Stitch that you need to take let's jump Into tutorial and get started alright Guys so here's some of the earnings that I've made from this method now keep in Mind not all of these earnings are from This particular method and I actually

Made most of my money from this method Some time ago because I haven't really Been keeping it up to date because I've Been busy with other projects but we are Going to use the particular method that I use to make some of this money as an Example in this video and yes you can Still make money with this today there Are lots of people making money with This particular strategy and I'm going To show you exactly how to do it so Here's some of the earnings right now I've made over three hundred thousand Dollars with this particular program and I'm making around about 800 US dollars Per month which is actually a lot for me Converted to my currency that's like 12 1300 which is quite a lot considering I Don't put a lot of work into this right Now but as you can see these are the Commissions right here we've got a Couple here as well now what I want to Do is I want to show you step by step Exactly how you can do this the first Step you are going to want to do is You're going to want to go and get a web Hosting service which means you go and Create your own website now you can use Something like Bluehost that will give You 70 off or up to 70 off your website Hosting you can click on the link below It is an affiliate link I would get a Commission but if you want to go and use That link you will need to have a

Website to do this particular method but For this example we're actually going to Go ahead and use Google sites which is Completely free Um to do so we're going to be using that For this example but I would recommend Going and getting a paid website so you Can make money online with this method So if we go to a website called we can actually promote This for a commission now what click Funnels is I'm not going to get too much Into detail about what it does is you Can create funnels which like if you've Seen like a business sales funnel online Webinars landing pages and things like That it's more for like landing pages Funnels and webinars that's primarily What I use them for and you can also use This to create memberships but what we Can actually do is we can go ahead and Promote this and we get 50 of the um Commissions every single month recurring Per person that is on the um plan and This is actually you can see here what This does so you do e-commerce stores Membership sites online courses same Thing essentially sales funnels the Website function isn't that good but Either way we can go ahead and promote This particular product under these Categories if you go down to the bottom All the way down here it says affiliate Program once you sign up to that

Affiliate program you're going to be Taken to a page that looks like this and All you do is you go down to Here For Example and you go affiliate tools now On the affiliate tools page you're going To get an affiliate link where you can Send people to promote that particular Product so if we go down here you can Promote the free 14-day trial I'm gonna Go get affiliate tools and there is my Affiliate marketing link that I will use To promote click funnels now you might Be asking yourself how do you actually Go ahead and get the traffic to make Money I'm going to show exactly how to Do that right now using chat GPT and Websites so if we go to one of my Websites here that I make a little bit Of money off now but I used to make most Of the money about a year ago two years Ago was kind of like the prime for this Particular website this website is Called it's a live Website you can go and check it out it's Got my photo on the side we can refresh It this is a real live website right now On the right you'll see that there's a Banner that Banner goes to click funnels So if I click on that that is my Affiliate link and I will get a Commission every time someone makes a Purchase now if we look through this You'll see that I have particular titles Like click funnels versus Thrive themes

Click funnels versus get response if we Click on click funnels versus get Response you will see that this is Content based on click funnels versus Get response and we usually have we Don't have them at the moment because We're actually changing them out we Usually we have our affiliate Link in The article and people will click on That when they go ahead and search this And then we've got the banner now what I Want to do is I'm going to show you a Real example right now of how we're Getting traffic so if I go over to how To create ebook funnel with click Funnels and I scroll down you'll see That I am number one in the um Google Text search for how to create ebook an Ebook with click funnels if I click on This it goes to my page here and I have A full tutorial on how to create an Ebook for click funnels and then on the Side here we have links that we can get Commissions from for these particular Programs so let's show you how you can Do this okay and we'll use this as an Example you want to go over to a website Called and you want to go Ahead and you want to go and click try Chat GPT and you're going to be taken to A page that looks like this and there's A free version of gbt that you can use To make money so what I'm going to do is I'm going to type open a command here

