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Experiential Marketing – Plans and Strategies

Do you want to make long-lasting and direct connections between consumers and brands? How will your customers experience the benefits related to your product or service? Are you looking for ways to create a positive and memorable experience related to your brand?

Increased Marketing Attention Spans – New Bright and Shiny – Look a Squirrel

If you find yourself getting caught up in the squirrels of life, it might be time to find a solution that isn’t so bright and shiny. Try increased marketing attention spans to get to the bottom of the problem with elemental solutions.

Marketing Consultant: What Makes a Great Marketer?

I thought I would share with you my views on what makes a great marketer. For me, it goes without saying that whoever is in charge of your marketing can have a direct result on your business’ success or failure, and the bottom line. It’s business critical.

3 Viral Marketing Tips That Really Work!

‘What’s the buzz?’ Well, to answer that question, we would have to dig into our banks of interesting and engaging anecdotes or experiences and find something that is sufficiently note-worthy to share with the person asking the question. Take this entire process online and you would have simplified the process down to a few simple clicks. Such is the power of viral marketing.

Giveaways – A New Trend in Marketing

There are many ways in which you can create awareness for your company and brand in the market today. However, the most effective method is exhibiting at trade shows. Although it is not a new marketing technique research shows that many companies who have participated in such events have become more popular among other brands.

Top Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2014

This article outlines innovative strategies and trends businesses can implement into their marketing plans for 2014. These tips can help grow a business, reach more potential customers, and increase sales.

5 Steps to Lean Production

Implementing lean has become very vital for any manufacturing organisation from the point of view of reducing waste and increasing value for the customer. But implementation of lean production strategies must be done in an organized stepwise manner to yield maximum results.

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