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Effectively Fill Your Sales Funnel

Over the past few years while running training workshops with SME’s or MNC’s a recurring issue is shared by the sales team and it’s always a similar conversation – “Our ">marketing people are not generating enough new leads for us to follow up!” Despite the frustration these salespeople are experiencing, there is good news – There are several new and cost effective ways for companies to generate leads.

Using LinkedIn As a ">Marketing Tool

In the not-so-distant past, networking usually meant attending a conference or a seminar. It involved getting out there, name tag attached, and physically meeting people. Now you can network effectively online at a time that suits you, and your online profile can be on the job 24 hours a day. The rapid rise of LinkedIn has seen an immense range of users begin to network globally for mutual rewards. Aside from helping you to attract new business, LinkedIn has networking groups that can help you to stay on top of current trends in your field.

Recognizing the Importance of Customer Feedback Questionnaires

If you run a business or service, you should regularly roll out a customer satisfaction questionnaire. The questionnaire feedback you receive from this is invaluable in terms of making your business better in everything that it does. Remember that your customers and service users are the real heart of your business.

How to Create Successful Online Surveys

Online surveys are fantastic, because they can give you great insights into how your customers or staff think. A successful online survey allows you to develop long term strategies, small changes and anything else that will increase your productivity. However, how do you create a successful online survey?

Common Uses of Plug Gages

Plug gages are the most crucial machining tools in the manufacturing industry. They are used in the most essential situations where certain parts have to fit together just to ensure that the hole is correct size to the fitting component. This article has penned down its different types and uses, so read along.

Chippin Away Like Frito-Lay – Environmental Factors

While thinking about what to write for my next post, I sat here finishing my last chip of Doritos “Cool Ranch” and thought that it would be great to find out what makes Doritos so successful. After further research, I was amazed at what I discovered about this unbelievable brand, hence why I’ve decided to share my findings with everyone. Frito-Lay is a renowned conglomerate in the snacking industry and the owner of the Doritos brand chips. As one of the largest snack food companies in the United States, part of the company’s success is attributed to the firm’s effective ">marketing strategies and tactics. Not only is the company involved in domestic and global ">marketing but also understands the influence that environmental factors could have on the success of any product or service. Environmental factors such as global economic interdependence, trade practices, demographics, physical infrastructure, ethics, culture, technology, and even political systems influencing international relations affects the company’s ">marketing strategies.

">MARKETING: Do It Right

">Marketing is the backbone of building a business. If it is done right, it can promote inspiration, as well as great success in your business.

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