ONE Google Sheet Made Me $2K (HERE’S HOW)

Guys by using the simple Google Sheets Trick I've been able to generate over 56.58 today so far yesterday I've Requested my payouts of 176 dollars and 85 cents from this exact same strategy What I'll do is I'll reload my dashboard Over here to show you that this is Indeed my live dashboard from this Specific tool that I'm earning from Using Google Sheets and you can see over Here this has successfully been Refreshed now I will show you over here In total I have earned over 12 440 from This tool but not all of this was made From the strategy the recent earnings That you're seeing over here 56.176 dollars is what I've earned using The simple Google sheet strategy that I'm going to be showing you in today's Video same thing with the second tool Over here currently I have over 159.20 due from the strategy and over 79.76 from yesterday still in reserve That needs to get paid out also this Tool I've made over 14 150 from but Again not all of that is from the Strategy but these smaller more recent Amounts that you're seeing over here is From the strategy in today's video I'm Going to show you exactly how I made Over 350 dollars combined in one day Using a simple Google sheet let's get Straight into it what's going on awesome People of YouTube Jay here you're no BS

South African online entrepreneur coach And Trader documenting my journey on the Millennium minded YouTube channel every Single week I post at least two to three Videos every single week documenting my Journey on various ways that I used to Make money online if you want to get a Personal notification from me every time I post my latest way that I used to make Money online which a lot of the time Does include catching on to Trends so it Doesn't help watching some of my videos Months and years later when perhaps a Lot of those trains have passed so it is Very important if you're Keen to make Money online to try follow my videos as Soon as I release them so that you can Catch on to them immediately so what I Recommend this is go down below and Subscribe to the millionaire mindset YouTube channel with the red Notification Bell on so that I can send You a message to your phone every time I Upload my latest way of making money Online but with all of that being said Let's not waste any time let's dive Straight into my PC alright so we are Now inside of my PC and the first thing That I want you to do is is make sure to Leave a like on this video and also Comment down below which specific way That you would like to see how to make Money online whether that's PayPal money Whether it's affiliate marketing whether

It's funnel building whether it's Trading creating content Cryptocurrencies you let me know Down Below in the comments and I will make More videos based on what I see the most In the comments to give you guys as much As valuable on what you're looking for So make sure to go and do those two Things down below and let's continue to Step number two the first thing you Really need to do is come over to Google Sheets as you know from the title of This video this is all about this Google Sheets trick that I'm about to show you Guys on the Google on the it's about page which you can Just go and Google Google Sheets and it Will be the first link to this page you Can go and click on go to sheets on this Homepage click on a blank new sheet and You need to fill out the following Information product starting price Description and then an area for your Affiliate link a quick tip before we Continue what I really like about the Strategy it allows you to earn from more Than one product at the same time as I Showed you in the introduction of this Video there were two total tools that I've been earning from us mainly this One over here and secondly this one over Here which again I'll refresh and show You that this is my live dashboard of Both of these and not any kind of

Screenshotted or photoshopped payments That you can just make in paint this is Actually my live dashboard with my Earnings that gets paid via wire Transfer and this tool over here pays to My Bitcoin wallet so you can earn in any Way that you want to now that you've got This filled out with your product Starting price description and affiliate Link you need to go and search one thing On Google that is the best funnel Builders put the specific keyword into Google and go and click on any one of These websites I'm just going to go use This one over here skylines 10 plus all in one sales funnel Boulders For 2023 and if I go and search over Here you'll see we've got kartra which Is the first one that I'm showing you Over here so we go and make a list we Can go and copy the name of this come Over to your Google Sheets Go and paste the cartridge name secondly You can come over to any one of these For example let's do This one over here uh go high level so Let's go and copy that name you want to Go and paste that product name over here And then let's go and choose one more You would you want a total of three Let's go and use get response I Personally know get response it is a Very good tool Secondly we need to go and fill out our

Starting price description and get our Affiliate link so what we need to go and Do is you'll see over here each and Every one of these tools have some kind Of link so you'll see over here you can Go and click on and it Will take you to the home page of this Product so go and click on pricing Because we now need to go and fill out The starting price of the specific Product so as you can see over here the Starting price of is Free so they do have a free plan which Is really good so we can go and type Your free plan forget response we can go And type free plan for kartra simply Come over to the same article to scroll Back up to go and click on Kartra over here there's a clickable Link and it will take you through to the Kartra home page click on plans and Pricing just to go and have a look at What their starting price is which is 99 A month so go and copy that come over to Your Google Sheets paste that under the Starting price for same Thing come over to go high level and You'll see over here the starter account Is 97 a month so same thing we can type Your 97 a month thirdly the description Which is really easy come back to the Same article that we clicked on Google And it's a matter of copy and paste so We can go and copy this entire