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And we'll let check GPT do the rest for Us so I put in a prompt and this is a Very basic prompt by the way there's a Much more advanced settings you can do Write me a 1500 see that's supposed to Say word I always put I work for some Reason write me a 1500 word articorn how To create an ebook with click funnels Okay now what this is doing is it's Giving me an article that I can go ahead And use to put on my website for this Specific search term which is how to Create an ebook Um ebook funnel with click funnels now What I'm going to do at the end of this Video is I'm going to show you a really Special way to find topic ideas so don't Worry about that but we just want to let Chat GPT do its thing now you'll see That in my one it's there's like images And stuff like that you don't really Need to have images if you don't want to Like if we go back to the home page here And we go to this one here you'll see It's just old text So just alt text is perfectly fine Although you probably will want to do Images on some of your content okay so What we've done is we've gone ahead and Checked GPT is writing us some content Now what I'm going to do is I'm actually Going to copy this it isn't finished Just yet and I'm going to show you what We do with this content now keep in mind

What we're going to be doing now is Putting it up on our dummy website now This website we're using Google sites But you would obviously have your own Real website by something like Bluehost So what I'm going to do now is I'm going To go over to Google Sites and I'm going to go blank and I'm Going to go and create a new site now Remember I'm going to show you a trick In a minute to find the best topics and What this and remember this is just a Dummy site for this tutorial you would Have a proper website that looks like This okay or similar to this so I'm Going to go ahead and just quickly paste In the content here because I want to Get it out of my copy paste prompt okay So there we go we have gone ahead and we Have put in the content You can make it look pretty if you like But remember this is just a um tutorial On how to do this you can actually find Tutorials online on how to create Websites and stuff like that but we can Make this bold And you will need to go through and edit The skies okay chat GPT is not perfect It's really going to depend on what type Of format you want like I would actually Probably do a lot of changing to this But there we go and then what you can Actually do is you go over to affiliate you get your

Affiliate link and you'll just go ahead And put your affiliate Link in here like Something like this ready to start Your ebook Sign Oh Sign up here Get your free trial Okay This is a very basic affiliate marketing Tactic Like I said you would have your own Website but we've actually gone ahead And put an affiliate Link in there so Anyone that is reading this particular Content and they clicked on that and They made a purchase or they signed up On a trial once that trial ticks over to A paid version if they're still on that We would get that commission and for Each person that I get signing up I get 38 dollars per person per month as long As that person is still on the affiliate Marketing program okay and what we do is We use check GPT to create that content Because it actually saves us a lot of Time with all of this stuff I used to Actually pay somebody to write this Content out for me and it can get very Expensive now we have chat GPT they can Do all of this particular content for us Now you might be asking yourself how do I go ahead and find topic ideas I'm Going to cover that right now but first

Of all I want to cover one more question That a lot of people have is how do you Get the traffic once the website is Posted now what happens is usually you You create things called backlinks and Stuff like that that link back to your Website you can go on Google SEO Tutorials to figure all of that out but What I do with all of my sites I just Post content naturally and naturally my Content grows in Google and I naturally Start to get traffic I don't manually Build backlinks or anything like that so What we can do is we can take this Website here which is called now this website what they Do is they review the best platforms Online like click funnels and all of That sort of stuff we can go ahead and Use a software called ahrefs and in Ahrefs what I can do is I can put Supply into this platform and I can Click top pages alright guys my camera Just went flat what you can do is you Can actually see their top content That's getting the most traffic and what Keywords they are going out and ranking For this is really important information Because you know what uh web page gets The most traffic so that's going to be The one that's making the most money so You can go ahead and reverse engineer What other pages are doing by using Tools like ah Reps for SEO optimization

And search and keyword research and this Is really really good stuff and it Really does help in fact this is what I Use to go on hit end do my keyword Research now you can also click on the Specific keyword and it will give you Other keyword terms that match it so Like click funnels examples click funnel Website examples click funnel landing Page examples best click funnels Examples and there's some also some Markers so you can go to Cloud checkout 42 and there's a complete list of other Specific keywords that you can Target Relating to that keyword so I do Recommend you go ahead and do a little Bit of deep diving and researching Because that is good because that's What's going to give you the key over Everybody else and that is exactly how I Went and built this website five that makes money online it Doesn't make as much now but it still Makes a little bit of money by promoting The Click funnels product don't forget To subscribe smash that like button tap That notification Bell and I'll see on The next video

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