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What's going on guys in today's video I Want to show you this a brand new Completely free bat and show you how to Use it to make over 900 per week now This is a method I also posted like last Year on this channel and after posting It by the way this bot is completely Free so you are not risking anything at All but after posting this method it Gets kind of saturated now the problem With this method is a lot of people are Setting it up incorrectly and they are Picking wrong offers to actually promote With this one because it's completely Free so people just set it up and expect To make some money but they end up Making no money at all because they Don't really set it up correctly so what I want to show you in today's video is What is this bad about it's completely Free then how to set it up correctly to Actually make money even with your free Version and then I want to show you the Best offers to use with this bot to Actually make money when you're going to Set it up because the offers are crucial Part so I want to show you are multiple Offers that you can use so it's not Going to get saturated then I want to Show you the best settings of this bot And I want to also show you the bad how To do it properly and how to set this Method out because once you're going to Set it up again it's completely free so

You just do nothing at all and just set It up and even if you're not going to Make let's say 900 per week you make Like 200 per week well if it's without Any work at all it's completely free I Think it's pretty good deal right but Before we get started don't forget to Please smash like on this video I would Really appreciate it and also if you Like more videos about making money Online don't forget to subscribe and hit Notification Bell so I get notified Whenever I upload a brain man making Videos it's gonna be the first one to Watch it first one to use the method and The first one to make the most amount of Money and also comment down below and Tell me what Christmas gift you are Actually getting to someone else okay I Would like to see what I get what gifts Are you actually getting to someone not What you would like to receive or what Kind of gift you are getting to someone Else and maybe other people and also me Myself I can just get some inspiration From the comment section below and let's Try and get to 1 000 likes on this video That would be really really awesome okay Guys so this bad you can see it can run Up to like two modules manage up to like Two sessions access to most module Settings and run modules for 30 minutes At a time it's basic it's free forever So once you're going to make some money

With this one it's free forever it's a Basic version but I highly recommend You're going to upgrade to something Else because yeah it's free forever so It's not the best version but it's going To get the job done but before that what I want to show you are actually the Offers to promote because most people Just access this bot they just stayed up Incorrectly they just try to make some Money and it doesn't work so first of All what you want to do I'm going to Show you two different networks to get High quality offers from and also the Exact offers to go for now the first one Is going to be ClickBank if you don't Have access to ClickBank don't worry I Will show you another one as well but For ClickBank you just want to go to the Marketplace and you want to search for Free traffic these are first two offers That you're going to find the first one Is called free traffic system flood your Site with free traffic it's going to pay You like 400 on average and this is a Recurring offer so it's going to be Paying you every single month okay so Free traffic system that's the first one Then the second one is going to be Evolution so once you search for free Traffic just scroll not the first one Not the second one or the third one no The fourth one but the fifth one is Called Evolution the 2022 method for

Getting traffic in sales it's going to Be paying like 360 dollars on average And this is pretty much a spin-off on The free traffic method right here so There are two very very similar offers So that's the first batch of offers then Another batch of offers is just search For Instagram right here and it's called Profits Grand okay so profits Grant Offer new and improved funnel with Monster EPC blah blah blah it's going to Be paying you 23 dollars but these are The offers that are actually going to Convert okay because you should pick up Just any offer from ClickBank this is Not going to work because what I created Is an entire done for you angle selling Script everything you can just plug and Play it and for that the reason you need To have the proper offer as well but if You're going to choose any of these it's Going to work so Instagram and the Profits gram right here now if you don't Want to be using ClickBank just go to Digistore24 and just sign up for an Account just click on right here right To now or start right now it's free to Sign up fill in the details blah blah Blah but what you want to do is go to The marketplace it's right here and then Search for the product name and again Search for Instagram and there's a Special offer right here called Instagram Millions guide okay a

Step-by-step guide from zero to 100K Followers on Instagram now this one is Going to be paying you around six uh Seven seven dollars on average so it's a Little bit lower than the usual but Again this offer is also going to work So just a quick recap on the digi store Search for Instagram and the offer is Called Instagram Millions guide and then On the ClickBank search for Instagram And the offer is called profitsgram and It's going to pay you 23 dollars or also Search for like free traffic and the Offers are right here free traffic System this one right here and also the Evolution right here okay so these are The offers now what I'm going to use for The sake of the video is going to be Offered right here called profitsgram New and improved funnel blah blah blah With monster EPC Sunday is the offer That I'm going to be using now if I'm Going to show you like the offer how how It looks like this profit Grand one it Pretty much says here's how you can make Over 750 dollars per week in 2022 and 2023 so it's also updated for the next Year and years to count just by using Instagram on complete autopilot and yes This worked through blah blah blah blah Blah so this is the sales page of this Offer and for this one I have an exact Selling material that's going to sell This specific offer or also the other

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Ones that I recommended like hot cakes Okay so what you want to do right now is Just go to instagram.com if you don't Have an account on Instagram and you Don't want to create one because you Want to like don't show your face or Stuff like that don't worry you don't Need to have any followers or anything Personal on this Instagram account you Can simply use an Instagram that's going To look something like this this is a Dummy account that I use for my videos But this account could perfectly work With this method just just call it Something then add a logo and then add Like six different posts something like This okay just something general just Don't make it like a random so one pose Will be like motivational one another One would be like Fitness and the third One would be like a recipe just make Sure that the page is going to have one Theme for example like recipes or Different foods or different exercises Or different flowers different houses Different travel just make sure they're Like six posts whatever it can be just Make sure it's just in one theme like Six different dogs for example okay it Doesn't really matter then what you want To do is you want to go right here to Edit your profile and this is a part That I can already show you on a laptop But you want to add the link to your