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Description over here just as is And we can go and paste this under the Description what I recommend is it's Just obviously stretch out this quite Nicely so we have enough space for our Text for go high level same thing scroll Down and you can go and copy this Little description over here it really Doesn't matter it just must provide a Little bit of information about it and Then also scroll down Come over to get response which is over Here and go and copy this description Come over to your spreadsheet and paste This over here and then finally for your Affiliate link this is the part that Might just take some time but you need To come over to each and every one of These websites by simply clicking on the Link to get response you'll see over Here here's the link to get response Which then you need to scroll down all The way to the bottom of that home page And you need to go and look for Affiliate programs under the product Section and you need to go and sign up As an affiliate and on your dashboard You will go and get your affiliate link When you sign up to either one of these Affiliate programs once you've got that You need to go and copy your affiliate Link and paste that under your affiliate Link section over here so forget Response you'll paste your affiliate

Link like that for same Thing you need to scroll up to go high Level click on the link to the actual Website you need to scroll down all the Way to the bottom and look for their Affiliate program once you've signed up Under the affiliate program you'll see Over here become an affiliate you need To go and sign up create your account Again copy your affiliate link which you Will then paste over here under the Affiliate link section that you've Created on your tab on your sheet same Thing again with kartra you'll serve Here if you scroll down to the bottom They've got an affiliate program which You can also go and sign up to Completely for free the Fantastic thing About all of these affiliate programs That I've just shown you each and every One provides you with lifetime Commission each and every final Builder Has the keyword lifetime commissions now What exactly does that mean that means Instead of getting a simple once-off Fixed amount commission for referring Someone to this affiliate program you Are going to get a lifetime passive cash Flow from this particular affiliate Program every single month on the Monthly subscription fee so for example If you refer someone to Let's go and take the 99 package of so let's go and open up my

Calculator you are going to earn 40 of That amount every single month so 40 of 99 is an amount of 39.60 you'll be Earning every single month so picture it Like this if you have a hundred people Referred to the startup program multiply This by a hundred You're going to be making four thousand Dollars a month passively cash flow by Literally doing nothing because you've Put in all the effort previously And people that you've referred years Back will still be paying you today and That is the beautiful thing about these Affiliate programs so same thing over Here once you've signed up on the Culture affiliate program you click on Apply now you will get your affiliate Link you go and copy that affiliate link And paste it in your affiliate link Section under your Google sheet your Sheet is now complete click on share on The top right click on Save Click on restricted to anyone with link And make sure you change that click on Copy link and come over to a website Called This is a tool where You can turn Google Sheets into a Full-blown affiliate marketing website At the click of a button with no coding Knowledge no drag and drop Builder Needed no hours on end adding images Adding text marketing your website this

Entire tool called you Can actually watch a free webinar and Demo over here is also completely free I'm not an affiliate for this tool I'm Not talking about it to make money off Of it I'm talking about it because I Personally use it myself you can go and Click on try out over here and I'm going To take you through the process on how It actually works so firstly you need to Sign in with your free or your Google Account on which I'm Going to do quickly once you've signed In click on plus new website you can go And use any one of these templates my Personal favorite one is this one over Here click on use template it will then Create the website for you all you need To do is click on change Source sheet And you need to go and paste this Shareable link that you've just shared On your Google sheet paste it over here And click on submit and take a look at This for your title you need to go and Click on product for your subtitle go And click on description for your price Go and click on starting price for your Text go and click on for your badges Make sure you select affiliate link and Take a look at this it's created a Simple list website with the top three Funnel builders that you've put together For example Carter starting at 99 a Month with a simple description and a

Clickable button to your affiliate link Same thing with go high level starting At 97 a month as you can see over here With a simple description and the Clickable button to your affiliate link Same thing with get response with a free Plan Simple description and a clickable link To your affiliate link so all you need To go and do is edit a little bit of This information for example The tourist guide to New York City that All needs to be changed go and click on Design on the top left hand side of for your homepage intro Click on that for your page title go and Type the following top three funnel Builders For 2023 Page subtitle including Free trials And as simple as that there's nothing Really else that you have to go and Change you can now go and click on Publish on the top right side you can go And type a name over here for example Best Funnel builders 2023. click on Save and your website is Now published if I go and copy this link You'll see over here I can go and paste This into a new tab it will then take me To my now complete and done for you Website with listing all my products

Carter go high level get response with The free plan and the button to each and Every link so now your website is Complete this is going to lead us to the Last and final step actually getting Affiliate links and affiliate sign ups Through our newly generated website Instead of me giving you one specific Traffic strategy for your newly Generated website I'm going to give to You an entire done for you affiliate Marketing course with hundreds of Different traffic strategies that you Can watch choose from and apply with Your newly generated website to generate Affiliate commissions online and this Entire course is completely free on YouTube it is consisted of my top 300 Affiliate marketing videos that I've Posted in the last two years on YouTube With my most successful traffic and free Traffic strategies some paid ones Included as well so what you can go and Do is to go and get access to that is Actually pretty simple all you need to Do is is go and click on the playlist on The screen somewhere over here I'm going To attach this playlist to the screen That I've compiled last night for you Guys into one simple playlist that you Guys can now watch save to your watch Later download do whatever you like with So what I recommend is go and click on This affiliate marketing playlist over

Here and apply these traffic strategies That I've been using to generate money Online with these Google Sheets

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