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Event ">Marketing: 7 Strategies for Effective Exhibiting

If you are a small business owner, chances are you have already or plan to eventually be an exhibitor at an event or trade show. The key to excellent exhibiting is ">marketing. But ">marketing is an inexact science and the possibility for errors is endless. Learn to avoid common mistakes made by small business owners participating in trade shows and events by following a few simple guidelines. Check out my short list of 7 simple strategies to ensure that you have ">marketing success as an exhibitor at your next event or trade show.

Mobile ">Marketing’s Most Effective Services

The use of wireless devices or mobile devices to communicate the business’ promotional, ">marketing, or branding information for its existing and potential clients is referred to as mobile ">marketing. This, now widely engaged into ">marketing strategy, includes services such as Short Message Service (SMS) through texts, mobile accessible World Wide Web pages, or mobile apps. The nature of smart phones, Androids, and iPhones is so ubiquitous that they are one of the highest growths in the ">marketing area. Mobile apps of these high technology wireless mobile devices, paved way for immeasurable development. Thousands of apps now make it possible to have options in order for people to connect, communicate, and network.

">Marketing Through Partners in the ICT Sector – An Introduction

Co-">marketing is a practice that allows two or more companies to work together to drive sales opportunities that benefit all of the partners involved. A successful co-">marketing campaign allows different companies to leverage the strengths of each partner to succeed in ways that each individual company cannot do alone.

Seven Unique Strategies to Create Multiple Programs From One Idea

Occasionally, clients come to me with one solid idea and feel stuck about expanding it to generate more package opportunities. I can certainly help with that!

How to Achieve Stratospheric Performance From Your Email ">Marketing

Email ">marketing is great – on the face of it cheap because there is no postage – and the effects can be measured. However, it’s the norm now and its effect is diminishing – but any ">marketing activity is more effective when executed in conjunction with other outbound techniques that act in a complementary fashion.

Six Benefits of Thinking Outside the In-Box With Your Print Newsletter

News of the demise of print has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, print newsletters are very much alive and well.

Thinking – The Unthinkable!

After being down-sized 3 times in a matter of 5 years, it became completely clear to me that the time is NOW to take Responsibility for my Future, for my well-being and for the lifestyle that I “want to live” and not by a lifestyle that I am (forced to live;) because someone else controlled my time, my finances and my way of life. It was kinda like playing baseball..

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