Website to your phone so this is Something that I can already show you on The laptop because they change the Setting so if you can't really do it on Your phone just log into your Instagram Account on your smartphone but you want To just copy your link for a profits Gram for example copy the link so create A hot link copy it and then you want to Go to anything shortener for example Like bitly and you want to shorten this Link and you want to copy the short Version because this long version is not Going to fit right here okay because if You're going to like check outer profile You're going to see that it only allows Like a short link right here so you want To make sure you're going to shorten it But that's something you can do on your Smart that's something you can do on Your smartphone but here is the very Important part what you actually write In your bio to actually sell this offer Now what I came up with is the exact Script that's not only going to build a Huge curiosity but it's also going to Sell the offer like crazy and you can Tell me if this script is pretty high Converting or if you actually saw Something like this before or any other Channel or somewhere else because I Promise you this is the highest quality Stuff that you're only going to see on This channel now the script goes

Something like this I make 750 per week From this automated profile 100 auto Pilot no followers required start Renting out your profile now and then This is going to be your affiliate link Okay so this is where you add the bit Link that you have copied and this is Exactly going to sell this offer because This is 750 per week just by using your Instagram on complete autopilot and this Is exactly that and no followers Required so pretty much people are going To see that this is a bot profile but They are not really going to disregardly Because of that because they are going To say okay this is a good profile but In the bio it's going to say I make 750 A week from this automated profile so They're like oh this is an automatic Pro I know that how how is it making 750 per Week they're going to click the link They are going to go to the page and Bam This is going to be the page that's Going to tell them the exact thing That's in the bio and it's going to sell Them on the course if you want to copy And paste this part and put it into your Bio just like this and you want to save It so now now the bio and now the entire Profile if you can check it out it's Going to look like this I make 750 per Week from this automated profile 100 Autopilot no followers required exactly Like 46 of them so it's like no

Followers required like okay anyone can Do that they are going to click the link And that's how you're going to make the Money and now I want to show you the Free bar that's going to completely Automate the method now this is actually The completely free body that you can Use to actually follow any anybody on Instagram you can see this bot is called Sumibo so you're going to see this is Basically free and then the premium is Like 10.95 then 95 so it's going to run Unlimited modules blah blah blah blah But this is the one that I recommend Just for the free version okay it's Worth free and it's going to help you Get the Instagram likes and Views and Followers but it's going to help to do That by following other people so you Can use other Bots but I recommend this One for the free version and you need to Get a follow bot so it's going to be Following specific people I will show You who to follow you actually get sales Because most people just start following Random people and they tell me like they Don't then they don't make any money and The reason for that is because you Cannot be just following random people So the first one is sumibo but the Second one if you have some money to Invest I highly recommend this one it's Called Kenji.ai and you can actually get linked

To this one in the first thing in the Video description and you're going to Sign up for this one the the pro version Is like 79 per month but even if you're Going to make like 200 per week with This one it's already worth it but there The reason why I recommend this one this Bar is on a higher level and it's pretty Much more natural so your Instagram Account is not going to get shut down It's not going to get Shadow banned or Anything like that and the longevity of This method is going to be much longer So it is so amiibo and the free version You can see that multiple profiles and Maybe after like two or three weeks they Are going to get banned but with Kenji You can see that multiple profiles and Pretty much just let them run for like Couple of months and yeah the bot is Going to do all this work for you it's Actually to sign up to Ken you can use My link that's going to be in the first Thing in the video description and this Is the one that I recommend if you have The money to invest if you don't just Use this amiibo one okay that's Completely alright but I want to show You who to actually follow so you can Make the money because if you're going To pay 79 per month you don't want to be Following random people okay now who you Want to actually follow is something Like this now who do you want to

Actually follow exactly people like this So first of all this is Step number one You want to find a theme page based on Business so for example like mindset Therapy okay you can just go to Instagram search like mindset therapy And you can see that this one has 5.5 Million followers and what most people Do is they just click on followers and They're like okay I'm just going to Follow the followers no this is not Going to work the best because this is Not the best type of quality traffic From this page I want to show you the Best type of quality of traffic from This page actually and it's not the Likes anymore guys okay it's not the Likes only okay because you could go and Check out for example this post what I Showed you in my previous videos is that You want to click on a post and then you Want to be following the likes so you Click on the likes and then these are The people you set up the Bots to Actually follow for you it's a good one But there's also One Step better okay Because what these Pages do is you can See the description of this one it's not Linking to any other profile what you Want to do is you want to go through These posts and you want to look for one That's going to link to another profile So this page is called mindset therapy And on this posts it's only linking to

Mindset therapy so you want to scroll Through his posts until you're going to Find a post where they are linking to Some other profile okay so this is not It not it not it okay this one is it Okay so you can see this is about Contact the sponsored ad and pretty much Someone paid to actually get this post Posted on this one in this case it's This guy right here Bashar Jay cateau And pretty much yeah this guy is buying Like a shout out but these are the People you want to be following because They are actually liking an Advertisement and chances of them Actually purchasing this offer that you Are promoting is much much much higher So this is the people this is the target Audience you want to be pretty much a Following okay so people who like a post From a page that is actually a shout out And people that are watching till the End if you're going to do just this one Thing you are going to make money Because most people just skip the video They don't look for these details but Just follow people the change is like The best one to do this you can Completely like narrow down you want to Follow people of a theme age who are Liking the post and the post needs to be A shout out so this is the secret sauce On how to actually do it and that's it That's exactly how to do that then just

Copy and paste the exact script on your Instagram page maybe change the numbers Based on the offer that you are Promoting and that's it just hit the Button to run for you and that's all you Need to do again thanks for watching This video let me know what you think About it in the comment section below And for more videos check out any of These ones that are highly highly Recommended for you to make some money Online other than that how fantastic the Rest of your day and bye for now

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