Profitable ‘How To Draw’ Amazon KDP Book Niche Tutorial Guide

Hey what's up it's Ike Paws and today I'm going to show you how to find Profitable how to draw niches on Amazon KDP I reveal how to find these sub Niches on Amazon KDP I'm going to show You how to get multiple different niches And I'm also going to reveal some best Tips and tricks now before I begin make Sure to become a subscriber if you're Not like the video if you found it Helpful and comment Down Below on future Topics you'd like me to cover make sure To check out the link below and get Access to the how to draw book generator And software now to find these niches That I'm going to explain and reveal on This video you're going to want to Download the AMZ suggestion expander This is a free Chrome tool that you can Get make sure you download this and Enable it for the incognito mode now why Incognito you always want to use Amazon Incognito mode when looking for niches Because it won't be put it won't be Polluted by your past search queries and Suggestions really important step okay Now what you want to do when you click In here and you have your aims that you See this you'll have the AMZ suggestion Expander enabled and incognito mode You're going to want to put in how to Draw okay once you do that you're going To see a bunch of options show up okay Now these options

Um they're not bad they're not the best Okay and I'm gonna explain how to find The niches that actually gonna earn for You okay you don't want to go you don't Want to jump into a overly saturated Market you want to tap into a relatively Small sub Niche that's themed really Important you want it to be themed to a Particular Um topic and you want it to not have too Many results I'm going to show you that Right now so what you want to do is go Through your keyboard and click or type In the letter for each uh for each Letter of the alphabet so let's say I Put W okay you're gonna see how to draw Women how to draw workbook how to draw Wolves this is really cool how to draw Wolves let's let's uh dive into this How to draw Wolf books for kids 8 to 12. Very specific you can see there's result Count of unders of under a thousand it's Really good we know that people are Searching for this long tail keyword Phrase we can see that already at the Top we have uh we have some sponsored Actually no we have a sponsored ad here So people are paying to be at the top For this uh search query we see how to Draw wolves this this is an organic by The way organic search Our result it has a BSR score that means Oratory selling okay and it's not it's Not too uh too strong of a BSR score

This person already has 13 positive 13 Reviews I should say which is a great Sign not a lot of again not a lot of Results right here let me expand on that This is remarkable only 72 results okay So usually I tell people my students or Whatnot Um to if you can get a result score Under a thousand this is a result count Of only 72 which is great great news for Us okay Then you want to scroll down here and See what else is selling for this right So for this for this keyword how to draw Wolves Only one real Um competitor okay and we know people Are looking for this this person's Selling as we can see already this book This person has 13 reviews and this Person is unopposed by by anyone okay so There's no competition so this is Definitely I'm giving you a great Niche Here that you can dive into make sure You check out the link below sorry this Link below to get your hands on the how To uh how to draw book generator so you Can create these types of products see Now the thing about this mid content Book niches is that it's difficult to Enter that's why we want software and Tools to help us create it because maybe If you're like me you have no artistic Skills no artistic talent no design

Skills not much Tech skills right Besides using your mouse and your Computer if if that's you then you're a Much either and you're a lot like me so I often use tools online tools to help Me do this okay so this is why this uh Particular keyword is unopposed here Let's try let's try to find another Niche okay let's uh click another letter Let's go with f how to draw flowers how To draw faces how to draw fortnite now Fortnite you don't want to go after Fortnite because that's copyright I mean Right that's an intellectual property I Believe that's a video game okay how to Draw Furniture how to draw fantasy Characters that's another one okay how To draw foxes let's go with how to draw Foxes Again Extremely low check this out under a Thousand okay under a thousand that's Great news this is ridiculous Ridiculously low in a good way okay as You can see how to draw animals this one Has only a picture of a fox in the Beginning sorry in the front and this is Already selling uh like gangbusters they Have over 200 reviews they have a solid BSR score that means it's already Selling okay but uh we don't have the Exact keyword how to draw oh we do right Here the second organic result because This uh these results here are ads right

So you can see here sponsored and you Can see here as well sponsor right but The second organic result is how to draw A fox how to draw foxes again 21 Positive sorry 21 reviews mostly Positive they have a BSR of over a Million And uh again not very much competition Here we have another how to draw foxes Uh tons of well not tons but a good Amount of reviews As you can see they have uh the BSR Score of over a million year uh nearing 2 million and you know not very much Competition the result count for this I Can't I can't express how ridiculously Low this is in a good way okay This is another Niche okay so again How to find niches for this uh amazing Market You want to of course put in uh go into Incognito mode Make sure your AMZ free expander tool is Turned on And make sure that you just put in how To draw and go through the alphabet okay J for example it's going to reveal a Bunch of different uh niches for you Right you want a result score of under a Thousand and you want to make sure that The books that you do find that are Niche related are already selling okay Again you don't want to run away from Competition you just don't want too much

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Competition if that makes sense hope you Like this video make sure to like And Subscribe and uh also make sure if you Want to create these types of profitable Books that you check out the link below To get more access sorry to get Information on the software that can Create these uh books for you very fast Okay be good take care and have a Wonderful day Thank you

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